2003 Maruti Suzuki Alto lx my present car

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2003 Maruti Suzuki Alto lx my present car
Engine Specifications:
  • 796CC
Engine Misc.:
  • planning to swap with the 1.1l
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • still planning dad not ready to give 90 k
  • Got a k and n
Fuel & Tuning:
  • GOT A FFE now removed
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • lost some
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Michelin xm1+ 165 r13 65 HR racing alloys
will be making the ice into a complete jbl system
  • Black leather
  • IN-dash touch screen
  • ALPINEfront speakers
  • ALPINE rear speaker
  • alpine amp
  • the speedo lights were changed from green to blue
  • the car was changed from the 2003 look to 2007 look


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Author Comment Date
thelightening Why FFE is removed.. i was looking for installing 4x2x1 in my wagonR.. pls advice.. 12th April 2010
manikjeet was to loud 17th February 2010
nick17s heya, well maintained ride..May I ask you the reason to remove the ffe ???? 16th February 2010
abhibh abey SLOW CAR wale new pics post kar stripes ke saath wali. 26th March 2008
manikjeet arre just waitin for you bhai to get free you know if i went alone you will have to come anyway and you knw why 2nd July 2007
abhibh hehe JBL stciker still hanging there LOL... the new look suits the car get the FRON BUMPER alingment done ASAP.. 2nd July 2007
manikjeet my car has gone under some serious changes during the past few weeks will upload pic asap 28th June 2007
ess_a Well thts exactly what I was worried abt (steering getting heavy) i also have manual and even this feels heavy with the 145s!! Do update after d 165s. 20th April 2007
manikjeet and pro i have about the tyres is that they have so much grip you can turn the car at whatever speed you want waisa changing them to 165 now 19th April 2007
manikjeet Still now i have no major problem but the steering is a little hard and i couldn't get a 55 profile tyre when i was buying the alloys 19th April 2007
ess_a Moreover even with 185, the ideal upsize should have been 185/55 not 60.. Anyways good alloys! And any major problems with this tyre setup? 19th April 2007
ess_a Hey manik, havent you gone in for way too much bigger tyres? I mean 185 without Psteering, isnt it giving your biceps a workout!!?? 19th April 2007
abhibh Don't change interior to beige coz then u may need more "diapers" as it will get dirty soon. HU / Screen is awesome. Seat covers are also good. 9th April 2007
abhibh Arey yeh toh wohi gadi hai jo apun ne chalayi thi :p... Nicely maintained for inside and car still intact after some accidents. 9th April 2007
manikjeet Got all the work done on her today will get new pic kal 28th March 2007
manikjeet Thnx thinking of smoking the front to 22nd March 2007
caroholic1 Nice smoked out lights :) 15th March 2007
manikjeet The car had a lil accident so its going in for repairs kal thinking of changing the interiors to biege 15th March 2007
Knight Rider Got your gallery updated eh?? Put some more pics man!! 15th March 2007
Absar Nice alto! Especially the ICE 8" screen.. Planning to change the sparkplugs to iridium and change the sparkplug cables..? Nicely maintained too btw. 14th March 2007
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