2005 Maruti Baleno Lxi (SOLD)

Samurai’s Team-BHP Garage
2005 Maruti Baleno Lxi (SOLD)
This was the 8th car in my car ownership history. My former josh-machine. Currently owned by member crazydiablo, and can be seen at

Engine Specifications:
  • 1596CC All Aluminium, 16 Valves SOHC
Engine Misc.:
  • 91bhp (thanks to BS-III)
Turbocharger & Induction:None
  • K&N Stock Exchange Air Filter
Fuel & Tuning:None
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 195/60R14 86H Yokohama AVS ES100
  • 6J x 14 BSA Alloys
  • Chrome plugs
  • Art-leather seats, steering and door padding.
  • Sony CDX-F7700 MP3 player with 4 way Alpine speakers
  • Llumar sunfilm all around except windshield
  • Body colored side mirrors and door handles.
  • Gray market fog lights.
  • 100/90 headlights with relay

So begins monsoon

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000022.JPG 92606855-L.jpg 92606856-L.jpg 2847-1447.jpg 2899-1447.jpg At End Point, Manipal At an ancient home... End Point, Manipal So begins monsoon 4104-1447.jpg
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Created: 7th December 2005 17:12
Last Modified: 10th May 2013 16:37
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Author Comment Date
Jayabusa Nice wheels and snaps. 20th September 2010
300 KMPH Your photography is amazing like your car. 6th September 2010
BUSA sir, you know how to maintain cars :) and awesome photography. 30th December 2007
Hardy Well! Neatly maintained looks like Night Hawk 19th December 2007
ron_9191 nice pics dude, looks like u took a hot model out for a photo session hehehehe 15th December 2007
midlifecrisis Wow! The pic at end point Manipal is publish quality 16th November 2007
aNiLdEv How much did the gray market fog lamps cost? I am looking to get a pair for my Baleno. Pls. suggest!! TIA. 17th October 2007
Samurai Not yet, waiting to purchase the new 2.2L Safari. 10th October 2007
skandyhere Samurai, what car did you buy now??? 9th October 2007
skandyhere not that you were short of compliments, but your pictures surely deserve a few more... LOVELY pics here!!! makes you desire for this car. 10th September 2007
kjdesigns_2000 nice picture... and nice ride. 5th September 2007
Samurai He will hopefully reveal himself, I don't want to blow his cover. 13th August 2007
rjstyles69 Samurai who bought it? Never had the previlage of seeing it earlier. Would love to meet up with the BHP'ian who picked it up. 13th August 2007
Samurai There will be no more updates to this garage, I have sold the black beauty to a Bangalore member. :-( 13th August 2007
vkochar You should hv sent these pics to MUL when they sold Baleno, Better photography than MUL did for Balenos Brochures, VeryImpressive Photography Mate !! 28th July 2007
Samurai Thanks for all the kind comments. Of these two are shot by Rudra, and four are PPed by Rudra, rest is yours truely :-) 18th July 2007
zakaaaaasss amazing pics.......boley to zakaaaaaaaaaassssssssss...great work 25th June 2007
planet_rocker awesome pics especially the first pic! 7th June 2007
mansidea Amazing Pics Samurai. The "end point Manipal" do have those Rudra Touch. 7th June 2007
1100D Awesome pics but hv you forgotten to give the photoshop treatment to the through the glass views in some snaps? 6th June 2007
R32_GTR Awesome pics mate. i have seen women spend money on professional portfolios and ended up looking like a cow!! hahaha..sell these pics to MUL boss.. 2nd June 2007
Samurai I wasn't those few, I did have the limit of 7 photos for long. Now my limit is 10. 2nd May 2007
revtech the first few who created their bhp garage can store 10 images...for the rest the limit is 7. 2nd April 2007
Samurai Hey, keep your lips away! Three were shot by Rudra, rest by me. But 3 of my shots were also post-processed by Rudra. Three different SLRs were used. 1st April 2007
hari_rama umma umma umma umma......i haven given so much kisses not even for my baleno....Hoo ur baleno is really sexy.please share how u tuk so good snaps 1st April 2007
Samurai Hmm, moderator privilege I suppose. Never noticed it was more. 26th March 2007
Hellraiser amazing pics...just one ques. how come u have 10 pics in ur garage ? 23rd March 2007
maxbhp Samurai , That End point snap is simply too good , love that place .During my Engg. days I had spent more time over there than my class room :) 23rd March 2007
rjstyles69 Thats one helluva hot car Samurai. My inspiration ;-) on keeping my Baleno sparkling clean. Nice pictures too. 6th March 2007
Z_addict slurrrppp......slurrrppp 22nd February 2007
Samurai Thanks Scorp, the car has no mods apart from tyres & alloys. And photoshopping is limited to cleaning the photo, no mods are done by Photoshop. 19th February 2007
scorp 1 Beautiful Black!! Superb alloys and wide tyres looks awesome. Splendid pictures. This is the way to mod - very neat & uncluttered. 18th February 2007
shrivz Nice photoshopped images Samurai.. really well done... 13th February 2007
Ricky_63 I think you should send these WONDERFUL pictures to Maruti Udyog,,,,They might be able to sell any stock they have left ! Great pictures !! Cheers 12th February 2007
vid6639 Samurai try 3M treatment. It costs Rs.2400 and is much better than teflon coat. I have tried both and difference shows. 12th February 2007
Samurai One teflon coat every year, never waxed it, also gets a thorough cleaning twice a week. 12th February 2007
hari_rama wow album again updated??super pictures...also car having super do u take care of paint shine??? 11th February 2007
sAP U should remove 4 pics from this gallery. They are an eyesore compared to the rest -- which are superb! 6th February 2007
Sam Kapasi Give me your tyres Thakur!!! 8th January 2007
Samurai Mega5918 - Kindly discuss here 5th January 2007
mega5918 Sam Nice Fogs, What brand? can you give me some details I'm planning to buy one. 4th January 2007
mega5918 I heard U got door trims done in bangalore, Can you gie me details of the shop/shops to look out for and how much did U pay?? 14th December 2006
mega5918 Thatz great yaar... Pics in DSLR no Question I own a DSLR my self love photography not a professiona thought. 14th December 2006
Samurai Thanks mega5918, I am an amature. Two were taken by Rudra Sen who is a pro, rest is mine. Four different cameras were involved(2 dSLRs,1 SLR,1 dP&S) 13th December 2006
mega5918 Great Pics Samurai, R U a Pro-Photographer?? What Gear Do U Use for Photography?? 13th December 2006
Speedme Excellent pics for the bad black... Alloys and photo job do the trick!!! 17th October 2006
hari_rama samurai, hav u experienced steering being hard after tyre upsize?also any significant change in fe? 30th September 2006
BUSA Samurai the news pics are awesum :) 19th September 2006
mclaren1885 Nachu , all Lxi's come with 13'' .. Btw , samurai did u get the noise from the speakers checked ??? 5th August 2006
Nachu Do all LXI come with 14 inch tyres. The web site says it's 13. My new Baleno LXI comes today. Want to change tryes today itself. Pls let me know. 4th August 2006
BlackBull hey great pics. I am sure it'll change the perception of lot's people around after seeing these snaps 3rd August 2006
Edmund truly a black beast!!!! 25th June 2006
bruce This guys who changed my seat covers refused to put the art leather covers for paddings i wondered why.... 31st May 2006
Samurai Door padding is one thing I came to regret, the original was better. 18th May 2006
bruce Mate Samurai, is it good to change the door paddings to art leather, has the work for your car come out good? 17th May 2006
kpzen pls put some interior pics..!!! 9th May 2006
hari_kk What is the fuel effiency you are enjoying with ur Belano.......Does she drinks much?? 4th April 2006
Samurai The secret lies in composition, lighting and exposure. Two photos are by Rudra, inspired by the master I did the rest. If I can do it, so can you. 23rd March 2006
Samurai Thanks everybody for your kind comments. Actually there are no external mods other than alloys/tyres. It has never been waxed either. 23rd March 2006
BUSA Samurai Your car looks so wonderful. Baleno is not the best looking cars in India and the way u have done up urs makes it look really very beautiful. 22nd March 2006
s0uljah BRILLIANT ! I know they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder BUT anyone who cant see the beauty in this obviously shouldnt express it here !! 18th March 2006
dceite What a BEAUTY!.. i love japs! 15th March 2006
supremeBaleno The car looks great, Samurai. Looks awesome. I likeeeee. :-) 14th March 2006
naveendhyani what is the regular servicing (every 5000kms)cost of baleno? ny info on this. 13th March 2006
aseem Clever photography makes even the worst looking car in India look OK! 28th February 2006
buzzin_hornets great photography too! .. take care of ur ride .. :D 20th February 2006
hot_rod man the baleno is just simply a killer!i cant say more 5th February 2006
aah78 excellent pictures bring out the beauty of an otherwise ordinary car. love the wheel combination! 2nd February 2006
ritik123 nice car there Samurai.....wonder why guys call it ugly ??? 1st February 2006
baddy dats one simple n sexy looking car. experienced the baleno's raw power only few days back, its a true performer. hey those alloys look terrific 16th January 2006
Samurai Chrome plugs are just chrome covered air inlet pipes, looks nice with the alloys. 24th December 2005
revtech hey samurai, what are chrome plugs ? 23rd December 2005
nitrous Beautiful, my perfect car. U should get me a set of tyres just like urs. 20th December 2005
Aditya Good alloys! Looks of the car are improved a great deal. 20th December 2005
trinadha pics look terrific. wonder what i saved the pics number 3to 6 really looks beautiful 19th December 2005
Samurai Heh heh, some photos are taken by Rudra using his Canon EOS D1s Mark II. Easy to guess which one... 19th December 2005
msprabhakar The 8-spokers look terrific on black, especially at the stance you have captured!! 17th December 2005
Samurai The body coloured mirrors/handles were optional, got it painted before delivery. 13th December 2005
Abhay Nice pics Samurai...I am no fan of the Baleno's looks but I like yours (black + alloys make it look great!) 13th December 2005
shuvc Does MUL have body coloured side mirrors & door handles as MGA ? 13th December 2005
Steeroid The wheels are almost Chariot-style...but look good with the black car. 10th December 2005
Rtech Nothing like a nice set of wheels & tyres to improve the entire look of a car. 8th December 2005
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