1982 Premier Padmini Deluxe-BE - Sold off in 2003

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1982 Premier Padmini Deluxe-BE - Sold off in 2003
This is the only pic of my beloved Padmini (shot with my mom and dad sitting inside it) equipped with a factory fitted air conditioning system. Was metallic red coloured when it was sold off
It looked similar to this

.... Will never forget those sweet memories...

This pic was shot way back in 1996...

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This pic was shot way back in 1996...
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Cyrus43 Ohh nice!! i wish i had 43 back!! 10th June 2008
salilpawar1 continud.... the pic was shot in 1996 and our car had undergone a restore around 1994-95. S1 was launched in 95, right? What say? 19th March 2007
salilpawar1 @planet_rocker: I don't know if my dad had fitted the S1-like panel. It might b original becoz it's an AC model since it had a larger radiator AFAIK.. 19th March 2007
planet_rocker @salil - S1 type panel - the vents below the front grill. my car is a 1988 model and it doesnt have the panel, but 1100D's got that made for his ride 19th March 2007
salilpawar1 It was a used car bought in '91. I clearly remember dat it had a plate near the chassis no. indicatin "AirConditioned". Wat d u mean by S1 type panel? 18th March 2007
1100D S1 TYPE front panel on a 1982 car (1982 car had factory fitted AC?) 18th March 2007
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