1983 Sipani Reliant Dolphin

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1983 Sipani Reliant Dolphin
Engine Specifications:
  • 848 cc inline 4 all aluminum
  • stock 38 bhp
  • modded maybe 50+ ?
Engine Misc.:
  • 32 PBIC solex carburettor mounted with custom flange
  • Ram pipe bellmouth with open screen filter
  • Stock exhaust manifold, 1.5" downpipe right upto custom open muffler
Suspension, brakes & wheels:
  • Sipani D-1 front uprights and lower ball-joints with disc brakes and maruti 800 calipers; Front Track 1280 mm (close to Zen)
  • Reinforced wide track rear axle w/3.55 ratio diff, larger drum brakes; Rear track 1340 mm (equals Esteem front track)
  • Maruti 800 brake master cylinder
  • Lowered 2" all around; front coil-overs are custom made with oil-filled dampers re-valved to my specification
  • Stock Rear leaf springs flattened and damped with gas-filled gabriel shock-absorber units
  • 12" maruti wheels and 145 wide radials
  • carpeting removed, rexine bucket seats and plywood-backed rear seat
  • window winder mechanism removed
  • Stock except for wheels and tires

Will outrun your average zen or santro without breathing hard.
Note the maruti m/c and gas kit; pic was taken when it was running the original SU carb

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3387-2731.jpg stock gauges are calibrated to 160 km/h; the car is capable of atleast 140 the stock 12" steering wheel After lowering the car Sweet, aint it? Note the maruti m/c and gas kit; pic was taken when it was running the original SU carb The unique muffler which does its job better than any custom muffler on the market
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ByDesign A real beauty. Congrats. Remember seeing one of these in Bangalore done up rally style. 3rd September 2010
dhrishikesh Great Car !!!
Nice to see DOLPHIN after long time.
30th November 2009
suped99 just saw the video!i have no words! amazing how these things kick butt of world known cars! 5th October 2009
ananthkamath Because it is lightweight, body-on-chassis construction, and cheap as hell.

If you have any doubts about the car's potential search for Bobby Jayaram's Sipani dolphin on youtube. Kicking some Porsche 944 *** at a speed run a few years ago.
25th September 2009
suped99 one question! Why did u pick this particular car for those mods?iam not aware of its Potential thats why iam asking if this one has alot of it?infact seeing it for the first time ,thats one heavy result u have, outruns the average zen?guess not mine then :) 25th September 2009
Gypsy-Boy My dad had a red Dolphin earlier. I have lots of fond memories in it as we used to go on outta town trips in it.
nice to see a neatly kept piece.
6th June 2009
punterccrx8s Awesome car.Nice colour too. 4th September 2008
frankmehta im a super super super fan of these babies!!!
wish i had the honour of owning one!
3rd September 2008
shankar.balan brilliant preservation and restoration job done
this was really a lovely little car - far ahead of its time with the FRP body and all the rest of it.
I wish it had succeeded!
does anyone know if there are any of these Dolphins (Station Wagon type) in decent condition for sale anywhere?
30th April 2008
rider60 my uncle used to have this car, and i always use to ride along with him during my summer holidays, man this makes me so nostalgic! good passion to retain a old car mate keep it up! 13th February 2008
ananthkamath never. it will be either a drag or a track car 2nd December 2007
supercars Cool Car. So when will you convert it into a rally car ? 30th November 2007
AirWind We sold our well maintained 1983 Dolphin for 10k back in '96 @ Coimbatore 6th November 2007
ananthkamath the price varies with condition, we have 3 dolphins in our possession, one of them cost as little as 2k this one cost about 15k if i remember right 4th September 2007
ananthkamath coilovers are from a diesel montana cut down 2 coils to get a 500 lb/in spring rate 4th September 2007
ananthkamath i'm being speculative about the hp number. notice i said "maybe"? 4th September 2007
v1p3r Coupla quickies: Where are the coilovers from? How much should one of these cars cost stock? And 12 hp from these mods? 4th September 2007
warchild woow....a Dolphin. i have only seen few of these. cool looking thing. paint her black mate:) 10th August 2007
ananthkamath yes it is 2nd August 2007
esteem_lover Is it a LPG vaporiser in the engine bay ? 2nd August 2007
ananthkamath thanks man... 21st May 2007
headers wow that is a neat piece!! well done ananthkamath! 18th May 2007
v1p3r Put it up na, on YouTube or something. 16th April 2007
ananthkamath i have a video of cincla's car almost beating Leela's 944 in the 2005 run. 5th April 2007
mclaren1885 Hopefully cinclaturbo's dolly will give us a ray of hope in the coming months .. 5th April 2007
mclaren1885 Sadly all the dolly projects that i know of are held up due to some problem or the other .. While you are abroad , another guy is not finding carbs .. 5th April 2007
ananthkamath yeah i have a complete G13B with close-ratio gearbox and independent rear suspension ready to be bolted in but moved here before i could complete it 1st April 2007
mclaren1885 Sweet.. Werent you at one point going to plonk a different engine into this car ?? 1st April 2007
ananthkamath yes, even the gearbox housing and the differential are aluminum. 3.55 is ok for the 10" wheels but did you really think i was gonna race with that LOL 28th March 2007
v1p3r The engine is all-aluminium?! And isn't 3.55 a little too relaxed for a race? 28th March 2007
ananthkamath coilovers 24th March 2007
veyron1 My, my, are you on a spree. BTW- front suspension sports coilovers (adj.)? OR Mc pherson? 23rd March 2007
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