2005 Santro Xing XG Razor's Former Ride. Now sold.

razor4077’s Team-BHP Garage
2005 Santro Xing XG Razor's Former Ride. Now sold.
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.1 L standard Santro engine
Engine Misc.:
  • K&N conical air filter with custom intake pipe
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Fuel: Speed
  • Stock
  • Stock
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Stock
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 165/65 R13 tubeless Goodyear Eagle GA Plus
  • Aura alloy wheels
  • Red/Black PU
  • Leather steering cover
  • Spoiler, exhaust tail piece
  • Pioneer DEH-P4790MP Head unit
  • Pioneer front speakers
  • MA Audio rear speakers
  • Sumooko bass tube with built in amplifier

K&N filter with custom intake

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Author Comment Date
abhijeetsng A very well maintained car buddy!
I also have a xing xg, but it doesn't go over 140 easily. What could be the problem? can you help?
23rd May 2009
razor4077 Will miss you baby. Take care. 9th September 2008
Absar Neat car! The speedo pic looks great too. Boy 160 on a Santro. Maximum I've done is 130. 23rd February 2008
smoky I have a white Xing, but loves black. How is the initial with filter ? 1st January 2008
BUSA thats a very well maintained Santro :) 30th September 2007
johy That is hot-looking ride sir. Simply love the Santo in Black. 30th September 2007
razor4077 @lancersfx, ashish22: thanks! 25th September 2007
lancersfx seems like the mini phoenix.. A santro neat and just perfect trim..Good job razor4077. And the lancer is mindblowingly beatiful. 24th September 2007
ashish22 gr8 color and alloys...the santro always looks wicked in black 19th August 2007
razor4077 @mclaren: i agree, but there's not much space to play around with in the santro eng bay. anyway, this setup is working fine. no complaints 9th August 2007
mclaren1885 See if you can relocate the air filter. Thats not a good place, the piping is bound to suck in hot air from the engine. 21st July 2007
razor4077 @faithless, sabret00the: Thanks! 8th July 2007
sabret00the hey u got a nicely maintained ride there... 7th July 2007
faithless_1984 NEAT ride bro....waiting for phoenix now. :D 24th June 2007
razor4077 Lancer pics later... when project completes :) 17th May 2007
planet_rocker kya re? upload the Lancer pics na! u have access to 5 garages re! or do you wanna wait for the project to get over? 16th May 2007
razor4077 @sumeet.. thanks. PM me for the cost. 12th May 2007
sumeethaldankar Hey man the intake looks neat.How much did it cost ya. 10th May 2007
razor4077 thanks viper... its performing pretty well - better than the stock anyday. top speed is up, acceleration is better, FE more or less the same. 19th April 2007
viper hey nice ride. Install looks neat, how is it performing 18th April 2007
razor4077 PM me for the cost... and no, hasn't done so yet... not enough to affect performance anyway! 18th April 2007
chetanhanda wow how much did the filter cost you ? dont u think its going to suck in hot air from engine bay? 16th April 2007
planet_rocker i hope you checked out aza's gallery... 11th April 2007
planet_rocker time for a Free Flow Exhaust???...well unless you have something else in mind ;) 11th April 2007
razor4077 @aza: thanks! @manikjeet: i exchanged the brand new stock tyres with the upsized ones... just paid the differential, hence it was a reasonable rate! 8th April 2007
aZa very neat ride razor!!! that k&n installation is done very nicely too ... keep revving ;) 8th April 2007
manikjeet 16k is real cheap man and this the first time i think aura are looking good 7th April 2007
razor4077 @vkochar: 16k for 5 alloys & 5 tyres, after exchanging the stock ones. @planet: thanks dude, and u know i take care of her ;) 7th April 2007
planet_rocker hey buddy! nice ride. perhaps the only "modded" santro i have come across. take care of her. 7th April 2007
vkochar Very neat ride. How much for the alloys & tyres ? 7th April 2007
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