Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi (SOLD)

Ricky_63’s Team-BHP Garage
Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi (SOLD)
Engine Specifications:
  • Stock - Modified as of NOW
  • Running xxx BHP (I'm told)
  • Greencotton Conical Air Filter
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
  • 9mm cables
  • Throttle Body Enhancement
  • Porting / Polishing
  • Completely Overhauled Engine
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Turbo ????
  • Naaaa NA is the way to go (for now)
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol - Extramile
  • Headers & freeflow with custom Dual Tip -(Rumble-Growl-Roar-Scream 2500 to 6500 RPM)
  • Complete New Clutch Setup-Stock
  • Shortened Gear Shift Stick
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Completely redone front & rear suspension including shockers
  • Rims - 15" League
  • Tires - Maxxis 205/55/15
  • New brakes - Stock
  • Custom Leather Seats & Door Panels
  • Racing Steering Wheel & Grear Knob
  • Tachometer/Voltmeter/Water Temp/Oil Temp (All-in-one) with Gear Shift Light
  • WHITE LIGHTS in instrument cluster
  • Pioneer HU
  • Pioneer Subwoofer rear parcel shelf
  • Pioneer 4 Channel Amp in trunk
  • Hertz 6" Components in Front Door Panels / Tweeters on Dash
  • Hertz Coax 6" rear parcel shelf
  • Custom Built Body Kit
  • Custom Paint Job (was Yellow now Red)
  • EVO 4 front Bumper with Hella 1000 lights
  • Angel Eyes Headlamps 4 Beam (Gone back to stock lights)
  • Smoked Tail Lights / 3rd Stop Light
  • Power RVM with indicators
  • Chrome Twin Exhaust Tip

I'm Watching YOU !!!!

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I'm Watching YOU !!!! My first day at home !! Thank God Favourite View Information Center 6396-9100.jpg Evo4.jpg The 3rd avtaar !!
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Member: Ricky_63
Created: 8th April 2007 17:30
Last Modified: 1st November 2010 11:32
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Author Comment Date
Ricky_63 Wish I'd never sold it ! 15th March 2010
nick17s how much did ya sell it for ?? 25th February 2010
IndrojitSircar what make is the all in one tacho? 16th February 2010
gaurav_chopra04 Saw this car the other day outside Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Droolsome is the word... Too bad you sold it!:( 6th November 2009
JPL imho the yellow looked better and more exclusive(except the funny looking rvm), the red and black makes it look a wannabe racer and too common. the evo bumber,lol, would have looked good in yellow.alas. 30th January 2009
abhinav.gupta88 Drool Maal. :D 14th December 2008
badboyscad So..When is the "Watch this space" gonna be replaced by MIVEC? grin 6th September 2008
Ricky_63 BUSA - remember that charitable cause ??? Let me enjoy the Audi for now :-) 22nd February 2008
BUSA MIVEC? When? 22nd February 2008
Ricky_63 Thanks nishchint :-) 18th February 2008
nischint new color looks gr8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24th January 2008
Ricky_63 Thanks Torqueguru & Jeep !! The exhaust is a twin tip & can't be seperated. Its a 4-2-1 setup 19th December 2007
Ricky_63 Thanks Ron glad you like it !! 19th December 2007
Jeep Awesome! Excellent paint job. BTW can you separate the twin exhaust to appear at both sides at the rear (right now it looks skewed/tilted as well) 19th December 2007
Torqueguru neat! 19th December 2007
ron_9191 What a ride bro??? !!! awesome love the lights and the wheels. 18th December 2007
car_freek Where do you live in Delhi 14th November 2007
car_freek Hi Bro Nice Ride Looks like heaven do you ride it like Hell 14th November 2007
nitroxx three figure bhp? un un! n good no spoiler extra headache and spoils the look 5th October 2007
lancersfx Simply an ashtonishing doubt about it. 17th September 2007
Steeroid Please dont put a spoiler. That car looks great as it is! 16th August 2007
ashish22 hello from a fellow delhite...the car is screaming for a spoiler i guess?? 12th August 2007
Ricky_63 Thanks BUSA & Skunk. Glad you like the car... 1st August 2007
skunk I like the black rear panel, makes the smoked taillights look that much better. 30th July 2007
ubaid hey may i kno how t smoke d tail lights...i wanna smoke mine 19th July 2007
BUSA I keep visiting your gallery cause i admire your car thouroughy (wish i could put the imstupid simily here) 11th July 2007
Ricky_63 Thanks hmishra83.....glad you liked the car !! 29th June 2007
hmishra83 This car rocks. Love the job done man! Kudos to all involved. 29th June 2007
BUSA With Porting and polishing i guess it must be putting out something like 107bhp. 7th June 2007
noidaboy amazing ride. 7th June 2007
nitroxx forget what your tuner told you about the bhp figures,however the colors appealing. 5th June 2007
Ricky_63 Thanks Sumeet & Sunil. Glad you like the car. As for the spoiler - I don't quite fancy it. 24th May 2007
sunilchakola Awsome ride... why no spoilers!!! 18th May 2007
sumeethaldankar Congratulations!!! Man,she's a beauty. 14th May 2007
Ricky_63 Thanks for your concern people....I am really not in the numbers game BHP is just a figure, so we'll let it be 4th May 2007
streetsdisciple nice sorry to say this but i think u were given false figures by ur tuner.! 4th May 2007
Ricky_63 @ Busa Sorry I had not mentioned Porting/ much does that add upto now ?? 4th May 2007
Ricky_63 @ Busa, Maclaren, Chetenhanda. I am sure you guys are right, I'm not stuck up on numbers, overall she drives well....that's fine, though 15% seems low 4th May 2007
BUSA Nice ride, but honestly speaking its not putting out more then 100bhp. Just calc 15% on a 87bhp engine and u will know what everyone means over here. 4th May 2007
chetanhanda 120 BHP ? dont mind dude, but I would be doubtful abt that,I dont see mods which indicate that.. 3rd May 2007
Ricky_63 @mclaren - I was given to understand the number was 120 BHP, she drives well & is fine for my purpose-so I'm fine, maybe u r right maybe not. Thanks 1st May 2007
mclaren1885 Very highly unlikely that you are putting out 120 horses .. More like 95-100 Id say .. Not more than that .. 30th April 2007
Ricky_63 @ fastest lakshya.....the whole mechanical job was a package, don't remember the exact figure. U can PM autopsyche for details 12th April 2007
fastest lakshya how much u paid for Completely Overhauled Engine and Complete New Clutch Setup ? 11th April 2007
fastest lakshya kooll.........ride man..... how much is those side rear view mirror's cost ??? 11th April 2007
Ricky_63 @ revtech,,,,Thanks for your comment, will post a picture with the backlight soon, 8.5 k is what I remember. It was a total package deal. 10th April 2007
Ricky_63 @ elf .....thanks for the comments. Frankly I do not know the exact calculation, but that is the figure Arush gave me !! 10th April 2007
revtech thanx ricky and can you post a pic of the tacho with the backlight on and you got it for 8000 rite ? 10th April 2007
elf Lovely ride. Just a bit curious - how did you calculate 120 HP? 10th April 2007
bigdad hey dusde...awesum car man....if u wann sell itt...plz contact me.... 9th April 2007
Ricky_63 @Aditya, Aza, Hari rama..thanks for the comments 9th April 2007
Ricky_63 @ Revtech the shiftlight is RED just has a mirror finish lens so appears deifferent in the picture & yes the dial has a wonderful white backlight 9th April 2007
Ricky_63 @ Japneet the angel eye lights are 16.5k..thanks 9th April 2007
Aditya Looks fantastic. Awesome colour and wheels. Thinking of a rear spoiler? 9th April 2007
aZa awesome ride ricky!! love that exhaust rumble ;) 9th April 2007
hari_rama coool ride dude......cheers to autopsyche 8th April 2007
japneet_b man what did u pay for the angel lights??? well nice ride 8th April 2007
revtech nice ride....what colour is the shiftlight on the tacho ? and does it have a backlight ?? 8th April 2007
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