06 Hyundai Coupe Project NG Sports Coupe

general_neo’s Team-BHP Garage
06 Hyundai Coupe Project NG Sports Coupe
Engine Specifications:
  • 2.0L, 4 Cyls, Shifttronic gear
Engine Misc.:
  • Stock
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Not planned
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Stock
  • Twin Exhaust but fully stock
  • Auto with Shiftronic
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Stock
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 19x8 Bremmer RIMs
  • 225/35 19 inch Front Tires
  • 225/35 19 inch Rear Tires
  • ~~~ICE~~~

  • SHOK Industries and NEOGLOW (Power wires)
  • SHOK Industries and NEOGLOW (Power connectors, Distributor, Fuses)
  • 2 x DC Audio 2.0K
  • 2 x Focal FPS 2300RX
  • 2 x 165KRX2 front components
  • 2 x 165KRX2 front components
  • 2 x DC Audio Level XL with Silver CF dust cap
  • Custom 7.5cuft net enclosure ported (35hz)
  • 3 x Standard 80amps battery
  • 1 x Mechman 320Amp HO Alternator
  • Crappy Power acoustik HU
  • Iberhdesign Body Kit
  • 3 Million color Inferno Underbody lights
  • Custom Headlights with Angel Eyes
  • Custom LED Taillights
  • Custom Carbon Fiber GT wing
  • Custom Eyelids

    More pics at

Red Leds all around

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DSC02033.jpg 2012 setup with 2x DC Audio Level 4 15s A picture taken During an EMMA competition Focal 165KRX2 Crossovers Focal KRX2 Mid bass drivers 2013 update, doors painted glossy Red Leds all around 2 x DC Audio 2.0K and 2 X FPS 2300rx along with 2 x 165KRX2 sets tib06.jpg tib07.jpg tib07.jpg
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CaliforniaKnight kool sound system, BTW where did you pick up those kicker items from? 27th February 2009
general_neo For Max boost the I4 is more favorable. But I only knew that after i brought the car... :)
Its going to be more of a show car than go. More new Pic coming soon
25th September 2008
Steeroid 2 litre? Not even the 2.7 V6? C'mon neo where have you hidden all your turbos? 24th September 2008
maxbhp Nice RIMS dude , Car is looking a HOTTIE 26th March 2008
blueraven316 Nice rims! AT LAST!
Why all that weird ICE combination ? That boos looks like you planning to sleep in it over the weekends.
You can do better than those 2 channel amps bro, so when's the upgrade ? Which Boston comps have u installed ? S series ?
11th March 2008
CaliforniaKnight i get my spares from the dealer as well... 20th January 2008
CaliforniaKnight infact eclipses are imported and supported by the dxb dealer AL import the same you need to put in 60% cash finance possible. 20th January 2008
CaliforniaKnight where u put up bro??? 17th January 2008
speedfreak01 sexy rims n mindblowing ice..!! 3rd January 2008
general_neo Finally the Rims are up!! 18 inch Rims with 40 Profile Tires 23rd December 2007
blueraven316 When are the RIMS gonna come ?? 19th September 2007
general_neo Very true... no money!! I am engaged!!! so u know wat happens 16th July 2007
maxbhp Awesome shape for the price but sadly I cannot say the same about the colour and footwear. Add better pics dude. 16th July 2007
general_neo StreetGlow Gold Series Neo Blue!!! Go for it!! Now i have installed Music Activation.. Awesome! 7th June 2007
MNAKASH awesome neons ................... 6th June 2007
noidaboy nice neon work man 4th June 2007
general_neo Its in Abudhabi and dad has been running this business for more than 30 years. I am acutally an IT guy! 10th May 2007
general_neo I must have put that info when i had other plans... I do have a business along with my father for customizing. No more tuning. All kinds of cars. 10th May 2007
n_aditya ... and what kind of tuning? pls specify. care to explain in a separate thread? 10th May 2007
n_aditya says ur occupation is tuning and customising cars... which cars? hyundai's only? 10th May 2007
general_neo And stop spearding hatred like last time... Things have changed.. Peace 25th April 2007
general_neo T-bhpain knew nuthin... hahaha!!! nuthin at all!!! :) Take a back seat and watch tis time 25th April 2007
rev_hard clowns!!!---- now now now,,,,,, dont be disrespectful sonny...... more than half the t-bhpians KNOW whus da klown... so take the chill pill. got that 25th April 2007
general_neo Ah!! The clowns are back!!! Keep laffing while i do the driving.. :p 25th April 2007
rev_hard a coupl'o turbos under the seats too plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. hehehehehehehe 25th April 2007
general_neo Hehe!! All coming soon!! Pimp ma ride!! 25th April 2007
blueraven316 NOICE!!! NOICE!!! now when does it get the Import Racer Look ? and Few turbos ? LOL 25th April 2007
elf Nice bum. :) 22nd April 2007
general_neo Driven roughly 1500 Kms, Handling is cool. I hit around 210 Km/hr top speed. 20th April 2007
general_neo Its a crappy 15 sec car... but then u can close ur eyes and open up to see ur at 180km/hr... meter reads out to 260... never tested and never will. :) 16th April 2007
general_neo And tats with stock shocks, high profile tire... will move on to low profile soon.. 16th April 2007
general_neo I have barely driven 200 Kms in total until now... but what i love is the cornering... It sticks to the road and no body roll.. razor sharp 16th April 2007
cheap_deal how is the performance compared to the new civic? 16th April 2007
Mayavi Ferrari 360 like looks for Hyundai like price. How does it handle? 16th April 2007
general_neo Hahaha!!! Bad habits seldom die.... This time it cud be an SC... But laws over here dont permit such things... 15th April 2007
mclaren1885 And the turbo in the boot ?? Rotflmao .. Lol .. 15th April 2007
general_neo Still stuck to a Hyundai 15th April 2007
general_neo Hello brothers! I am back!! General Neo V2!!! 15th April 2007
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