1999 Maruti Suzuki Turbo-Zen

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1999 Maruti Suzuki Turbo-Zen
Engine Specifications:
  • 1500 cc Toyota N1 68 BHP
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • standard
Fuel & Tuning:
  • turbo jet
  • stock
  • toyota
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • the new engine is 14 kg lighter than the orignal zen engine
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 155r13 70 (needs better rubber
  • stock
  • white
full size pic are here

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3639-7658.jpg 3640-7658.jpg 3641-7658.jpg The big filter
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Jayabusa Nice wheels. 16th September 2010
zealous123 @manikjeet how FE do you get with this engine?Any idea where to source this engine in mumbai? 24th June 2010
DSC.CUSTOMS Nice engine .
I have seen this in a few cars near Bathinda side . I think it can used in Jeeps also .
5th July 2009
nitrous The Zen must really fly with this engine and the FE must be lovely. With your history, I would recommend Esteem Type 2 front disc brake kit. 20th May 2009
rajivanoj Engine can be bought for around 13-15k and gearbox @ 4-5k without axle.

axles may cost around 1.5k, its very reliable engine...
27th November 2008
rajivanoj 1N is good engine. best mileage in its class, i had one fitted in my previously owned Maruti 1000 with toyota gear box, first i had maruti gear box mated with toyota engine, then for synchronisation, i fitted an 1N gearbox which i sourced for 6k @ chennai, the problem i faced was when fitting driveshafts to the M1000. but anyhow got it ready and was perfect.


you can use fiat 138 D's diesel filter, contessa classic's speedometer cable for the speedo, M800 thermostat for the engine. these are the things i hav tried and loclised the parts
27th November 2008
evo Toyota engine? whoa! 17th October 2008
hkanitkar mate, thats a seriously modded zen there. Any upgrades on the brakes ? No stock brakes can handle this IMHO. 11th December 2007
car_freek Brother if it goes 120 in 2nd gear Dude u got the Awesome Power in that hood Drive safe 11th September 2007
manikjeet parts for the car were sorced from meerut 27th August 2007
Mpower Fits quite nicely. Where do you get parts from? 27th August 2007
manikjeet abhi1309 you were very close its a ikon 1.8 d badge 3rd August 2007
abhi1309 Is that an Ikon 1.6 badge on the fender? :) 3rd August 2007
manikjeet the car sure flies man does 120 in 2nd gear so you can image it and the cost was around 38k after giving the older engine 2nd May 2007
kick.throttle hay what the cost of the engine as well as the cost of the turbo.. 1.5l should fly with zen body man 30th April 2007
abhibh nicely maintianed, HU is kaput engine rocks :D.. Engine does all the ICE job.. How much did it cost BTW ? 28th April 2007
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