2001 - Honda - City 1.5 Vtec

Shan2nu’s Team-BHP Garage
2001 - Honda - City 1.5 Vtec
Date Of Purchase:
September 27th 2001

Rs. 9,08,000 (On Road)

Engine Specifications:
Type - 4-cylinder inline all aluminium alloy
Installation - Transverse
Valvetrain - SOHC 4valve/cylinder with Vtec
Displacement - 1493cc
Bore * Stroke - 75 * 84.5 mm
Comp Ratio - 9.6:1
Max Power - 106bhp@6800rpm
Max Torque - 132nm@4700rpm
Redline - 7100rpm

Engine Misc.:
Mileage - 83,000kms

Engine Compression Pressure (as tested on 22/05/2010 at 2,200ft above sea level).
Cyl 1 - 185psi
Cyl 2 - 185psi
Cyl 3 - 190psi
Cyl 4 - 175psi

Transmission Ratios
1st - 3.232 (58kmph@7100)
2nd - 1.909 (98kmph@7100)
3rd - 1.250 (155kmph@7100)
4th - 0.937
5th - 0.774
Final Drive - 4.058

Turbocharger & Induction:
Naturally Aspirated

Fuel & Tuning:
IOC 91 Octane

Stock, with aftermarket performance air filter.

4x1 custom hybrid headers and half pipe


Weight reduction & transfer:
Lightened Flywheel and Crank Pulley

Suspension, wheels & tires:
Suspension - Stock with stiffened shocks
Wheels - Stock
Tyres - Bridgestone Potenza GIII (195/60 R14 86H) done 35,000kms.

Speedo Error:
Speedo Reading - 150kmph
GPS Reading - 148kmph
Error - 1.33%

Stock but, well maintained

Colour - Saphire Silver

Lap Times
MMSC Chennai 3.7km - 2min 15.6secs (Tested with a Racelogic Performance Box)

Best Fuel Economy
Blore to Hubli (Without A/C)

Vtec flyby at 7100rpm in 3rd (150kmph) -

Vtec revving -

My first few laps in the OHC VTEC, around the MMSC track (July-11-2010) -
F1080009 copy.jpg

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casual 052 moded small.jpg Vtec 2 copy 2 small.jpg VTEC GARAGE SMALL 2.jpg Vtec 2 Small.jpg Vtec Poster a 1Ba copy small.jpg Vtec1a small.jpg F1080009 copy.jpg
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Author Comment Date
CaliforniaKnight Nice Pics. Is the car still with you? 16th January 2019
Desmosedici Cool pics especially the last one. Too Good Mate. 19th October 2010
ajay2233 Cool Pictures! The last one is too good!

22.8 kmpl?
Mine has never given more than 14kmpl on the highways and I dont cross 2k rpm!!!
have you made any modifications?
30th September 2010
Shan2nu I got 22.8kmpl between Hubli and Bangalore. I was maintaining speeds between 80 & 100kmph.

My car has averaged around 21kmpl on the last 10 long distance drives on expressways.

Idea is to give the engine, the right amount of throttle.
11th August 2010
yzfrj 22.8Km/Ltr ? What speed you were doing and what kind of roads ? 5th July 2010
Shan2nu @prsnck - the car doesn't jerk when i drive but i've noticed other people facing this problem while driving my car. I've prob learnt to overcome the issue, over the years.

im still running stock plugs.

But the car's performance is not affected at all. It's blistering quick and gave me 22.8kmpl on my last trip to Blore.
5th July 2010
prsnck Hey Shan2nu, are you facing any low RPM jerks associated with pre-02 vtec models. I test drove a 2001 vtec and really felt it and was so concerned. Did u change ECU, or has the NGK Iridium plugs sorted out the issue. Is that a matter to ponder over. 10th June 2010
Neur0t0xin nice snaps there man 18th September 2009
headers Nics pics, some of the engine bay and headers would be great too! 25th October 2008
vinayvtec cool snaps dude.. 8th July 2008
kkr2k2 awesome pics man!!!
some of those pics could make up a good brochure for OHC!!!!
6th February 2008
Shan2nu It's not very loud at low revvs but literally screams beyond 5000rpm. I'm still running the primary muffler so it ain't that bad. 9th November 2007
chetanhanda isn't that verrrry loud ? how do u manage to not get a ticket ? 7th November 2007
Shan2nu Yes im running a stock setup. I don't get tempted to change the muffler cos i've removed it altogether. So the exhaust pipe ends near the rear tire. 2nd November 2007
chetanhanda r u running a stock exhaust ? maan dont u get tempted to do change the muffler :-) 2nd November 2007
Shan2nu B16? Not reallt required, i'l be happy with some stage 1 mods. 20th October 2007
BUSA So when is a B16 coming? 7th October 2007
Hellraiser 3rd pic in the row is mindblowing ... nice car bro 26th August 2007
ashish22 what a beauty! 31st July 2007
mclaren1885 Its about time you get your Vtec to track ;-) .. 17th May 2007
Deepz The quality of your pics make it look like a Brochure for the City..Really good job.. 17th May 2007
maxbhp 10/10 for the 1st pic in the second row . 14th February 2007
adnan nice ride dude.... more over i like the way those pics have been taken... 26th December 2006
cadaver_prad Nice pics man.... 16th December 2006
bkahive Great car man. I wish my black City looked the same 11th December 2006
mobike008 Great Pics, more than the pics, I am impressed by the way the pics have been taken. Really nice, keep it up !!! 25th November 2006
Z_addict Sepia mode does the camera work. Sweet engine under that hood too..! 13th November 2006
angelfire amazin pics you got there 17th August 2006
sunilchakola Cool pics!!!!.......dude u know one thing, one of the best silver color in indian cars is goes to Honda City.. 17th July 2006
team44_gautham please never ever sell that has a jewel of engines 9th July 2006
Mr.Rage Awesome pic man and nice maintenance even after 50K+.... ill learn to keep my bitch clean from now on!!! 22nd April 2006
Surprise From today the last pic of your vtech stays as my desktop background. Iam sure this will stay till i found next H beaty in good pose 29th March 2006
srasania well maintained dude 9th January 2006
gamerno1 very well maintained for a 2001 car. nice pics :) 8th January 2006
Max wow the pic on the beach is wonderful 4th January 2006
nitrous good maintenance,man. Gr8 pics too, i must learn from u guys someday 16th December 2005
Shan2nu Some pics of Interior would have been great - OK 13th December 2005
Shan2nu You a doc, dude? - Nope, my parents are "Docs". 13th December 2005
dceite Some pics of Interior would have been great.. and wheres your Wagon buddy.. i wanna see it 10th December 2005
Steeroid You a doc, dude? 10th December 2005
VtecDeGr8 Pic' on 3rd with that water splash & 4th the raised boot looks hot. Need to try something similar with my car...yeah those pictures are inspiring 5th December 2005
varun_patra Nice pik! 1st December 2005
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