2003 Honda City Vtec - Type II

GTO’s Team-BHP Garage
2003 Honda City Vtec - Type II
Detailed Report:Engine Specifications:
  • 1.5 liter Vtec.
  • Greddy Headers with custom 1.7" piping and installation from AutoMech.
  • K&N extreme-flow filter. Custom plumbing.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 205 16incher Yokohama ES100's shod on 5 spoke alloys.
  • HU = Pioneer 6950 + 80GB iPod
  • Amplifier = Pioneer 944
  • Speakers = 12" sub + 4 speakers + 2 tweeters.
  • None. Like the stock under-stated look.


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Created: 3rd May 2007 10:12
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pranavGTI You're too owner of a vtec. That's cool but your car looks hot with those alloys and low profile tyres. Btw what's the mileage after mods. 14th July 2017
GTO Not as bad as expected! Compliant on Mumbai roads. But not a good choice if you frequently encounter broken tarmac. 31st July 2015
uniq62 Very Neat...I love your low profile tires - Any feedback on the ride quality on the low profile 31st July 2015
GTO Thanks for the info, Jatin. While it feels good to know that she is back on the road, I have serious concerns over the safety & structural integrity of that car. It was best scrapped after the concrete slab fell on it. 15th March 2013
jatinpatel GTO Your ex VTEC is repaired now, and some family bloke has bought it see it frequently in andheri-bandra area,
Repairs are done superbly no one can tell what it was before!
15th March 2013
GTO Hi Gaurav, nothing to show right now :). She looks just like any other white Civic from the outside. Will create a garage once she gets new footwear! 13th May 2011
gaurav_chopra04 I thought I'd see the updated garage, especially after the 1.8 completed her 1 year with you ..:). 13th May 2011
GTO Hi Steel, I am unaware of the whereabouts of my favourite car. Your message wasn't clear....was the number the same? If so, I'm ECSTATIC! Good to know that someone resurrected her. 23rd April 2011
Sheel I think I saw the same Car in a TV serial today. Same no. fonts, same color.

(Know that the roof fell on the Car, but is it brought back to life?)
22nd April 2011
Vandit awesome ride GTO.. dying to hear your feedback and suggestions via the PM! 13th November 2010
GTO Nick, it sure did. I like the "heavy bass" nightclub kinda sound. Moderator Navin helped me with the setup and it sounded really good. For my next car though, he is not keen on a tray-mounted sub. Says a box in the boot will sound better. 19th February 2010
nick17s hey nice ride bro..just wanna know if installing the sub woofer at the tray in a 3 box (like your honda) car gives proper bass ?? 18th February 2010
GTO Hi Games, sourced the mud flaps from Auto King, an accessories shop at Shivaji Park (Mumbai). 16th December 2009
Games Goblin GTO, I like your Mud Flaps very much! :P From where did you source them? 15th December 2009
GTO Thanks for the compliments on my Vtec.

As for the "Got BHP" sticker, well, it looks nice just about anywhere :)
26th October 2009
sumeethaldankar Beautiful car GTO, I personally think the GOT BHP sticker looks best when placed above the exhaust but then that's just what i think. 25th October 2009
aparth That is one neat looking OHC!! 8th October 2009
GTO Thanks! Yup, that's right where my workplace is. 26th August 2009
karizma_devil Hey i nebver knew thats your car .. seen in many times parked besides Gaylord ..
I spot it almost every day on my way to office..

Looks great !!
26th August 2009
GTO Thanks, though you really have to high-revv her to know what she's all about. You are interested in buying? Come back in 3 years...I usually sell my cars in the 9th - 10th year of ownership :) 14th August 2009
OHC VTEC Hey GTO..great exhaust,great alloys,great headers,great colour..what am i doing..i should just have said great car and it would have conveyed the message.i just have 1 request GTO "let this newbie have your car" 13th August 2009
vinayvtec Oh..GTO even you drive a City Vtec.. Great car and exhaust..My car has the same headers :D) 5th July 2008
nishantgandhi Lovely alloys! Which brand and how much did you pay for them? 1st July 2008
Wolffe Sweet lookin' ride! Very well maintained with great wheels and wow headers !!! 23rd February 2008
BUSA I have seen your car quite a few times in Vashi, i guess ur dad was drivin it, my swift was around & had team-bhp written on the boot. 18th January 2008
AnniHilat0R Greddy Headers. How much did that cost you ? 29th December 2007
GTO @ planet : The next time we bump into each other on the road? :-) 29th December 2007
GTO @ Akshay : Next time, holler man! That was me driving it today. 29th December 2007
planet_rocker when do i get to hear the exhaust note of the car? 29th December 2007
akshay1234 saw ur city all the way from prabhadevi to haji ali.. my innova was right next to you.. the exhaust sounds awesome. 29th December 2007
redrage waiting to hear the revs ! Upload a video GTO! 16th December 2007
ADI JOSH Hi GTO, one of the best Honda with a sleeper look around. Great work bro, i too want to have this kind of a sleeper look for my WagonR 22nd November 2007
kjdesigns_2000 Very nice, very neat and good looking car. 2nd November 2007
akshay1234 sexy car.. saw it in churchgate once and it was looking awesome. 2nd October 2007
yasw_anth wat colour is this ?? looks damn sexy ... 2nd October 2007
warchild wow monsterous Vtec, wuld be cool if ya have link some videos on youtube, wanna hear her:) 14th August 2007
lamborghini Hey GTO, seen ur car around quite a bit. Looks real HOT. Much better than in the pics. 9th August 2007
spider77 car looks cool ,btw i have the same rims on my baleno,they look good 31st July 2007
khanak Real nice car GTO, Love the way it looks.. 15th July 2007
planet_rocker the more i see this car - i more like it. but what about the video? 19th June 2007
gigy beautiful finish this car has got 19th June 2007
gamerno1 wow gto, car looks amazing. those rims are 'hot' 8th June 2007
noidaboy those rims are worth a steal ;) 7th June 2007
vkochar just one word ... fantastic !!! 6th June 2007
planet_rocker what happened to the exhaust note wala video? try it out with a phone cam video capture. both while standing still and while on the move. take care. 4th June 2007
GTO The driveability is fantastic, but the high-revv scream is to die for. Will try to upload a video soon. 31st May 2007
harmon_bro Hey GTO, how is the performance with those headers? Looking forward for the video 30th May 2007
Deepz i think thats the best colour available for the city..rims look really nice and those headers are a beautiful sight.. 10th May 2007
Sidewinder$ the color is jst super i like it... the car looks neat ... 10th May 2007
GTO @16v100bhp : Yup, 1.7 diameter piping. 8th May 2007
bigdad nice ride...thtz ma dream city vtecc..lookinj for one of u kno ny one who is willin to sell thr car...?? 8th May 2007
zenopio i love those alloyes.... 7th May 2007
16v100bhp Just love those headers. looks damn hot and neat. Did you mean 1.7" freeflows back there? 5th May 2007
GTO @rev_hard : DBHPians also have increased photo capacities. 5th May 2007
GTO @ Paras : The entire exhaust (with Greddy headers) was in the mid-twenties 5th May 2007
GTO @ planet rocker - Will try for a video real soon. 5th May 2007
Aditya Saw her in motion. Sounds as good as she looks. 4th May 2007
rev_hard super $exy rims GTO. by the way, how come 9 pics??? well i guess owning t-bhp has its own advantages. hehehe cheers 4th May 2007
manikjeet love your car clean and dat sleeper look and loose da vtec on da boot and have fun on da road 3rd May 2007
streetsdisciple awesome rims.!! 3rd May 2007
aZa Yep those rims look awesum 3rd May 2007
vid6639 what brand are those alloys? they look sweet. 3rd May 2007
BUSA Sweet, now can v have more info on ur petrol jeep :) 3rd May 2007
paras211 the header how much did u pay and how is it compared to the desi ones? 3rd May 2007
planet_rocker nice about the video of the exhaust note?? take care of her! 3rd May 2007
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