'95 Maruti 800 F10A upgrade.

noidaboy’s Team-BHP Garage
'95 Maruti 800 F10A upgrade.
Engine Specifications:
  • 1000cc F10A
Engine Misc.:
  • Ported polished,
  • High lift cam
  • Standard pistons
  • 5 speed gearbox with custom ratio's
  • Mikuni carb
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • n/a
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Advanced
  • Custom Free flow with headers
  • Lightened pullies
  • Upgraded clutch
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Lightened flywheel
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Yokohama 165/60/12
  • Brake booster
  • Stiffened suspension
  • Beefier drive shaft
  • After market pedals
  • Aftermarket gear knob
  • Rpm Meter
  • Volt meter
  • After market steering wheel (Momo millennium replica)
  • Black hood,lowerside doors,half boot
  • Custom Projector lamps with 8000K H.I.D.S
  • Smoked out brake lights and indicators
  • Underbody L.E.D Neons
  • Foglamps
  • Mesh bumper grille
  • Pop out fuel lid
  • Sweet Exhaust note and the Intake Growl

Official Thread :

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Created: 22nd June 2007 17:43
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vinesataris 140 in a M-800 is something appreciable :D 12th February 2010
supercars I advise some weight increase in the car so you are safer when you hit higher speeds.

btw next time you want to hit some high speeds, make sure you have more fuel in the fuel tank of the car. :)

So how much have you spent on this car in total till now ? Please tell me by PM. :)
10th October 2009
Ricky_63 Where is the new car gallery ? :-) 21st November 2008
faithless_1984 I agree with Manan/M4ugr8. 11th October 2008
noidaboy I was thinkin of alloys,but then the extra weight would make the non-powersteering worse to drive around.

@siralec will upload when ever possible
23rd September 2008
m4ugr8 No, Its time you add a new car to your Garage. :P 23rd September 2008
chiragh_bir add a pair of alloys to complete it!!! rest looks amazing! 23rd September 2008
SirAlec any engine bay images! Thanks 26th July 2008
noidaboy They were after maket parking lights 22nd June 2008
ankitahuja Some very good stuff there buddy. How I miss my M800 now :-(

1 ques: How's you achieve the 'blue' in the headlamp?
21st June 2008
ashish22 woah..this car is getting better and better... 18th June 2008
noidaboy ahh,thanks TOOL.There are better 800's that i get inspired from :),its just about the passion 12th June 2008
Tool Best 800 in India period. !! Kudos bro.. Inspirational Stuff this is :) 11th June 2008
noidaboy @jayabusa,thanks aton man!

@ alias it has 4gears
28th May 2008
Jayabusa Dude, i like what you are riding! kewl pics. 28th May 2008
alias awwha...150kmph on an 800 i wouldnt have belived it if there were no pics

does it have 4 or 5 gears
28th May 2008
noidaboy lol..yeah i believe i can fly ;) 27th May 2008
kartikkumar 140 kmph??!! You must have been close to take off speed in that car! :-) 27th May 2008
hellspawn the 4th run in of the engine begins lol :P 14th March 2008
m4ugr8 yeah yeah!! ROFL :D 10th March 2008
noidaboy Well i wont abuse the old machine...let her spend the last days with peace and ease! lol 27th February 2008
m4ugr8 Ahh and i thought i was to keep this a secret :P.....congrats now when will u drag with me??? 27th February 2008
hellspawn AAh the monster is back from the gym...congrats.Hows she running now.. 27th February 2008
v1p3r Nice car. And it's true, it's all about the driver, not the car. 27th February 2008
hellspawn i wonder how i missed this...."pimp my m800"....looks great sideways.. 30th January 2008
m4ugr8 It may look small but trust me it is one HOT ride!!! Small But Damn Fast and Furious 29th December 2007
noidaboy if you saw me yesterday..then the stickers were because of the AUTOCROSS 07 they were sponser stickers compulsory...i have removed all sticker 25th November 2007
ashutoshb Hey Noidaboy! Saw you yesterday outside APS vrooming away? You still need to get rid of those stickers :) 14th November 2007
noidaboy nop just a free flow!-new pics cumin soon 9th November 2007
govigov how did u manage to do that? any modifications on the engine front? 9th November 2007
faithless_1984 oye where r d new pics ??? 13th August 2007
ashish22 kewl...i wish u get a nice ride soon :) 12th August 2007
noidaboy yup...sure!!but gota wait until the project gets completed 1st August 2007
hellspawn dude time to put up the new pics...smokin' 1st August 2007
noidaboy thanks alot pm you the link...but how do you know abt the autocross 1st August 2007
planet_rocker awsome car - please give the link to the video where you/this car smoked the esteem @ autocross. :) 1st August 2007
noidaboy i am just a student bro thats all i have! i cant ask my parents for a new car to fulfill my passion,until they wish 31st July 2007
ashish22 and specially that speed :P 31st July 2007
ashish22 dude plz dont get me wrong but i guess u can excite ur passion wid some other car...things which u've done doesnt suits maruti 800 31st July 2007
kennzi yehaaa baby..thats wt im talkin 20th July 2007
noidaboy 5k 17th July 2007
bigdad hey dude how much diid u pay for d custom free flow exhaust.....??? 16th July 2007
noidaboy shrinkaqua-thanks alot man 16th July 2007
shrinkaqua nice ride man......u proved old is gold..140kph touch 15th July 2007
caroholic1 LOL Finally the most popular & eye catching car in noida is here on team-bhp(lol just kidding man). Rocking car. 3rd July 2007
noidaboy and yes i am goin change the way it looks soon ;) 25th June 2007
noidaboy thanks karan 25th June 2007
nischint the car luks gr8..if possible try 2 get rid of unwantd stikrs :D 24th June 2007
karan561 heyyy ... good to c u here man .... nice stuff ... rock on ... 24th June 2007
faithless_1984 @ aZa - ROFLMAO... :D 24th June 2007
noidaboy yeah yeah!! 24th June 2007
aZa Small but furious eh :P l 23rd June 2007
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