Suzuki Alto VXI 1.1 Pocket Rocket VJ_MAVRICK's Maverick Hatchback

VJ_MAVRICK’s Team-BHP Garage
Suzuki Alto VXI 1.1 Pocket Rocket VJ_MAVRICK's Maverick Hatchback
Engine Specifications:
  • 1061 CC Capacity, 16 Valve MPFI Petrol Engine
  • Max Power :64 bhp@6200 rpm {Mods -->CAI+FFE(4X2X1 Headers)}
  • Max Torque: 84 Nm@3500 rpm
  • 32 BIT ECM
Engine Misc.:
  • 1.1L, FC Engine
  • 4 cylinder, in-line, 4 valves per cylinder
  • Electronic/Electric Power Steering
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Too small a ride for Turbo but you never know
  • K&N Conical Air Filter Intake(Cold Air Intake)
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Unleaded Petrol
  • Viper FFE
  • 4x2x1 Custom Headers with Ceramic Coating
  • 5 speed manual, Front wheel drive
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Front suspension: McPherson Strut with torsion-type coil control device + Spacers
  • Rear rear: Coil spring, gas-filled shock absorbers with three-link rigid axle and isolated trailing arms +Spacers
  • 165/65 R13 Good Year
  • 13 " 5.5 J HR Alloys
  • Leather Sports Seats
  • Autocop DX security system
  • Momo Sports Steering Wheel
  • CBA covered with Silver Cover flaps
  • Auto gauge RPM Meter in addition to the stock Pricol RPM Meter
  • Michael Jordan Graphics on the front doors and the Rear
  • Custom Spoiler with a Tail Fin
  • HU:Pioneer 5850MPH
  • Front:JBL Front Comp 0607
  • Rear: JBL 0934
  • Amp - Kenwood 4-ch amp
  • Sub - GT4-12 custom-made sealed Boom Box Cabling: Monster,RCA cable

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Swapnil_Alto Ah! This Alto. I've been waiting to comment on this for so long. I have been reading about your alto since I was not a BHPian. I too happen to own an Alto LX. 2004 model, same as yours. very nicely kept car sir. :) 9th April 2015
VJ_MAVRICK Thanks "jayabusa". I will definitely keep that in mind as I have some more additions in mind. 24th January 2011
Jayabusa That car is no longer an Alto. It's in an altogether different league now! Kudos mate. The last pic simply rocks.

A suggestion: Please do something nice on the sides as well in sync with the existing vinyls, 'coz the sides are looking bare. :)
24th January 2011
kenpachigamer hey nice ride man, I am looking forward to have a close look, tell me where in pune can i Catch u? I m in Koregaon park 10th August 2010
VJ_MAVRICK Yea Shabbir! I have my cousin and bro-in-law working there in magarpatta city in tower 3 and 4 respectively! You should have flagged me and I would have loved to talk to you. 6th June 2009
shabahmad I also spotted you in magarpatta. Your car parked in Parking lot opposite to tower 5. Your car really looks cool. 3rd June 2009
hkanitkar dude.. were you in pune by any chance on 29.05.09 ?? I think i saw this car. 30th May 2009
VJ_MAVRICK Thanks Jacs ! 22nd April 2009
jacs Nice drive Bro....urs is the best among my favorite Alto's list : ) 22nd April 2009
VJ_MAVRICK You should have flagged me brother!Anyway will catch you up soon then :) 13th January 2009
carbaliga Hi Maverick... i saw your car yesterday from the Belandur traffic signal to the Sarjapur road-ring road junction... i was in my Corolla... the car definitely looks too good in flesh... good graphics and alloys. 13th January 2009
Iswear Hey Could you post some pics of the interiors? Steering wheel etc? 27th November 2008
VJ_MAVRICK Thanks Sujay for letting me know as i hardly noticed and yes now i have changed it. 3rd July 2008
sujaylahiri You gotta post some high res pictures of your ride. Most of them are too tiny for us to see. 1st July 2008
VJ_MAVRICK Thanks SammyBoy ! Sure the alto 1.1 vxi has more to offer and could not agree more to it. Thanks a lot 7th May 2008
sammyboy lovely car bro. I especially love the alto 1.1 (have 4 in the family) :) . It sure was one hell of a car. Love what you have done with it 7th May 2008
sreenidhibr nice car and graphics. It will stand out in the crowd :-) 20th February 2008
VJ_MAVRICK hmm sumeeth since white and silver are pretty common and more over somehow i love this sports yellow it done,maybe later when i change my bumpers and all i would. 15th February 2008
sumeethaldankar Definitley go for white stripes!!!! 13th February 2008
sumeethaldankar Awesome Alto man!!! 13th February 2008
VJ_MAVRICK hmm yea benbsb29 will change it to white as i liked the yellow initially on black got that done but will change the stripes when am planning to get new bumpers and side skirts and all that.. 4th February 2008
benbsb29 Nice Alto, buddy... i was just wondering, wudnt the stripes look better in white, rather than yellow? 29th January 2008
rjstyles69 Please add details regarding the FFE and stuff.. Also dont forget to mention all the bling stuff installed in your car ;-) . 23rd January 2008
VJ_MAVRICK Nope Car Freek, i did not have to as its a 5J rim with 13" League Alloys with Michelin XM1 tires 13th January 2008
car_freek Dude leme know did you lifted your car up with spacer's when you got the alloys in your ride 11th January 2008
VJ_MAVRICK Hey Car_freek mail me here or @ or call me @9986016840 22nd November 2007
car_freek Indeed Dude leme know when and Where to call you or mail you 14th November 2007
VJ_MAVRICK hmmm not really ...a die hard of MJ i am, just got the graphics done with some stripes.. 30th August 2007
aah78 taken inspiration from the Hertz Mustangs? :) 25th August 2007
VJ_MAVRICK hi srini.....i got the spoiler from a car decor shop near jayadeva flyover..costed arnd 3k 21st August 2007
im_srini Hi Maverick, cool car... May I ask where you got that 'spoiler' ? 20th August 2007
VJ_MAVRICK @ car freek..i had taken the graphics done by takin to the car decor guy,if u want to do it buzz me.. 11th July 2007
car_freek Indeed Dude Do leme know from where u got the graphics or from where you got it designed i would like to get it on my Alto as well 11th July 2007
VJ_MAVRICK thanks nischint n car freak.....shez great one 2 ride :) 8th July 2007
car_freek Alloys and Graphics deserve to be on your ride. 8th July 2007
nischint cool car man !! 7th July 2007
VJ_MAVRICK hey it done near Jayadeva Flyover @ one car decor...but took a lot of pains to get MJ as i wanted 6th July 2007
mr_hardcore Hey Man...wher did u got tht graphics frm...especially the one on the windows ???lookin gud 6th July 2007
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