2007 Mitsubishi Cedia Sports (sold 2015 Dec)

reignofchaos’s Team-BHP Garage
2007 Mitsubishi Cedia Sports (sold 2015 Dec)
Engine Specifications:
  • 2L 4G94 block, 115bhp@5250rpm, 175Nm@4250rpm
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • NA
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Shell Regular
  • Stock
  • Stock
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Factory fitted body kit that probably increases weight
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 205/60 R15 Michelin Pilot Preceda PP2 on stock alloys
  • N/A
  • N/A


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Author Comment Date
sujaylahiri I got the 2003 Lancer ES used here in Canada, which is basically the same car with slightly more power and torque and a different front end grille. Love the way it drives and shifts gears. Will post a review soon. 22nd October 2008
TARUL Fabulous car,very well maintained.What's the secret? 18th February 2008
reignofchaos That ambipur doesn't exist anymore :). 18th February 2008
Xehaust Hey man,
your ambipur is not put right, the four clutches have to go around the vents,i.e.the vent should be in the middle and the cluctches around it. And not all 4 clutches in between the vents. Just see the box and you will understand :p
18th February 2008
FATAL3RROR WOW! thats a beauty! 29th November 2007
Torqueguru Hehehehehe gotchya soums!!!!! 3rd November 2007
blue2ki get rid of the ambi perfume, bro, its twisting ur ac grills! 11th October 2007
vkochar the 3rd pic looks awesome ... Love the red cedia :) 18th September 2007
ashish22 a hail to your red cedia... 1st September 2007
reignofchaos Yup this is the old lancer. I've seen the newer Lancer GTS... It just looks too good. 29th August 2007
kpzen wow wow n wow. simply love this car. 29th August 2007
ashwin_seattle here it is: 29th August 2007
ashwin_seattle Red looks awesome. this is the 2007 lancer sold in US. u shud see the 2008 US version, its just bling.. 29th August 2007
BUSA nice new pic n nice avtaar :) 28th August 2007
akshay1234 nikhil - this car is in bangalore. how would you have seen it at 4 seasons? 19th August 2007
reignofchaos Yea... was too lazy to photoshop it as it was added later. Doesnt really matter anyway. 18th August 2007
sujaylahiri Dude I can totally see your license plate in the 4th pic. 18th August 2007
khanak Upgrade your rims and your car will look hotter. 3rd August 2007
reignofchaos Roughly around 10lacs. I got a lower discount than what ppl are getting now. Mileage in city/highway is 10.5/15. 1st August 2007
vnabhi Great looking car ! How much was it on road? What is the mileage like? 1st August 2007
reignofchaos Hehe you can try it out next time we meet. Why didnt u ask last time :P. 1st August 2007
v1p3r That really is a nice car. I'd like a drive sometime. Hint hint!!! 31st July 2007
nitrous What MIVEC? She needs a EVO VIII setup! But first, start with intake,headers and exhaust upgrade! 23rd July 2007
reignofchaos mcl i intend to mod the car... first stage mods at 10000-15000km and then potentially a MIVEC. 15th July 2007
reignofchaos He was glued to his seat... forget about pics. 15th July 2007
Saiyan hey, you didn't take the pic of 205 kmph :P, what was preetham doing that time lol. 15th July 2007
BUSA Oh Wow, looks amazing :) 15th July 2007
mclaren1885 She goes like a stink and handles like a gem. ROC, time for a turbo. SERIOUSLY! 15th July 2007
reignofchaos Yeah but the Indian govt makes it far from low cost here :(. 15th July 2007
Rishaj This is actually the 2007 Lancer - The Back looks yuck & the interior is the interior for the standard low cost lancer here in doha 15th July 2007
IronWolf Waiting to see this red head on saturday !!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont back out buddy 12th July 2007
jassi dude awesome car - lets see this in action on the meet :-) 12th July 2007
President Although I have a blue Cedia, I must say tour Car in Red looks really chick! 11th July 2007
hellspawn beeeautifullllll car.....nice colour.cedia looks best in red. 10th July 2007
nischint super car ... :) 9th July 2007
mclaren1885 Can't wait to see her in action coming saturday. 8th July 2007
reignofchaos Bro took pics... I was too lazy to move off :) 8th July 2007
bottle first pic on garage with the driver in the driving seat :D 8th July 2007
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