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Engine Specifications:
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 17inc alloys and 225 tyres:
  • N/A
  • silver dashboard
  • blue led light

with blue led looks more dark in person

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4517-4304.jpg blue led 4747-4304.jpg silver garnish on the dashboard with blue led looks more dark in person with xenons in low beam 6000k 5446-4304.jpg
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Created: 3rd August 2007 17:47
Last Modified: 17th October 2007 05:24
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Author Comment Date
Utopian Lovely alloys. How is the ride quality with those 17 inchers? 13th March 2011
glenn nice car wll maintained 12th August 2009
jeetu4444 Guys just added V type mirrors, the car is looking great in it..... 20th June 2008
jeetu4444 my car just compeleted 1 year..on 9 may.......and its still rocking and iam loving it more and more each day.........well after 10k service the car has became a killer......guys drive safe and fast 19th May 2008
nitrous I've seen these "RC Schitzer" rims on a friend's civic here in chennai.
Look real hot!
27th February 2008
Sahil 40k for AC schnitzers? These must be replicas? 27th February 2008
amitverma wat is in the high beam and how are u able to turn on the high beam w/o the low beam? 5th November 2007
abhinav.gupta88 B'Ful is the only word which comes in my mind 24th October 2007
jeetu4444 around 40 k 18th October 2007
streetsdisciple Can you please tell me how much do these rims cost ? atleast a rough figure. 17th October 2007
jeetu4444 guys installed hid 6000k in low beam and narva in high beam and blue in the parking light will post snaps soon 16th October 2007
unknown @Jeetu -Put black film on your car windscreen it will enhance the beauty of your car .Congrats :) 26th September 2007
jeetu4444 no idea bro check them with dealers in delhi iam sure it shld be available there 23rd September 2007
sanchits awesome much did they cost and is it available in delhi 22nd September 2007
jeetu4444 schnitzer rims bro 21st September 2007
pioneer What agreat set of Rims, BTW which Brand 18th September 2007
maxbhp 120/100 for the Alloys !!!! now donst ask me the logic behind tha marking. Those 20 marks are for good handwriting . 12th September 2007
jesal brotha wassa ! never saw the blue neon in there ? 6th September 2007
jeetu4444 guys have done interior work on dash board and fot stepper patti. and blue led 6th September 2007
akshay1234 i saw your car yesterday at atria... looks hot. 27th August 2007
jeetu4444 yup got from them....... 21st August 2007
nikhilbohra have u got ur wheels frm saifi (bandra)? 19th August 2007
hkanitkar that, looks like a really fast car !! Nice choice of alloys mate. 17th August 2007
jeetu4444 ya i love them thank god they are not common.just seen them in a accord till dte 17th August 2007
viper awesome rims was going to get those myself 16th August 2007
Abix are u sure those are 17's?? i thought that design was available in 18 inch only 15th August 2007
jeetu4444 yes bro 17 inc with 225 good year tyres 14th August 2007
maxbhp Are they 17-inchers ? 10th August 2007
BUSA Very nice rims. 7th August 2007
leon ritchie man those rim r really lookin great on the car 6th August 2007
akshay1234 sexy rims dude.. 6th August 2007
shuvd Amazing rims man! 5th August 2007
jeetu4444 thanks guys 4th August 2007
DJ Animal Amazing Rims...! 4th August 2007
faithless_1984 AWESOME....White civic with ac schnitzer rims = Drooool....any othr mods planned ? 4th August 2007
ashutoshb really like the rims.. go well with the design of the car. 3rd August 2007
khanak Nice Rims 3rd August 2007
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