1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse... 2 door

revtech’s Team-BHP Garage
1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse... 2 door
Engine Specifications:
  • N/A
Engine Misc.:
  • Stock
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • I WISH ......!!
Fuel & Tuning:
  • NA
ntake & Exhaust:
  • K&N Air Filter
    Performance exhaust...
  • Stock
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 245/45R18..
Interior: Exterior:
  • N/A


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Author Comment Date
Mpower I had a 92 Eagle Talon Tsi.....sweet memories 14th April 2014
revtech miss her a lot.. though some times i feel i should have got the 3000GT instead 23rd January 2010
ultimatechamp Cool ride man!! :thumbs up: 18th April 2009
Jayabusa Sweet ride! Hey man, where are the front pics?! 21st May 2008
rev_hard oh.. like merc coupes.. ofcourse now i get it. nice. nice 3rd November 2007
revtech they move when you open the u dont havta fasten them everytime u get in.the moment u close the door it moves bak 2nd November 2007
rev_hard Nice ride dude. peace. and whats "automice seatbelt"?? 2nd November 2007
revtech Nothing be honest...looks good...handles decent thts all i need for 4 months 15th September 2007
CaliforniaKnight Hows the performance like on this car?? 13th September 2007
revtech im paying close to a grand for insurance cause for im not yet 21.... :-( 4th September 2007
revtech yea i know the tyres are too big...i bought it like that trying to downsize as soon as i find the time...yup those are nissan rims... 4th September 2007
cheap_deal the car is way overtyred, are those nissan altima wheels? how much is the insurance btw? 4th September 2007
revtech lol...i actually was looking for something much better...but had to settle with this but its great... 28th August 2007
sabret00the Your so lucky u have this car...I'am currently using it in NFS MW but virtually 28th August 2007
sAP Nice. Hope you dont have trouble with the infamous US Mitsubishi build quality. 23rd August 2007
revtech yeah....went mad looking for bikes and then i got other way to travel.spent one month looking and now jus have 5 more months here anyway. 14th August 2007
highwayblaze So u got a car finally hmm :)!! wow those wheels are big :) increased your clearance quite a bit. clean car. drive safe! 13th August 2007
revtech yeah rahul thats my ride for 4 months....trainings goin good. 8th August 2007
revtech 18 looking mad....but makin it too sluggish...its got 245 mm tyres on it..... 8th August 2007
mclaren1885 So you are driving this eh? Hows the training going on? 8th August 2007
Hellraiser nice ride....y do u wanna change them to 16` ? 18` look Killer.! 8th August 2007
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