1988 Yamaha RD350 REBUILT - December 2010

dustDevil’s Team-BHP Garage
1988 Yamaha RD350 REBUILT - December 2010
Engine Specifications:
  • 353cc, 2 Stroke, Aircooled
  • Bore x Stroke: 64.5x54 cm
Engine Misc.:
  • US Spec Barrels
  • 0.5 oversize Wiseco Forged Pistons
  • Wiseco Forged Banshee Con Rods
  • RDDreams Crankshaft
  • RDDreams Bore Job
  • RDDreams Digital 5 Ignition
  • Viton Rubber Bushes
  • Barnett High Performance Kevlar Clutch Plates
  • Motul 800 - Fully Synthetic 2T Oil
  • Motul 300V for the transmission
  • Twin UNI Pods
  • Stock Mikuni VM28 Carbs
  • Stock LT Pipes
  • Front - 41mm telescopic forks
  • Rear - Dual Gas filled, Bronze Swingarm Bushes
  • Front - 280mm Single Disc brake
  • Rear - 180mm fade proof drum brakes
  • Kenny Roberts Inspired Paint Job
  • HVC Cylcle Inspired Seat

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howler bootyfull!! nice turn around DD.. 19th March 2012
desideep Sorry about the harsh comment but again as i said this would be just because of a second hand bike, and again one does from TEAM BHP would not keep a bike like this... and about a comment from NIKHIL "2t oil and alll wow! blown!!!!!!!!!" there is no sarcasam in that... with 2 strokers that the best part 2t burning smell.... 9th September 2008
dustDevil @desideep: I'm pretty pissed about the exhausts too! Don't worry, the whole bike is gonna be done up. Its just that I can't find time. And just let your comment be a little more "subtle", the next time around. It'll be appreciated. Not everyone has the resources to restore an RD in one go! 9th September 2008
desideep i am sorry to say sir but this is the most **** RD that i have seen specially when it comes to exausts, i am sure this is just because you bought it second hand from some one. so do we expect to see it in the same condition or would it be done up properly. 8th September 2008
Jayabusa wicked maan, wicked!!!!!!!! 15th January 2008
dustDevil I did not get these exhaust for the bike! It came with them! Since I was gonna go in for chambers sooner or later, I din't mind them! 14th November 2007
moralfibre How much did you pick it up for? I want to see it. Specially to know why these exhausts have been fitted!! 13th November 2007
dustDevil The bike was 1st owned by police, hence the colour! No, I don't have a right knee problem... atleast not yet! 3rd September 2007
Monster_BHP I would also like to know if you have knee problem kicking this bike? my right knee is scrwed, i cant walk more than a 1km without pain, hws is urs? 1st September 2007
Monster_BHP I have owned 3 RDs in the past, 2 modified and 1 stock.I must say you have maintained it preety well but i thought the color is not true to its image. 1st September 2007
dustDevil I'm the third owner, the bike came with these exhausts! Planning chambers... or atleast original exhausts 'coz these have a very different sound 30th August 2007
turbo_v12 What exhausts are u running on this one dude? 28th August 2007
dustDevil C'mon.... no need to be sarcastic man! 20th August 2007
nikhilbohra 2t oil and alll wow! blown!!!!!!!!! 19th August 2007
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