2007 Maruti Suzuki Swift 1.3L DDiS (SOLD)

Amey’s Team-BHP Garage
2007 Maruti Suzuki Swift 1.3L DDiS (SOLD)
Engine Specifications:
  • 1248CC Multijet + Turbo
  • 4 Cylinder / 16 Valves / DOHC
  • 75 BHp(90 Bhp) / 190Nm(210 Nm)
Engine Misc.:
  • Pete's Tuning Box
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Fixed geometry Turbo + Intercooler
  • Green Cotton Storm + Dynamisation Kit
Fuel & Tuning:
  • BPCL Hi-Speed Diesel / HPCL Turbojet Diesel
  • Cosworth End can
  • Stock
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Lenso Samurai SC-01 Alloys
  • Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 195/55/R15 Tires
  • Stock Suspension
  • Stock
  • Tarox G88 Slotted Brake rotors
  • Pioneer Premier Series P80-RSII HU
  • Illusion Audio Carbon ND8 8" Midbass
  • Illusion Audio CH-1 Horns
  • Illusion Audio Electra EL62 Co-Axials
  • Ground Zero GZRW 12XD-AL Subwoofer with Custom enclosure
  • Steg K4.01 4 Channel Amplifier
  • Ground Zero Uranium GZUA 1.1000DX Mono Amplifier
  • Ground Zero Power cables, Illusion Audio speaker cables
  • Sommer Co-axial cables with Neutrik terminations


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Lenso Samurai SC-01 Alloys   Michelin Pilot Primacy 195/60/R15 Tyres X-over Steg K4.01 Tarox G88 Rotors Pete's Box n534770964_2356211_5208710.jpg n534770964_2356212_4727212.jpg IMG_3368.jpg 1.jpg
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Created: 11th August 2007 12:35
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Author Comment Date
Amey Thanks Abhinav :) 30th June 2009
abhinav.gupta88 One of the best Swifts... Great Ride Amey... 29th June 2009
FATAL3RROR Why so partial towards the Swift?? Where is the Getz..and the Skoda..and the Lancer..and the M800?! :P 7th April 2009
hkanitkar Maaj install ! 5th November 2008
FATAL3RROR the ICE! Damn! 29th October 2008
kartikkumar looking good amey!!! Now that the Pete's has gone in, you must be flying in a turbo dream! 22nd September 2008
FATAL3RROR Peted Swift!! Sweet! 29th July 2008
Amey I get 15- 15.5 sustained in city with AC on.
On Highway i get in the range of 16-17.
10th May 2008
vandan sweeet alloys man!
If i may ask whats ur FE in city? my ddis is giving me 13.23!
9th May 2008
Amey hehe thanks :) 27th March 2008
sabret00the oh ho ho ho....whoa amazing car's completely Kitt(ed) 27th March 2008
Amey The Filter Dynamisation kit together cost me 7k and i got it done from Bhumi Motors pune 15th January 2008
SRShrikanth Brilliant stuff Amey. How much did the dynamisation kit cost you and where did you get it done,pls. Cheers 15th January 2008
hellspawn i love ze rims...awesome!!y not make an ice section in your gallery.. 15th January 2008
Saiyan yo great amey, nice config. errr car :D 30th November 2007
bottle aimee update the pics bastid :P 13th November 2007
Amey its sort of ducting fitted on the Filter for better suction of cold air. 2nd November 2007
AshwinDR whats that dynamization kit ? what would it do? 31st October 2007
Amey Yeah Yeah... i havent updated the pics :) 12th October 2007
FATAL3RROR i simply love your wheels! beautiful!! and i see MY sub and electras der?? ;) 11th October 2007
Amey Thats right Abhibh, that is a green cotton right there :D 4th October 2007
abhibh woooo.. i see green cotton filter there wee... awesome rims i must say :) 3rd October 2007
Amey More Pics to come :) 18th September 2007
moralfibre Hello Amee, nice car. When are you giving it back to me? And where are the ICE pickchaars? BTW speak like Maruti, it is 1.3L :p :p :p 3rd September 2007
karlosdeville Better pics quick! The car deserves it in its current setup. 29th August 2007
Amey Hehe..will update soon :) 24th August 2007
payam dude,put some snaps and info about your ice too,it is amazing i love it 23rd August 2007
Amey Yeah, they sure do look sweet, finish is also good. 21st August 2007
artofzen Lenso Samurai's ..Sweet!!!.Those in 17" makes me drool! 21st August 2007
Steeroid Great alloys. You should be heading to the Show off your Alloys and Tyres thread with this one. 19th August 2007
Absar Wow Nice Rims! They go well with the car's looks. 16th August 2007
nischint kool ride !! 13th August 2007
Amey @ Vid, its 1248cc na :P @ Shrivz.... i know man, took those pics just after washing the car 12th August 2007
shrivz dude.. im coming to steal those alloys.. btw, the pics dont do justice to them! 12th August 2007
vid6639 oi Amey, it's 1.3L diesel not 1.2. :P 11th August 2007
Amey Thanks :) 11th August 2007
BUSA hey let me start, nice ride and nice rims :) 11th August 2007
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