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Default Booked The Vrs

Originally Posted by Shreyans_Jain View Post
Absolutely. Skoda's VFM quotient is undeniable when you compare with the Germans. The Superb is essentially the A6 wearing different clothes. Best luxury car experience without breaking your bank, relatively
I agree completely, I had the chance to drive the Skoda Superb Diesel, I must say that car is adequately fast, never short on power, very easy to dive never did it feel like a big car from the driving seata and that boot Oh My God will give the Innova a run for its money. My Dad was sitting at the back seat and was saying whilst crossing his legs "Why are we even considering a Audi A4, this is just perfect" They are offering some discounts on the car as well. The only thing I feel will be against this cat is the re-sale value.

Originally Posted by lamborghini View Post
Here are my thoughts: A luxury car is something you should buy only if you are absolutely thrilled with the experience. It makes no sense to buy one basis the best discounts on offer because after spending so much - it needs to make you feel like it's worth the money you've spent on it!
So while checking out the A4, a brilliant car no doubt, I'd also ask you to see other contenders like the 3GT & the X1. In fact the X1 with it's compact dimensions, adequate space, good GC (relative to A4), and practicality may make it a good choice for out of town trips as compared to the Creta as it would not only be safer, but also more engaging to drive than the Creta.

If however you want to reward yourself with a driver's car - the vRS is it! IMO it drives better than a stock F30 3 series (due to stiffer suspension), is more nimble in the city, and more practical.
Agree with your thoughts exactly, did not want to take the added financial pressure of owing these segment cars currently, will wait for some-more time when I can properly own these cars and not feel the pinch.

OK Guys! My heart has won over my head and gone ahead and booked my VRS in BLACK (my wife wanted it in this colour, the only compromise I could give her for not booking the Audi) I would prefer the Red or the Blue but I guess any colour on this car would not be bad. What do you guys think.

Thanks for your inputs guys but this decision is completely not from the head as otherwise would have booked an Innova.

Have requested for an early delivery, as this is my 5th Skoda am hoping they can push some corners.
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Default Re: If you got Rs. 30 Lakhs to blow on a new car, what would you do?

If I had 30 lakhs to spend on a car, I'd buy two of them -

1. Toyota Innova - Diesel A/T, lots of space, terrific resale value and reliability, great for highway runs, can fold the last row to create a comfortable space for our dog.

2. VW Polo GT TSI - Compact dimensions, looks hot even today, easy to drive in city traffic and great fun on the open road.

Need a spacious car for highway travel = Innova.
Need something small to zip around in the city = Polo.
Want to have fun on the open road = Polo.
Need a Jap when the German is at the service centre = Innova.

Wow, this thread has got me daydreaming!

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Default Re: If you got Rs. 30 Lakhs to blow on a new car, what would you do?

New Car: Octavia vRS
Used Car: BMW 3 Series (F30) (Preferably a 328i which is diffcicult to find in the used car market because they didn't sell much. Can settle with a 320d then).


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Seems like most of the guys have a similar idea. Either a Innova+small car or a Petrol powered German with money to spare for the petrol and maintenance.My money is on the Skoda Octavia vrs too.
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