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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Being a good or bad driver has nothing to do with age. Point to always remember is that there are multiple nut cases driving and walking on our roads.

+1 for Thar choice, if I was 18 and had a chance to buy a vehicle I would go for Thar.

I would suggest work backwards in terms of how much you can spend on car in a month and see how it fits your pocket money.

New Ford Figo 1.5 and Polo both good choices.
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

I would go for a Polo or a Vento. I myself learnt driving on a Vento after upgrading from an Opel Astra. Thing is Polo and Vento look good, have good interiors and have great driving dynamics.
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

No offence to anyone, my advise below (more of an unwelcome, free preaching)

18 year old, first time out of home and going to live in hostel, graduation days, friends, fun, close to zero responsibilities and a generally positive outlook of future (or maybe a zilch of worry about future)....literally a life already on turbo (ohh how much I miss those days). It is like being alone at home at night, high on "you know what" with a phone number of the girl you have a crush is hard to resist not calling her, isn't it?

But I won't preach you to compromise, just because you are young. During my college days, my priorities were (in the same order):

1. Looks
2. Looks
3. Mileage & maintenance (need as much pocket money for fun as possible, car is just a part of that fun)

Just replace the first (or 2nd) one with safety and good to go.

Taking cue from the advise by other forum members, Thar is the best choice, followed by Polo. Fiesta classic is not that "good looking" for the girls. Basically any car with a bit of character or what we call nowadays as "swagger". And you can trade off some driving, comfort and handling with a occupied co-passenger seat, i guess.

An etios cross, even a chevy beat, a palio 1.6 or a tastefully modded zen, 1st gen city, a lancer. Any car with character you can associate yourself with (An extension of your own personality).
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Respected bhpians I have ruled out the laura tsi from my preferences as my parents are highly against me buying another skoda after the horrible experience we had with our laura tdi a few years back also as many of you have pointed out it may be a bit too powerful for me Maybe I could consider getting one a few years later thank you all for the good advice. I'd also like to add that I did learn to drive on a vento 1.6TDI which has 105bhp and 250nm of torque I do understand that with great power comes great responsibility and not once have I ever been caught over-speeding or even jumping a light this does not make me a saint but its worth mentioning I guess. I know the general view of an 18 year old college kid is someone who drives rash and has no regard of the law but trust me I am not one of them thats not how I was brought up if I may say so my self. My purpose for buying a car is solely for transport (my college in managalore will be a good 30km round trip sometimes at odd hours) and a bit of fun since I really love driving NOT for showing off or being popular in college. I am currently in junior college and can easily take my car to college but choose not to since it will attract a lot of attention and my college is only 15 mins away on my bicycle.

All things considered I have once again come down to 3 options
1)Polo 1.6
why? Good car has esp airbags abs, disc brakes on all 4 sides( the particular car that I've found) well built ,understated looks,vw service available in both cities(mangalore and mumbai) good mod potential
2)Polo GT TSI
why? same as the 1.6 but a bit more torque and with the boon/bane of an auto box
3)Ford Fiesta 1.6
why? Good safety features, brilliant engine ,slick manual gearbox, s variant looks bonkers with the spoilers skirts etc,good handling, service available

Why I ruled out cars like the swift, brio civic and thar
I really like these cars and have nothing against them but I feel they are cheaply made compared to euro cars in the same price range and not safe for frequent long highway runs like I will be doing. I have seen many pictures in the accidents in india thread( visit this thread quite often to cure the itch too speed) of swifts and hondas crumpling like tin cans and often killing the occupants. The thar is a nice car but jeeps are not really my cup of tea to be honest

I would really like to thank all the bhpians who are helping me make this vital decision really means a lot
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Hey there !!
Congratulations on getting your Driver's License !!

Coming to your question; you haven't mentioned which field you are venturing out to.

To answer your question: (If I was in your shoes)

1. Wait it out. It doesn't hurt for walking around campus and using public transport around the city. You will get a better hang of the college, the city, and the new environment your in. You can even make better friends who would value you and not the car. I would suggust waiting for about 6 months to one year, before you get your own car out to campus.

2. You really need the car. (Whether you are going to stay outside or you cannot adjust to food, whatever the reason maybe) I would recommend the Polo 1.6 MPI which you had in your list. Since it's already modded; good chances you are also going to baby the car. Other options I would recommend is Used Honda Jazz (Spacious), used Ford Figo (Driving Pleasure), used I-gen i20 (Features). A Ford Feista old gen is an amazing car, but finding good peices is very rare. (A good friend of mine bought a second hand Ford Feista 1.6 Petrol with ODO at 1,10,000; he spent close to a lakh restoring the car: Engine rebuild, suspension, tires, clutch plate,etc) I would not recomment any car from the Maruti Suzuki Stable other than the S-Cross and Baleno hatchback. Cars are good, no doubt, but structural integrity. (Just on Saturday night an accident involving a Swift took place on Bangalore-Pune Highway near Nelmangala town, two medical students lost their lives). No Matter how safe we drive, we can never predict what may happen next. Always better to be in a safer car.

I would like to give you my story. I did medicine in Bangalore, and I have just passed out of college two months back. The average course duration is about 6 years. For the first 3 years (2010-2013) I do not have a car and it helped me keep a low profile (Especially since I used to walk around; I found walking faster than waiting for public transport and being stuck in traffic). I finally got a brand-new Honda City VX petrol (top-end trim) in 2014. By that time, I had chosen the company around me very carefully and professors didn't mind me having a City cause most of them had a good rapport with me by then). Since the Honda City was my first car, it showed me a lot of values and responsiblities, especially when the car goes off for service & repairs. And like you I thought a petrol car would do well; I assumed my driving to be less. I crossed 72,500kms (2years 7months) as of now and I have roamed all the 5 southern states of India atleast once

I hope I didn't school you so much, but I just laid down the facts for you to make a better and well informed decission.

P.S. Dont bother much about audio systems; you can upgrade that later

I just saw your latest post.
I would choose the Polo 1.6 MPI which is modded.
The only fly I see is expensive services, spares and repairs.

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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Had I been your dad, I would have bought you a car that is -

- Fun to drive
- Petrol powered
- Small in size
- 4 or 5 star rated in safety
- equipped with a brilliant music system

But then I would also fit a speed governor that limits the top speed to 100 kmph and a GPS tracker to keep an eye on your automotive shenanigans.
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Originally Posted by samaspire View Post
Kids here take their BMWs and Lamborghinis to school.

Originally Posted by Ferrariwell View Post
2)Polo GT TSI (AT)
3)Ford Fiesta 1.6 (MT)
Ferrariwell, I don't know why but you forgot add "a comfortable rear seat" to your preferences and in that regard the Ford Fiesta might be more comfortable than a cramped Polo.
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

I would suggest the Ford EcoSport EcoBoost, and here is why
- It can easily do Mumbai-Mangalore runs when you need to maybe 2-3 times a year
- Its good for the roads you have in and around Suratkal/Manipal
- Its got a good amount of safety kit and is also available in the 'Trend' variant
- The engine is an internationally acclaimed one that proverbially can sit on an A4 sheet of paper
- It would be easy to sell when you decide to move on. I read that as far as resale value goes, it comes second only to the Innova
- You can pimp your ride as per your taste
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Originally Posted by Ferrariwell View Post

1-Must be a petrol car
2-Must be fun to drive
4-Should have basic features like power windows and a basic stereo
6-Would prefer a manual
7-Should have good mod potential
8-Must be reliable
9- ABS and airbags
If above points is what you are looking for, then BALENO SIGMA variant fits the bill. It is very cheap to buy.
Being basic variant, there is lots to play around with saved cash.

Being a Maruti and that too a popular one, you are bound to get strong resale value.

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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Originally Posted by silverado View Post
If above points is what you are looking for, then BALENO SIGMA variant fits the bill. It is very cheap to buy.
Being basic variant, there is lots to play around with saved cash.

Being a Maruti and that too a popular one, you are bound to get strong resale value.
+1 to the Baleno Sigma. It comes with a VFM pricetag, a good power to weight ratio , 2 airbags and ABS are standard across the range. Plus you get new car warranty.
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Originally Posted by 300 KMPH View Post

I'm 20 years old with around 8-9k of driving experience.
You are 20 years old and your profile says you are a member since 2007 in Team BHP. So, you became a member here at the age of 10-11 years?. Wow. That's a terrific thing to become a member of this forum at a tender age.
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

My two cents. I am 22 right now and so can easily relate to your dilemma.

Here are my suggestions -

1. Honda Brio

- Excellent rear visibility. Easy to park. Something important for a newbie.
- 88PS and weight <1000kgs gives it a P/W ratio of around 100!!
- Enough power to excite you but not enough to crash it
- Easy to maneuver through traffic. Light steering.
- ABS and Airbags are available.

Many BHPians have taken it on long road trips and it has proved to be reliable. I do agree with you on the cheap components used, but the new Brio seems to have better interiors. A good tyre upgrade and you have an affordable hot hatch.

2. Polo GT TSI

- A personal favorite. Comes loaded with equipment.
- The gearbox is lovely. I drove it from Nashik to Mumbai and IT WAS FUN.
- German engineering
- Highway performance is impressive.

No doubt the TSI is a beast. However, the on-road price comes to a steep 10.5L in Mumbai. If money is no concern, this is one good car.

Not suggesting any Sedans as a newbie might find it difficult to park it etc.
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Originally Posted by navin View Post
Small exaggeration . Not everyone but a select few do. By school I meant college - late teens, early twenties. There is one Lambo that is driven by a young man (Google it) and a few BMWs among other high end brands. Mangaloreans love their cars and there is probably at least one of every car sold in India, in Mangalore. It was the land of the modded Lancers in the late 90s.

Basically what I meant to convey was that nobody would think negatively of someone bringing a car to college, as someone had doubted previously.
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

Originally Posted by samaspire View Post
There is one Lambo that is driven by a young man (Google it)
Is this the last Gallardo that was sold in India? The yellow Bicolore?
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Default Re: First Car for an 18 year old?

As a 19 year college student I would also like to share my views and suggestions. I do not mean to offend any member but after reading this thread I feel that people seem to underestimate a young person's driving skills; some members are suggesting hatchbacks because "it is easy to park and live with" and some are suggesting a 100bhp cap in your choices. You have mentioned that you learnt how to drive in a diesel vento, so I personally think power or size would not be a problem.

I also strongly disagree with the opinion of some that driving a low powered car at it's limits is more fun than driving a higher powered car, fast. I have done most of my driving in a 1.4l Chevrolet Aveo and I wouldn't like to take it anywhere close to its limits; because I believe it is the ease of getting to speed and closing gaps in traffic without stressing the car which matters more. Now before someone pounces at me for the aveo being underpowered, I would also like to mention that the other car I drive is a iVtec Honda City ( i think everyone here knows how capable the engine is) and maybe it's just me but I wouldn't say my speed is any higher in the city than it is in the aveo, but what I enjoy is getting to that speed in a relaxed manner, with less effort on the accelerator and at lower RPMs.

Basically what I'm getting at is that a person who drives fast, will drive in the same style whether it is a 90 bhp swift or a 140 bhp laura, and vice versa with a slow light footed driver.

As for car suggestions go, if I were in your place I would shortlist down to a used accord/civic/ivtec city, used laura petrol, new diesel swift/ baleno, new figo diesel, new i20 diesel; simply from the combination of fun to drive + comfort view.
I read that you do not like Hondas and Hyundais but I think you would partially or wholly agree that a euro car is much more time and effort in terms of service and long term reliability. I think a previous gen fiesta or figo is just too dated for 2016/2017. Also at a personal level I think the polo except the tsi is unimpressive because of the lack of space, but then again long term reliability is questionable...
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