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Old 26th May 2020, 09:58   #76
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Originally Posted by Axe77 View Post
I know its a cliche, but 2 wheels genuinely move the soul in a way that's hard to describe.

You could easily buy a bike that gets you much more thrills than a 675 (a low used ZX 10R can be had for 12 - 13 lakh), a used RS for less than 9.5 lakh
And only a biker can understand that! If S1000RR is pointless on road whether the ZX-10R would actually do justice is to be tested with that frame of mind. In all the comments that I see, ZX-10R is a strong recommendation from the guys here and I've kind of started to give it a thought. Why? Because i can fit in a nice premium car in the balance money. RS is not an upgrade frankly who smokes the 675.

Originally Posted by Cyborg View Post
Honestly Amey from your writing; you are doing your best to sell yourself the S1000RR
You guessed it right. Its my dream. But if I buy the S1000RR; I would never sell it. Its treasure!

Originally Posted by surjaonwheelz View Post
My personal suggestion would be to give sufficient time and research to look for a pre-owned one.
Haha! Thanks Surja. Fingers crossed! I would definitely look at preowned deals.

Originally Posted by amoghchaphalkar View Post
Gift yourself the bike you want when you gift your son the car he wants.
I don't have a son.

Originally Posted by Monaro CV8 View Post
So, Amey.

To further woo you in, let me remind you how you look on a S1000RR.
You just can't hold up the archives can you? First Sujay and now you, whatever you dig up, you'll most probably find me on the S1000RR.

Originally Posted by TheCelestial View Post
Dude your mind is made up. Just buy the S1000RR otherwise you will just keep regretting it.
Thanks Celestial. The first statement you made is very important. What if I don't buy it, will I regret? I don't know for now but which is why I'm taking the head-start now and digging out all the possibilities so that I don't repend later.

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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

While the S1000RR is one of my favourite bikes, it is also pretty much pointless for road riding, pretty much everywhere except on the Autobahn. Even there, there are speed limits in places which can be easily exceeded by the ZX6R, so maybe it is kind of pointless. The Striple 675 is a great bike. I would say if you are truly bored of it, trade it in for the new Striple RS, but, really, I would just buy a nice 330i/530i/530D use it for some good road trips and then look at changing the bike. Striple is a great bike, maybe add a ZX6R and a premium car. The litre class super sports are just too powerful to have serious fun on our roads. If you want the torque, even the z900 will give you that with oodles of fun.

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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Originally Posted by Amey Kulkarni View Post

You guessed it right. Its my dream. But if I buy the S1000RR; I would never sell it. Its treasure!

There are only a handful of people in this world who have managed to "never sell" a German automobile. My two cents- If it's for a lifetime, it gotta be Japanese.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

I think if you have to ask this question then you have pretty much decided that it is going to be the car.

Superbikes are nowhere safe or logical choices. No one can ever justify buying one, at least I dont think so. Having bought 2 sportsbikes in 2 years and sold one of them, you would be surprised if you saw my car. Its a base version Ford Figo Petrol!

For me the choice was always clear. I would never get the same thrills in a premium car (even a fast one) than I would in a bike. I am 32.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Originally Posted by Amey Kulkarni View Post
You guessed it right. Its my dream. But if I buy the S1000RR; I would never sell it. Its treasure
Your dilemma and confusion makes me want to write to you again and again Amey

I am frankly surprised by the comments on your thread, a lot coming from current riders owning different bikes. There are bikers and car people, itís impossible to make a car person think like a biker does and vice-versa. Practical, impractical, itís also a perception which is decided by which side of the fence a person is on. Going by the practical side nobody can do justice to most of the high performance bikes or cars in the market today if you only think of the top speeds - period! This is especially true in the Indian context.

Itís high time for people to stop thinking like this bike or that (applies to any car as well) will go to this speed or that. Itís not only about speed, itís the feel, the characteristics, the handling, the way she makes the speed or masks the speed, in short the soul of the bike which connects to the rider, like the S1000RR (in your case) which makes the heart go boom boom. Itís highly individual and like one persons food, is another persons poison.

Your heart and soul seem to be branded by the S1000RR and no other bike including the ZX10R will ever satisfy the yearning, donít kid yourself by that. The money you spend on anything else will never make you happy when you look at anything else parked at your place or when you ride it. You will regret that decision for sure.

The only happy ending in your case would be to buy an S1000RR. Make yourself happy, you will only pass thru this stage of life once.

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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Keep it Simple.
I voted for Premium Car, read Electric Car.
Thats the future.
Save your money.
Enjoy the Street Triple at the moment.
Evaluate your feelings, maybe after couple of months.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Superbike - Anyday.

No matter how practical the thought of buying a Car may be, but a Bike is a Bike .... No Match

And the budget you are considering brings you the Best in the World.

s1000 rr - 30lakhs means ur considering the M version (carbon fibre),will be one of its kind even in a city like Pune.

I would any day have a superbike .
Four wheels move the body , two wheels move the soul.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Here's a new video from good friend Shumi on buying a big bike

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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Take it from someone whose had a liter class for over a decade, after a couple of years (if not earlier) of novelty the S1000 RR (especially in Maharashtra or any other state without racetrack access) will mostly be restricted to the Sunday morning blasts more than anything else.

At 35 I am certain you have more responsibilities than enjoying a Sunday morning at full whack on the throttle of a mad mad machine! Don't get me wrong here, I still do the occasional Sunday morning rides but at speeds I could even do on a KTM and that is exactly why I do not see the point in over investing hard earned money for marginally better returns.

Originally Posted by Amey Kulkarni View Post
and now the pre-owned Triumph Street Triple 675 2016 with a cumulative of almost a Lakh Kms on saddle.
Considering you have a motorcycle that is as much fun as you can get on two wheels for the most part in India I would straight away address the car upgrade right now. Get something perceived to be a lot safer and a lot more premium that you and your family can enjoy a lot more than a race bred motorcycle in the city. With a budget like yours you can be looking at some seriously good cars such as the Superb, C Class, Harrier, Innova Crysta, Endeavour, etc. depending on your sedan v/s suv preferences and I'm not even looking at the used car deals just yet.

All of these with good upkeep would easily last you 8-10 years depending on usage whilst you can always plan a parallel upgrade to a used newer motorcycle with 5 - 7 lacs in exchange over the street 675 and suit your then newly acquired taste in motorcycles, probably a highway cruiser, adventure tourer, etc.

P.S. If you still must have a liter class motorcycle and are open to options, I would agree with most folks here on the ZX-10R (way more bang for the buck) and save the balance amount for the car upgrade, this way or that I would definitely expect a serious car upgrade to the Ertiga from someone who can budget for a 30 lac motorcycle.

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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Just to give you a perspective of my riding buddy who has a 675R and is gobsmacked post a session on a 10R.

While a 675 can not be compared with a liter, we all know, a 675 too can thrill you. What he did is, he has changed his front springs and now has Andreani full system cartridge.

Waiting for it to arrive and lockdown to end so that we can get a feel to it.

And like I said earlier, if you think you can use the BMW the way it is meant for and the 675 now doesn't cut-in, please go ahead.
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Voted for the Premium Car!

If I were you, I would hold on to the 675 and get a Superb/Endeavor or probably a Kodiaq
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Great thread and it is an enviable predicament to be in.
When I voted, it was a no-brainer for me, I voted for the superbike. This is coming from a 42 odd year old.

Premium cars never excite me as much as superbikes do. Even if I had the money, I do not see myself buying one of the German big three marquee or other high performance cars.

If people feel that one will not be able to extract the full potential of the superbikes on our roads, then the same applies for the luxury cars.

The only good thing going for the luxury car option is that the family might be pleased and there is a bit more of more frequently visible and usable snob value. However, if you have these bases covered with a decent car already in your garage and if not concerned about snob value, plus if you are a biker at heart then have no hesitation in getting your dream superbike.

Age is of no concern when riding a superbike with a committed posture. I have seen plenty of younger ones struggle on sports bikes, with wrist and back pains and lot of people of my age and older who are quite comfortable on sports bike.

This is my take on it. These things are quite subjective. If your heart is set on the S1000RR and if you can afford it, then go for it. Lastly, if I may add, do not compromise and go for a Zx10R or something else, if your heart is set on the S1000. You will regret it if you do. However, if you are considering the new Daytona...then I might change that advice.

No time like the present time.

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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Hands down I'd vote for a pre-owned F10 530d LCI, F30 330i (or even the G20 330i if you happen to come across a good condition TD car). If you want to go where no one has ever gone before, then 3.2L Endeavour is your best friend, fast, reliable, not-so-expensive to run. Might as well have a look some used X3s and X5s. Well, coming to bikes, I don't have any value to add as I never learnt to ride one and my feet don't touch the ground ��

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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

I'd keep it short and sweet.
Get the premium car now, enjoy the car since your current fleet is not a drivers fleet really. God knows maybe you'll start loving the experience. But, make sure to get something exciting to drive!
Scratch that bike itch 5 yrs down the line. Family will be happy, and you'd be much closer to the real mid-life where you'd probably need the litre class bike more ..just to feel young maybe!
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Default Re: Superbike or a Premium car at the age of 35?

Voted for premium car.

You already have a premium bike which is super powerful. Litre class is a pleasure of possession machine and not safe to put that power down to the tarmac even if one is a very skilled rider like you are.

Better option would be to keep the Street Triple and get a pre-owned premium car. Later you can consider an upgrade to either a ZX10R or a Ninja 1000 depending on how your heart feels. Personally speaking, spending 30l on S1000RR is a risky proposition, but then this is subjective and depends on individual preference.

Another suggestion would be to hold any purchase till mid of FY 2021-22 until which time the Covid-19 impact may have recovered and things start getting back to normal.

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