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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Given the requirements and the fact that the car would be chauffeur driven you should seriously consider the XL6

We were in a similar purchase scenario recently to choose a vehicle for our Mom and chose the XL6 after looking at every possible car up to the Crysta

I never quite liked the looks of XL6 and had entered the showroom with minimal expectations. I was blown away by the practicality on offer and it ticked most of the boxes that one should keep in mind while purchasing a vehicle for the elderly, especially with extensive city usage

- Easy Ingress/Egress
- High seating position
- Excellent space in the middle row
- Great Visibility
- Decent Drive ability even if self driven

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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Originally Posted by IshaanIan View Post
Do please consider a used Nissan Teana. Connect with other bhpians from Bombay to find out a good independent garage to keep it maintained. Your dad will thank you endlessly.

New cars that are comfortable and suit tall people would be the WagonR, Jazz, City and if you can stretch the budget, a Corolla
I donít think a Teana would be reliable long term, due to its weak automatic transmission, not to mention if itís not been well maintained by the current owner to begin with. If he should consider a car from that segment, heíd rather buy a used Camry, what say? Your other options are wise though.
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Pre-owned: Corolla would be ideal - the rear seat has the perfect height unlike the city and others (easier ingress as they age), and good headroom too. You could get within warranty, low run examples in your budget.

New: Hyundai Creta / Kia Seltos; and in the sedan space there arent many exciting options that would have a great backseat for a 6' especially when upgrading from the ciaz.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

I would suggest you go for the Yaris, I know itís a flop model. But itís reliable, spare availability will be easy, after-sales will be unmatched and has a decent engine if not the best. Also the rear protruding armrest has been removed. Has air con vents on the roof which I find have better functionality than those placed right at your knees.

G CVT fits your budget and V CVT dual tone is some more thousands but you will be able to get a decent discount on them! If manual is your requirement then there is the V MT dual tone perfectly in your budget.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Originally Posted by 1.2TSI7DSG View Post
Due to COVID, age & his health, my dad will finally hang up his shoes by March 21. Mom & Dad stay in Mumbai while I stay in Hyderabad.

Hence, we will require a car to be kept in Mumbai even for occasional usage. It will be mainly chauffer driven and occasionally be driven by dad - back seat comfort for a 6 ft is a must; automatic is a bonus. Running will not be higher than 10 k a year with occasional trips to Pune- highway safety becomes a must.

Budget around 15 lakhs is doable.

My head inclines to Yaris / Honda City despite being a fan of European machines.

My honest advice, if you want a hassle free low maintenance cost car that will last for 10+ years for your dad while being safe and very reliable, go for a Honda or a Toyota eyes closed..
For your requirement that would be the best, I mean the best choice for your Dad
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A pre-owned Corolla, Camry or Innova Crysta makes more sense in my mind. In your budget finding a good unmolested vehicle from the above three shouldn't be difficult.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

If you have a healthy budget of 15 Lakhs then go for the new Honda City CVT.

Replace the Ciaz as it's almost 5 years done and has crossed 95k. Let the gentlemen drive around in a new sedan which has a proven reliability record. Honda City 1.5 CVT petrol is the one.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Given the age and that you're mentioning your dad requires a car for post retirement. I believe you'll retain the car for another 5 years, by then your dad would be around 65 years old I suppose. I would say you to get a car which would be easy for him to ingress or egress. Possibly a vehicle with higher stance would help him out. I would suggest to go for Seltos IVT or Brezza AMT. Or retain the Ciaz till he gets bored of it and look out for electric vehicles which might hit the markets soon!
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Well looking at the present car which your dad uses i.e. ciaz and mostly chauffeur driven then i guess a good sedan will be best option comfort-wise. The budget is around 15 lakhs then the best option is new Honda City or the new Hyundai Verna. Both cars will be sheer comfort but Verna will have added features like paddle shifters in AT etc for driving comfort aswell. I think its important that if you are buying a new car then your dad must go for a test ride whether its a sedan or a SUV.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Originally Posted by 1.2TSI7DSG View Post
The whole point of not keeping the Ciaz is the potential niggles after a 5 year 1lakh km run.
I am just curious as to what issues you have faced in your current ciaz. Is it a diesel shvs or the petrol?

If you insist on a new car, please don't look any further than the new honda city ZX ivtec. Seltos and Creta are no comparison to the city when it comes to back seat comfort and ride quality.

Another great choice is the S-Cross. Reliable, spacious, comfortable, well built and safe.

Guys suggesting verna, the cramped rear seat is a punishment for someone who is used to the ciaz.

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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

When we started the search , it was clear my dad wanted a SUV , having driven a LC most of life , in Oman , we were sure he wont settle for a sedan or a hatch .

We looked at the following cars and his one word/one line remarks

GT TSI - Too Cramped
Verna AT - Too Low
Jeep Compass AT - BIg Grin , I want ( But I refused cuz am a fiat fan boy and I know how they treat you at the ASS )
Hexa XTA - Truck , too big
Mahindra XUV AT - This is also BIG
Scorpio AT - BIG bouncy .
All Maruti Cars - NOOOOOOOOO
Honda City - LIked it but was too low for him ingress-egress is not the easiest when your lower body doesn't have as much strength .
Creta AT( Diesel ) - Booked and Bought
Octavia - AT - LOooooved it
He did mention and still mentions the annoying engine noise . Cuz he drove a Petrol Land Cruiser most of his life .

The next year I bought a Nexon XZA + and he loved the silent engine .

and the following year i looked at all our consideration set and jotted down the following points .

He wanted a
-Electronic Seat adjustment
-Reach and Rake on steering .
-Plush feeling inside ( i assumed because he loved the Skoda interiors )

I wanted for him
-Six Airbags
-GPS traceable - connected car
-Plush interiors , read , beige or white ( picked up from his grin after the compass and octavia test drives )

And after the nexon we bought

'The Seltos'

And now I think we've gotten a SUV that meets all our criteria . We got him the Seltos GT DCT .
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

If ingress/egress is not an issue, then the City / Altis is the way to go. I don't think it should be since neither are the textbook definition of 'low-slung', just that they're sedans and not a CUV. Do check in person. If you've seen the reviews, you'd have noticed how everyone is all praise for the rear seat in the City (even more spacious than the Corolla!). You'd be able to pick up a ZX M/T or VX CVT (Based on if you really need that A/T. Both of these have 6 airbags) below 16L.

If you want to look at the Altis, look for the VL CVT from the 2016 model year onwards. They updated it with 7 airbags. It was facelifted in 2017 with the LED headlamps and a slightly revised dashboard.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to find a low run Camry Hybrid (other than 2014/2015 examples) under 20L. It would have been perfect to be chauffeur driven in.

I'd say Japanese is the only way to go if you want a fuss free experience for 10 years or more (We had a 2005 City till the 2019 Kerala floods sank her and service was great!). My personal experience with Hyundai (A 2010 i20 Asta(O) 1.2) has not been too good with service getting really expensive after 5 years of ownership (lots of suspension/steering work) and sudden, really ungainly wear and tear of interior parts after it hit the 8 year mark. The perceived quality has improved a lot in newer vehicles but I can't comment on long term.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

The Petrol Honda City is the car for him. It is classy, convenient, comfortable, reliable, safe and long lasting. If your father doesn't have to tackle bad roads then I suppose the City ticks all the boxes for the elderly.

The Ciaz might appear to be a reasonable choice to stick with at the moment but it will always remain a step behind city in almost all aspects. Moreover, in a few years time, being a maruti, it will show early signs of aging. If it is a diesel Ciaz then you also have take into account the potential 10 year rule being implemented by the government in the near future.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Originally Posted by PrasannaDhana View Post

Another great choice is the S-Cross. Reliable, spacious, comfortable, well built and safe.
I own one, and unless have fixed the absence of rear AC vents it is a no-go for exclusive rear seat usage.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

I would say we are in the same situation - sr. citizen parents, dad 6 feet tall and car enthusiast.
We have SX4 from last 11 years with 45000 on ODO and though the experience has been hassle free, we are looking to let it go before its really too late and get some new experience.
Apart from SX4, we recently got Grand i10 Sportz AT which has become his darling off late and the car which he wont hand it to any one

With C segment sedans, the major problem that they face is low sitting and difficult ingress egress which means Honda CITY which is ideal in all ways is ticked out (can be a small compromise) and so is Hyundai Verna. Vento & Rapid might still be manageable but servicing issues with latter is a hit or miss and we want to excuse them from the ordeal.

In that sense, SX4 is technically an SUV with its amazing ground clearance

What we are looking at

a) Hyundai Creta or Kia Seltos AT - This may get a little to high GC for mom for inegress but she needs to experience it once and Covid has been deal breaker. At the same time 18-19 big one's on the car that is going to predominantly driven by chauffeur is not convincing esp. since the total run wont be more than 2000-3000 KM per year

b) TATA Nexon AT - While we love this well composed car, ingress egress for rear is bit of a problem as doors are wide and seats are a little front and hence you don't enter as easily as you do in a sedan. we find similar issue with VW Ameo as well. Any one else felt the same ?

c) Hyundai Venue or Kia Sonet - Awaiting TD but not at the moment.

With respect to AT - we are not looking for AMT, CVT and hence this makes choice difficult as its only TQ or DCT/DSG.

I would recommend you high ground clearance car and let your parents walk in and see how they feel - they already drove sedan so it would be a good experience to drive crossover
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