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Old 18th February 2021, 04:08   #61
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

I would recommend you to go for the city. It meets your requirements right and is supremely comfortable. Also, it will provide you with a reliable and fuss free ownership for years to come.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

City is thousand times better than Seltos. Comfort, space and precise handling is no match for Seltos.

NA petrol engine of Honda is one of the best for linear power delivery, smoothness and power.

The only drawback of City is ground clearance that can be easily solved by upsize tyres.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

Being partial towards sedans, my vote would go to the City. But considering the fact that increased ground clearance creates a sense of certainty and peace of mind in not hitting any humps should be a major factor in your buying decision.

I've lost track of the number of times my buttocks have clenched in anticipation of an underbody hit while going over a suspiciously tall looking hump.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

To me, it is City all the way.

City is reliable, comfortable, fun to drive, full of features and has excellent track record of customer satisfaction. The recent reports of defects, quality issues and KIA's lazy approach in addressing customer complaints, just reinforces my trust on the City.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

Congratulations Gallardo_17!

You have made the right choice and keep us updated.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

A proud owner of 5th Gen City ZX CVT for a month (and 1.5k km) now. Very smooth and comfortable car and definitely feels well built from the outside. Compared to Seltos, interiors feel lighter and there are some random rattles when pressed in the center console or AC buttons. GC is definitely better than 4th Gen in real terms and I haven't bottomed out even with 5 onboard on reasonable roads and Bangalore "hill size" humps.
I'm particularly liking the"lane watch camera" - dead useful in city driving.

Even the fuel efficiency is quite good, city mileage on normal "D" mode shows ~13-14 and Highway is well over 17. If you're looking for a simple no-nonsense comfortable cruiser, City is a no brainer.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

We have been using various generation Honda City and Jazz since 2011 and would vouch for the reliability of the car. But one consistent issue I have with Honda is rattles and their sheet metal. The body would invariably start to rust and the number of rattles would drive someone with OCD nuts.

I am driving a Feb'17 Creta which has done some 180xxx kms in 4 years and my wife's City has done about 50k in 4 years. Honda rattles like a kid's toy vs the Creta.

Honda is for sure a reliable car but the quality of sheet metal and rattles is something you would have to live with if you intent to keep it for 7-8 years.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

Originally Posted by Gallardo_17 View Post
Big Dilemma

2. City 2020

Intro - Looks elegant and feels premium. The car drives like a breeze and puts a smile on my face
There, case closed !
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

Great to see this post as I have recently booked Seltos IVT HTX with waiting period of 3+ months. Very detailed post clearly highlighting the priorities, reality and the choices.

I used to own New Honda City since 2014 until 2015 without any issues though I had way under utilised it. BTW, my Honda City was having low clearance issues in our bumpy roads where I kept hitting the speed bumps, this they told due to highly responsive suspension than due to low clearance which I am not sure, if it is the case.

My wife categorically rejected City again. Hence I was looking very closely at S-Cross, Sonet, Urban Cruiser, Nexon, Creta, Magnite, Eco Sport Titanium, i20 Sports, Verna....of course boring Honda W-RV.

Except Kia, Honda, Maruthi, Toyota rest of them didn't even bother to respond to my online enquiry and even my calls.

CRETA SX(O) automatic was really sexy inside but way too expensive and clearly out of budget. Verna looked fantastic but backside tall people finding it difficult as you hit the ceiling, i20 was awesome but clearly doesn't justify its price for the automatic fully loaded one.

I would have liked to see similar cars from Tata, Nissan Renault, Ford but they were clearly not interested in sales in my case.

Urban Cruiser was awesome but I felt for its size it is bit expensive but otherwise it was a great one.

Before choosing Seltos, I was very much interested only in Sonet GTX Automatic which was loeaded with everything though it was slightly expensive but justified with Bose, UVO, leather interiors, touch screen etc...

But finally the legs space in the back seat was not good enough for my son who clearly was not happy with the leg room hence we had to grudgingly reject Sonet and go after ₹17+L worth Seltos.

The drive and handling was smooth, breaks were good, really large inside though not street filling like Innova which gave me enough confidence in city road handling. Only disappointment is Music System without Sub woofer (not sure if Arkamys allows a subwoofer fitting separately), Wireless Charging (though this is not a deal breaker wirelessly connecting to the car audio system while charging wirelessly will make your life easier than keep inserting into ports).

Awaiting delivery in a few months

Good luck with your decision, City or Seltos you can't go wrong either way!
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

I have owned 3 Honda City’s and currently own a 2018 Amaze and 3rd Gen City. Have never experienced any unusual rattles from Honda cars. In fact my fluidic verna was the most disappointing experience having developed rattles after only 3 years of ownership. So unless Honda’s quality has gone really down go for the city.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

Congratulations Gallardo_17! Honda City is classy. I'm owning a Honda Amaze CVT Petrol for the past two years and I'm in love with the niggle free ride that Honda cars provide. In these past two years, apart from the periodic maintenance, the car has an never troubled me with any issues whatsoever. You won't be regretting your decision as you have made the right one.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

Hi Gallarado 17,

quite an interesting quandary you find yourself in, i was exactly in the same situation in early december 2020 when i made my choice.

although at the onset of my post, i will try to answer or give suggestion outisde of the brackets you have drawn.

i test drove both City Auto and Kia Seltos auto (both fuel variants). The kia diesel automatic (HtK i think) was a good car, good torque, well drawn gear ratios, and i was interested in buying the car. the petrol DCT was way too expensive, but good to drive.

The Diesel auto variant had rather inferior interiors, features were not upto the mark. then were the unknowns, new car, thin service network, rather odd sales team handling of inquiries, and no history in India. Overall was not inspiring confidence.

We then focussed on City Zx CVT, really nice plush car, very comfy to accommodate 5 adults without any issue. had a good mix of features (although not everything that Verna top variant and gets). the one major dampner is the cvt. it becomes so loud when u press the gas, seems as if someone is shouting of asphyxiation.

i also testdrove the 2 european mid size sedans, rapid and vento, good cars excellent feel, road grip but the cars felt stripped down, dull inside. The rear seat not as roomy and as comfy as the city.

So after all the search and reading and test drives, i settled for the Honda, reasons were the same as lit of others have mentioned in their posts and also that my wife was head over heels for the Honda and she will be using the car so her choice and satisfaction as a driver was also a major factor in the decision.

However, the driver in me was not satisfied with the City completely, so i got the tyres changed to a wider 195 section, have got the car dampened.... and that had completely changed the car- seems way more quieter (on our not so good roads), softer and plush.

The CVT is still something that i dont like (my father calls it 4 wheeler activa &#128521 but reliability wise, i would still lean there compared to the new overpriced kia dct.

hope this helps u decide, else hold your horses, honda is planning a new SUV in the saltos- creta space.

Just another curve ball, did u try the nissan kicks auto? seems a very powerfull engine also used in the Mercedes c130 models.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

I'm guessing you already understood what tbhp's opinions are with the poll results

I would have recommended the seltos if it wasn't for that absolute shocker of a crash test result.

Absolutely no way I can recommend that car to anyone now. I feel bad that I recommended a couple of mates to go ahead with it and I feel responsible for them now.

Out of the two, City anyday.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

Originally Posted by vsbabu View Post
I own a Seltos, though Diesel AT top end. For the budget, Id definitely go for City. You get much better safety and feature set; whole lot more drive comfort on both rows of seats and better mileage and transmission. While Seltos looks nice, City looks elegant (well, subjective opinion). Only pain points I could see are length and inability to carry longer stuff like kids cycles
Actually we want our new car to be able to carry a couple of bicycles so we can go out of town and ride a bike. We felt a sedan is better suited for this with bike rack mounts. You get them in amazon. In fact those mounts fit an SUV as well, but then the mount may scratch the rear windshield/wiper. Not on a sedan.
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Default Re: Kia Seltos vs Honda City

Here in US KIA is looked upon as a cheaper alternative for Korean and Japanese counterparts. A neighbor who works at a big dealership which deals with multiple brands told me the cars have more issues in the long term as compared to something like Honda, Nissan or Mazda. Can't go wrong with City. Good luck My girlfriend is a Honda fangirl, drives a Civic Type R and we have a City back home, so I'm kinda biassed
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