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Default Confused on Diesel Car Purchase

Hi TBhpians,
Im a college student, 21 yrs old and a newbie on this fantastic forum.
We currently own a NHC Zx Gxi and a Zen 97 (Carb) . The Zen has been running on CNG for the past two years and has served us well without any trouble for the past 10-11 years. Since the past 6 months the vehicle has started giving trouble and the condition of the vehicle is not good, basically its life seems to be getting over ( 1,40,000 Kms). It needs a replacement.
The new car should be a diesel as daily running is more than 60 kms plus the rising fuel prices make the diesel a more viable option.
Petrol( or CNG ) is out of question.
The cars shortlisted are :-
Safari 2.2 lx 4x2( Shortlisted by me, But Dad thinks otherwise)
Indigo CS Dicor
Swift diesel
Palio 1.3 Multijet
As you may have noticed the choices are from three different segments.
The car should be spacious,must have an efficient A/c,should give decent fuel efficiency.Parking is not a problem .
Budget is around 5 lakhs ( in case we are not going for the safari).
So Gurus help me out. Your suggestions would be very valuable in taking a decision.

PS: Any suggestions for convincing my Dad to buy a Safari would be more than welcome.
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If Swift Diesel is within your budget, and you are prepared for the wait period, why look at any other car at all?
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@ Turbo- It would be simpler if you could give details like how much % will the car be driven in highways/city. The Swift VDI would be the best bet for you. But it will surely pass the 5 lac budget. I guess its somewhere around 5.5-5.75 OTR. Try inquiring for the wait period.
If your driving is on highway mostly then Safari would be a good option
but i dunno how to suggest to convince your dad.
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well since you can stretch your budget upto a safari. IMO the safari isnt a good choice now since its almost at the end of its lifespan.

look at the getz crdi. it has more space than the swift, gives good mileage, its built well and it has a stonker of an engine.
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Your budget is more than 5 lakh if you consider the Safari. So, the Swift or the Safari are the 2 quality alternatives I see in your short list. Two very different vehicles. Swift gives you economy and some degree of comfort and is fun to drive. Safari gives you a main battle tank and safety and good comfort on the highway. It may have some nagging niggly things go wrong with it judging from posts I read on this site. Swift has the better build quality between these 2 I think. Either is a good choice. Good luck!
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If you want even better build quality, the palio it will be. Unless you will graduate and then resale will happen. else go ahead with the palio unless its the VDI+ABS.
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My two cents:
Indigo CS Dicor for VFM/ space. Swift D for every thing else. Fiat Multijet costs roughly the same as the Indigo CS, has a good engine and build quality but is at the last stages of its life cycle. Fiat cars have a below par resale value as well.
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I'am not able to make out frm our thread whether you are interested in Sedan / Hatch.

If you are looking for Sedan, only Indigo cs dicor/tdi is the option in your budget. But if it is hatch, then, it should be
1) Swift (if you are OK with some niggling issues and space inside is not good either). FE yes.
2) Getz CRDi - The space, power and handling is better than swift. But it will not fall in your budget.
3) Palio MJD: The A** is not so great in this and the resale is also a big question. But the car is good.
4) Indigo with MJD engine: Yet to be released. This may have all the ingredents you are looking into and may fall within your budget.

I'am not sure how much time you can wait for the car. As if you want to go for swift, it sure has a waiting period of 2~3 months minimum. I'am not sure about Noida/Delhi.

TD all the aboev shortlisted cars and then zero down on it.

But if you want to go in for Safari then it is different game altogether. Its really is a beast. There are many satisfied owners in this forum itself. You can easily take the plunge. But the budget, you need to stretch twice the sum you have mentioned above.
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I think Indigo CS Dicor suits your requirements . Its spacious, gives good milage and is very good on the highways too.

A. S. S. may not be as good as others.
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The Swift diesel
Reliable maruti services, cheap spare costs and even a good car
Add Pete's and you have a beast !
Go for it because as you have mentioned the safari, i dont think it will be out of your budget.
Or else you have the swift dzire too as an option
consider that if you want boot space as well!
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Default My two cents

Swift diesel uses an engine called light weight Common rail diesel engine. These engines wear out very fast. Hence in the short term you might experience fuel efficiency but in the long term is not very economical.

I will not delve into the Safari zone because you are yet to convince your dad on that and I don't have any suggestions for that.

Fiat Multi Jet is an excellent technology. It is a car to own for the long-term. Dont worry about after-sales service as it is now backed by Tata and they are not the kind of guys to change business ties and policies everyday. My experience with Tata Motors though had initial hiccups, is extremely satisfactory.

Indigo dicor is certainly value for money car, economical to own and my comments above for Tata Service apply.

You decide
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I suggest Safari your family will be very happy with the comfrot it offers. Drive with speeds 60-80kmph you won't feel body roll as well and very comfy ride!

NHC can be used in City and Safari on highway. Safari has its own niggles but thats how TATA vehicles are, good thing is they are improving day by day and by now they are almost there to produce quality products.

If you stick to hatch and If you people are with average tall Getz is good choice, onething I didn't like in Getz low seating make uncomfortable for tall people. Td and check out how comfortable you are in Getz. My next choice is Palio Diesel.

Swift and Indigo CS is not good choice according to me when compared with other products in simialr segment.


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why not the logan Diesel ?
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Palio MJD > Getz CRDi > Fiesta TDCi > Verna TDCi
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IMO, go for the swift if possible. You can also look at Palio MJD. It has the same engine as in Swift D. However make sure that you have a good dealer in your vicinity.

You have mentioned this car as replacement of Zen which was running on CNG, so I have assumed that this car will also be doing duty in city.

If the car is going to be used for carrying passengers over higways, then go for Indigo CS. This car has good everything you need and can take more luggage than Swift and Palio.

If you are able to convince your dad, then also look at Innova and Verna Diesel.
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