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Default SUV Vs. Sedan Vs Hold Back

Though Iíve never voiced my opinions much, Iíve been an avid follower of all the posts of t-bhp for a few years now. Feels great to be a part of such a great community. Nowís the time to ask your guys for a solution for my dilemma.

Been driving since 16 (hope no cops around ), for around 11 years now. Started off with the Omni, then a 800 , then an Indica (pre V2) diesel and now a Palio D which is almost 5 years old now. Love the car, for its never aging looks, amazing handling and a wonderful diesel engine (at least when compared to its peers and not the CRDIs). Have many memorable experiences with my Palio, of long highway trips, fast swooping corners when the car behaves as if it was born to do that, amazing ride even on brittle, pot holed roads and especially the solid tank like feel.

The car has started to show its age now and I feel itís about time to bid it good bye. But never had any major issues or wallet busting expenses on my Palio yet and the car is still reliable and pretty much okay.
I take occasional road trips, driven to Goa from Chennai, several destinations in Karnataka and Kerala. BUT 90% of my driving is within the city. I know you guys would suggest a petrol car, but, i really love the torque of a diesel which no petrol car can provide and I prefer short term cheap fuel bills (to the long term maintenance costs which equalize the cheaper fuel bills)

The Dilemma:
Iíve been developed a romance for SUVís lately. Been impressed with the acres of space, the high stance and the road presence of an SUV.
Having driven compact cars for all this while, I feel that I feel a need for change to break the monotony of a sedan/hatch back. But I also fear the things that I love in cars, the performance, good handling and ride may not be available in an SUV.

I also feel that now is the time for an SUV, and probably when I change my vehicle again, say in another 4-5 years from now, I would be a little too old for a macho SUV

Option 1:
Tata Safari EX/VX : Been eyeing this for a while, though itís got mixed reactions in the forum, I believe itís a competent, no nonsense, easy to maintain SUV.

I test drove one recently, LOVED the space, the creature comforts inside. HATED the gear shift where for each gear shift, the stick needs to move almost a feet. LIKED the torque but didnít see it gathering pace that quickly, I understand thatís how SUVs are. I didnít really like the last row of side facing and feel that some how they should have be front facing. Itís got head turning road presence and driving one, though difficult, would definitely be an experience

I also understand, the safari, in no way can be compared to a car in terms of handling on the highway. I also like the feature of a 4 year warranty.

Option 2:
Chevrolet Optra Magnum Diesel: Test drove this car. Never ending torque, takes off like a bullet, decent space. Should make any average Indian car to bite dust on the highway. Not too sure if it can handle well (i read here its bad), but definitely should be a pleasure to drive on the highway as in the city. Definitely a no nonsense car which is one thing I really LOVE about it. Other than the engine, nothing to shout about. FEAR the GMís consistency of the company and the bad resale value (which i am facing with my Palio now :( ) and i am sure maintaining one should be cheaper than the safari because of its 3 year maintenance free contract.

Option 3:
Wait & Hold back: I also feel that my palio is not giving me any major problems, that itís better for me to hold back till around March to make my decisions. Though I doubt that any new major releases are coming up which would interest me (around the 10l band). All the featured releases are either too expensive or lower segment cards.

I am not that eager or urged to change, but the amazing discounts which are available for both these cars are tempting and they might not be available in march-April.

Option 2, the optra does not excite me as much as option 1, the safari does. I would be happy buying an optra but would not be as excited as i would be if i buy a safari, because driving a SUV is whole lot of a different experience for me than driving a sedan. BUT i donít want my excitement to end up being a bad decision, since the car I buy definitely needs to be lived with for at least 4-5 years.

I also test drove, the Scorpio, SX4, verna and the fiesta all of these somehow donít fit right for me, especially the scorpio was a big disappointment on which I had high hopes. I donít see the Innova as an option as well, though i like it, it does not have the character IMHO
Guys, I seek your views, which is the best option that you would suggest. All your comments and views are eagerly awaited.

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Default Thread closed.


The cars you're considering as replacement have been widely discussed in numerous threads within the What Car? section.

Please go through those threads.

You can use the Search option for finding related information.

Thanks. This thread is closed.
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