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Make : Hyundai
Model : i10
Variant : Sportz 1.2 Kappa
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date : 14th Jun 2010
Color : Oyster Grey
Expected Delivery Date : 18th Jun 2010
Dealer & City : DSC Hyundai, Chennai
Freebies : Mud flaps, floor mats, Sun Screen discounted from 3k to 1k for 3M. (or if its garwar - it is free)
Others : Exchange bonus of 15k that would be credited (3-4 Months time), no corp. offer, 2,500 rs worth of extended warranty, 25K cash discount (incl. Free first year insurance)

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Polo
Variant: Highline
Fuel: Petrol
Booked on: 4th April 2010
Colour: Glacier Blue (changed from Red)
Expected Delivery date: July 2010
Kashyap Vehicles - New Delhi

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Polo
Variant: Comfortline
Fuel: Petrol
Booked on: 28th March 2010
Colour: Black
Expected Delivery date: June end 2010
Kashyap Vehicles - New Delhi
Corporate Discount- 10000

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Polo
Variant: Highline
Fuel: Petrol
Booked on: 12th June 2010
Colour: Black
Expected Delivery date: August end 2010
Volkswagen Anna Nagar - Chennai

Make : Honda
Model : City
Variant : S
Booking date: 19th June 2010
Colour : Black
Expected delivery: Monday
Dealer : Ring Road Honda
Freebies : Mats, Mud flaps
Discount: None

Make : Volkswawgen
Model : Polo
Variant : 1.2L, Trendline
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date : 24th Apr`10
Color : Flash Redh
Expected Delivery Date : 2nd week of Aug`10
Dealer & City : Vidyut Motors, Pune
Freebies : None
Others : None

This is my first post in Team BHP. Thanks to GTO for the excellent review of POLO. Thanks to all members across forums for posting information about different cars which helped me in finalizing my first car.


Originally Posted by vivekgk (Post 1897101)
Make : Tata
Model : Indigo CS
Variant : LX TDi
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : 20.05.2010
Color : Platinum Black
Expected Delivery Date : Before 28th
Dealer & City : Kulathunkal Motors, Trivandrum.
Freebies : Remote Locking, Mats and other basic stuff, Teflon coating.
Others : Free Insurance (Rs. 13600/- off on OTR price)

Booking Amount : Rs. 5000/-

I booked it on an impulse, and because the sales guys were prompt and enthusiastic enough to come to my house even at 7 pm to take the booking.

I took delivery of the car three days back. Delivery delayed by almost 2 weeks because of finance and registration issues. Delivered on 15-06-2010 evening. Decided on Classic Ivory instead of Platinum Black color. ICE transplanted from older car. Got underbody treatment (Wurth) done for Rs. 3750. Final freebies: Insurance (Royal Sundaram), Mats, Mudflaps, 3M paint treatment, Minda Remote locking and a Rs. 3000 cash discount from Tata's 'Drive your dream' offer.

Final amount paid: Rs. 5,12,000 on-road.

Here's the car all ready for delivery, with lemons under the wheels and everything. I got a bit too scared that I might stall the car, and ended up spinning the wheels!

Name:  vivekgk_Indigo_delivery_07_edit.JPG
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I've already driven close to 300 kms. clap: Initial ownership thread coming soon in that section!

Make : Fiat
Model : Grande Punto
Variant : 1.3L MJD, Emotion Pack
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : 19th Jun '10
Color : Exotica Red
Expected Delivery Date : 7th July '10
Dealer & City : Concorde Motors (Prabhadevi), Bombay
Freebies : Mud flaps, matting, reverse parking sensors (4 nos.), teflon coating (refused)
Others : Got the Fiat offer of free insurance, extended warranty, Fiat First

The SP (Mr. Ganesh Ghodke) was offering me a BS III car which was ready in his yard at a cash discount of 15K. When I refused, he told me after some time that he would give 35K cash discount! :Shockked: Anyway, I wanted a new car and thought that an old car's plastics may not be that good, as has been reported here. What I want to know is whether Fiat has produced BS III spec GPs. Also, was I foolish to refuse such a large cash discount? Opinions anyone? Also, should I ask for the teflon coating? I got the reverse parking sensors in lieu of the Garware sunfilm he was offering.

Make : Hyundai
Model : i10
Variant : 1.2 Kappa Sportz Automatic(4-speed AT)
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date : 21 st June 2010
Color : Champagne gold
Expected Delivery Date : 1 st week of July 2010 or earlier
Dealer & City : DSC , Nandanam , Chennai
Freebies : Sunfilm, Floor mats, Leather imitation on seats , Remote lock, 1-year insurance , 3rd year extended (80K Km) warranty, car cover.
Others : Nil.

Make : Hyundai
Model : i10
Variant : Sportz 1.2 Kappa
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date : 15th Jun 2010
Color : Black
Expected Delivery Date : 24th Jun 2010
Dealer & City : Trident Hyundai, Bangalore
Freebies : Auto Cop, First Year Insurance, 3 Year Extended warranty, Car Cover, Mud flaps, floor mats, Sun Film,Steering Grip, Teflon and anti corrosion
Others : Reverse Sensor, Sun Film upgrade from Garware to 3M

Being a silent reader and having learnt through the process, have finally got a reason to contribute to this forum. Having read a lot of clouted (probably a strong word) reviews and responses about Scorpio, Safari, and Innova, was in doubt to buy Scorpio or Innova. Finally, the uirban persona within me won against the rural persona. Rural persona within me (which attributes to higher percentage, more like 80%) wanted Scorpio and the Urban persona required Innova. Having read about Scorpio and Innova getting picked up during elections and all the other pros and cons, decision was not easy at all. Ultimately my better half’s, being Urban, vote went for Innova and that’s it – the decision was made (don’t we all know about it). The distinct luxury in Innova and the balance of the MUV were also the deciding factor.

Both were TD’ed Scorpio (at showroom) and Innova (my cousin’s 3 months old).

When I started looking for a second car (first being WagonR, which would still be around after giving me a superb service for a GOOD 8 years), I started looking for a bigger version of WagonR. A SUV/MUV which can seat 7/8 people and should be value for money (a la Indian at heart (and head?)). Options within my budget were the trio (which are the first choices), mentioned above. Although I would want to drive (and will) it more on highways and semi-rural areas, it would be used in city driving too!

Make : Toyota
Model : Innova
Variant : VX
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date: late May 2010
Color : Grey Metallic
Expected Delivery Date: Early next week
Dealer & City : DSK Toyota
Freebies : Smiles (service package upto 20k km).
Others : Discounted Insurance (0 dep)

Would share more inputs of going through motions once I get the delivery and start revving it!

Hi All,

This is my first post in Team BHP.

After referring to a lot of team-bhp articles and posts, finally I've booked my new car. Thanks to VivPrasad, Fornax, Digital Dragon, Askicode and many others for their detailed reviews and comments.

Make : Maruti
Model : SX4
Variant : ZXi
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date: 07.05.2010
Color : Pearl Arctic White
Expected Delivery Date: This week
Dealer & City : Sarathi, Attingal, Trivandrum
Discounts/Freebies : 25K standard discount by Maruti, negotiating for some freebies from dealers

hello , I am kind of dormant member as i get carried away with the various threads reading them.
Today I would like to say that i went through lots of reviews and then decided upon buying ANHC one year ago
Manufacturer- Honda city i-VTEC
Model -E
Color- Polished Metal Metallic
Totally satisfied with the guidance through team BHP.
News is ----------- Booked New Innova
Color Metallic Blue- Available.
Varqant - G - Dual AC etc
Will pick up soon n post pics and Mods.


Originally Posted by kage9091 (Post 1879132)
I got a call from my Sales Assistant today. My car has arrived, so I gave the down payment today. Will get the loan Demand Draft by end of this week.

A few more days and she will be home! :)

I got my first car delivered on 22th June 2010. Its a white Ford Figo 1.4 TDCi Titanium.

My Initial Ownership review is here:

First car to be bought using my own money. In-fact, make it two cars booked on 1 day. One for me, one for my better half. :D

My Wife's Vehicle
Make : Hyundai
Model : i20
Variant : 1.4 Automatic Asta
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date : 26th Jun 2010
Color : Crystal White
Expected Delivery Date : 1st week of August 2010
Dealer & City : Oja Hyundai, Guwahati
Freebies :
Underbody Anti-rust treatment, mud flaps, floor carpets
Others : Reverse Sensor to be installed at the dealership. Autocop @ 3700/-. Sun Film to be done but not decided on which one. 5 year extended warranty @ 15xxx/-

The Apple of my eye
Make : Tata Motors
Model : Safari
Variant : 2.2 VTT DICOR 4x4 VX
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : 26th Jun 2010
Color : Pearl White
Expected Delivery Date : 1st week of August 2010
Dealer & City : Modrina Auto Enterprise, Shillong
Freebies :
Others :
Sun Film to be done but not decided on which one.

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