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Takumi-san 20th September 2009 07:07

mwzd, congrats on an excellent choice. how much on the road and which model? , if you dont mind.

newcoolgadgets 20th September 2009 15:14

I finally cross-checked the car I liked at the dealer's stockyard to confirm it has all 4 disc brakes clap:, and have now finally booked this car:

Make : Hyundai
Model : Verna
Variant : SX, ABS (August 2009 manufactured, All 4 disc brakes, as opposed to September 2009 onwards SX ABS cars that are coming with rear drums now)
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : 20th September, 2009
Color : Sleek Silver
Expected Delivery Date : 25th September, 2009
Dealer & City : Ketan Hyundai, Nagpur
Freebies : Full Seat Covers, Floor Mats, Mud Flaps and Perfume
Others : Insurance worth Rs, 23,000 free. Final OTR price after discounts: Rs 8,75,000/- 21st September 2009 12:24

Xylo Booked.. Contd.
Make : Mahindra
Model : Xylo
Variant : E8 ABS (8 Seater)
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : August, 2009
Color : Java Brown
Confirmed Delivery Date : 23rd September, 2009
Dealer & City : SKS Automobiles, Bangalore
Freebies : Floor Mats, Mud Flaps, Perfume and Idol !
Others :
1) Corporate Discount Rs.7000/-
2) Sun Control Film 3M RE70
3) Extended Warranty for 4 Years - Free

Accessories Planned:
1) G Sport Art Leather Seats
2) Auto Window-up feature upon locking - Not sure if this affects the warranty claims just in case.
3) Steering mounted Audio control - Have seen on the Kenwood website the device KCA RC700A, not sure if this works for the Nippon system already provided?? Please advise

MCR 21st September 2009 15:12


Originally Posted by SilentEngine (Post 1491619)

Make : Fiat
Model : Grande Punto
Variant : Emotion Pack
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : 19-Sep-09
Color : Electric Blue
Expected Delivery Date : 4-5 weeks from now
Dealer & City : Prerana Motors, Bangalore (new showroom at Rajaji Nagar)
Freebies : Floor mats, Mud flaps, Sunfilm
Others : None

Getting insurance done outside (Bajaj Allianz)

The wait is on!

Hey SilentEngine congrats:)

Can you pls give me the Bajaj Allianz sales guy's Name and Number.
Will contact hime for my insurance requirement.
Buy the way what is your premium amount?


sharu945 21st September 2009 21:21

Make : FIAT
Model : LINEA
Variant : MJD Emotion Pack.
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date : September, 2009
Color : Bossa Nova White.
Confirmed Delivery Date : 28th September, 2009
Dealer & City : Concorde Motors, Hosur Rd, Bangalore
Freebies : Floor Mats, Mud Flaps, Perfume and Idol !
Others :
1) Various Discounts Rs.17000/-
Getting insurance done from Bajaj Allianz for 16670 with full IDV.

Accessories Planned:
1)Karlsson Leather Seats,
2) 3M Sun Control Film CR 70 and CS 20.
3) Reverse Parking Sensors.

Final OTR Bangalore: Rs : 9,67,710.

CaliforniaKnight 21st September 2009 21:49

Make :Maruti Suzuki
Model :Swift
Variant :Vdi +ABS
Fuel : Diesel
Booking Date :September 4
Color :White
Expected Delivery Date : October 4
Dealer & City : BRD Motors & Trichur
Freebies :Free Remote Lock
Others :Negative

mwzd 22nd September 2009 00:12


Originally Posted by Takumi-san (Post 1492148)
mwzd, congrats on an excellent choice. how much on the road and which model? , if you dont mind.

15L all inclusive. Mumbai Registration. Also includes 2+2 extended warranty, 4 yrs roadside assistance, registration (custom number, non vip), taxes, insurance and freebies as mentioned (managed to upgrade to vKool70 for front). Model is 1.8VMT w/o the extra elegance/inspire accessory packages.

The new suspension is tighter, which makes for less scrapes, at least in the short TD i did have in it.

Delivery has been delayed for a few days, since all the cars in stock currently have rust on the disc brakes and I'm not willing to accept that.

funda2max 22nd September 2009 13:46

Make : Maruti Suzuki
Model : Swift VDi
Color : Azure Grey
Booking date : 20/09/2009
Expected Delivery : Oct 15 - 18
Price : 5.5L On Road
Freebies : Mats, Mud flaps.

suv100 22nd September 2009 19:31

It seems Fiat PUNTO and LINEA are becoming a favorite choice for car buyers. This thread could have been better if one was able to see the number of bookings for each brand.

balajeshi 23rd September 2009 12:17

My 15 days have gone i am still waiting for a response from Pre-rana absolutely no follow-up from them on the Punto ,i have called them up on Friday they said will call me back ,no response after that.

Had some function on the weekend in my native so came back today morning and called them around 11:00 ,they said will call me in no time back after checking with their manager ,still no response . Don't know how long they are going to take .

nehamit 23rd September 2009 14:02

Another Linea MJD E+ in Family
So, its raining Linea for my family. Today booked a Bossa Nova White Linea MJD E+ for my brother-in-law. This one is the second Linea in my family. Waiting eagerly to keep both Lineas side by side in my garage! (Black and White!)

ms001 23rd September 2009 14:06

FIAT is getting increasingly popular in team-bhp, great :D

nehamit 24th September 2009 14:47

Color Changed
Its not Bossa Nova White, its Perla Champegna as we wanted to have the car by 30/09 and white was not available.

JRD 24th September 2009 16:03

great news amit. i want to compare my car as well to the newer ones. Do let me know when the car gets delivered. Will drop in for a couple of minutes.

esoteric_su 24th September 2009 18:51

Well this is my first post after finally becoming a member today . I have extensively read many articles on ownership in Team-BHP and appreciate the inputs of many people including Shajufx, Ramki , Vnabhi and many others which finally shaped my decision :

Make :Ford
Model :Fiesta
Variant :SXI premium
Fuel : Petrol
Booking Date :September 12
Color : Moondust Silver
Expected Delivery Date : September 30
Dealer & City : Lathangi Ford , Bangalore
Freebies :Rear Spoiler , reverse parking sensor ( 50% )
Others :Negative

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