1 year with my Citroen C5 Aircross: Service & ownership experience

Even after driving 16k kms, the car feels fresh and new just like day one.

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Service Experience

Since I had purchased the vehicle from B4S Motors Pune, I called up the service head and asked for an appointment. He offered to pick up the car from Mumbai and get it delivered post-service. I was a bit sceptical about this but he himself offered to pick up and deliver the car personally. The car was serviced and serviced to my full satisfaction. Since I purchased the 5-year service package during buying the car, I had to pay only for the 13L AdBlue (Rs 1053) and nothing extra. There were a few preventive service campaigns applicable to the car, which were conducted too. Overall a delightful experience by B4s motors and their service head.

Insurance Renewal

Again B4S motors team did a great job here. I was contacted by them and a reasonable renewal quote was sent to me. I was trying to get the NCB (no-claim bonus) transferred from my old car to this but Bajaj Allianz was unhelpful when I contacted them directly. The B4S representative got this done and applied the 50% discount on the quote. Further, I had a referral benefit (my friend also purchased a C5 Aircross after my recommendation) pending on me, so that amount was also adjusted in the final insurance payment payout. It was again a delightful experience dealing with the Citroen dealership.

Car and comfort

I have done drives from Mumbai to Jaisalmer & Jodhpur, Mumbai to Goa & Coorg and recently did a roundtrip from Mumbai to Odisha. The driveability, comfort, road presence, safety assurance, ride and handling have exceeded my expectations. In all the above trips, I travelled with my family (wife and 2 kids aged 12 and 6 years, the Goa-Coorg trip was with my pet dog too). Never did we feel tired even after 12-14 hours of driving. In fact, I drove back from Coorg to Mumbai (exactly 1000 km) without a stay and we still had the energy and felt fresh. (I had planned to break the journey at Kolhapur but I and my family felt we could carry on till Mumbai).

Just a couple of days back, I completed a 4000 km roundtrip journey to Odisha which involved back-to-back 2 days of average 750+ km drive each day during the onward and return journey. Needless to say, the C5 assured me that the long drive would be safe and comfortable which inspired me to do this adventure (yes, my family was with me). In spite of the long drives, we arrived at our destination in comfort without any fatigue for all occupants. The car has enough power and the automatic response well to quick overtakes. 99% of my drive was in normal mode, I engaged sport mode only while in crowded towns/cities where I needed an instant burst of power. I got a consistent mileage upwards of 16kmpl (see photo below) which includes driving through the newly inaugurated Samruddhi Mahamarg where speeds were consistently between 100-120kmph. This car is a mile muncher and I plan to do more such long trips in the future.

On a couple of occasions, I had to brake hard. The car stopped in a straight line without any drama, and the hazard lights lit up automatically.

The TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) worked well too, it warned me as the pressure dropped due to a puncture.


  • Pricing of the car: A lot has already been discussed on this. Only an insider knows what is behind Citroen India's pricing and product placement strategy.
  • Missing features: I'd have liked ventilated seats due to hot and humid conditions, but I added an accessory from Amazon that helps quite a bit.
  • There is no wireless Apple Carplay, so I had to buy an extra Carlinkit adapter which works well.
  • Do I miss ADAS features, certainly not. I personally found it a little unnerving when the XC40 auto-braked itself while doing a test drive. I also haven't been able to use cruise control much even on highways owing to stray animals and bad drivers cutting lanes.

I am very happy with the car and the positive dealership experience certainly enhances the ownership experience. The overall fit and finish and quality of materials are at par with the competition and I don't have any complaints about it. Even after driving 16k kms, the car feels fresh and new just like day one. The full-size spare wheel with alloy assures that Citroen has not tried to cut corners when it comes to the product. I did get a lot of attention wherever I went, some even asking if I imported the car. A new dealership has opened in Bhubaneswar, Odisha but they're selling only the C3 currently. But good to know that Citroen is increasing its footprint. The Pune dealership informed us that they are getting a great response for C3. A Goa dealership is coming up soon too. I think Citroen is committed to the Indian market. Each time I bring up this topic to any Citroen (dealership) official(across dealership), they assure me unanimously that "we are here to stay and will help you when you need us"; and that's quite assuring. Adding a few pics

Mileage during my last drive:

The nearest competitor

In the wild

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