10-day road trip in my Land Rover Discovery 4 with 7 people on board

The D4 performed extremely well throughout. It returned a fuel efficiency of 25 mpg which isn't very good but it was a loaded car.

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We are just back from a 10-day road trip. We covered 2200km with 7 people onboard including our 1.5 yr old child.

This was our itinerary

  • 3 Days in London
  • 1 Day in Manchester
  • 2 Days in Edinburgh
  • 3 Days in Inverness
  • 1 Day in York

I met Bhpian Blackpearl when I went to pick up my In-laws and friends from the airport.

My D4 and Blackpearl's RRS

Blackpearl's munchkin

Even though the D4 can gulp 6-7 large bags in the boot I had to install a roof box to carry luggage for 7 passengers. Roof bars and roof boxes are available for rent here. It cost me £139 to hire both the roof bar and roof box for 2 weeks. Installation hardly takes 10 mins for professionals. I got the largest roof box available on the market - Thule XT XXL which can hold 610l. We put 3 large bags, 1 box of groceries, numerous small packets and jackets. These roof boxes are made of ABS plastic so I was nervous about carrying 50+ kg throughout the road trip.

The D4 performed extremely well throughout. I had it serviced before the trip. All oil changed and fluids topped up. I also had to change the suspension pump. It was old and full of moisture and wasn’t working well. I didn’t want to talk chance with the suspension with 7 people on board.

Anyways, the trip went well, we even found snow and I got to drive on the snow. I got an average of 25 mpg which isn't very good but it was a loaded car.

Here are some pictures-

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