10 observations about my Hyundai Verna after a 1,000 km road trip

The car is stable at triple-digit speed on the highways but the brakes are not confidence-inspiring despite the presence of four disc brakes.

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Hi folks,

I made my first long journey with V_Nyx (my night Goddess). It was a 1000 km round trip, and the trip was awesome. Many of the points may have been already shared by other fellow members, but I am sharing just my observations.


  1. AC was pretty good for me as I travelled alone.
  2. Ventilated seats are a boon for the hot weather
  3. The car is stable at triple-digit speed on the highways (LKA - Lane Keep Assist disabled), but it is different when LKA is enabled (more on that later).
  4. Definitely a head-turner (even for a few luxury car owners)
  5. The car is so fast. Since the power delivery is so linear, the car doesn't feel like it is that quick to 100. There was a guy in a Volvo (I guess it is XC 40) who was in the middle of the road and steering the car left and right (shaking it so badly), which is when I unleashed the Sports mode
  6. Speakers are fine for the front seats (no complaints there)
  7. LKA combined with SCC (Smart Cruise Control) is a fantastic combination if you need to relax a bit.


  1. Lane Keep Assist when enabled, and if you speed up and forget to disable it, the handling takes a toll and becomes a messed up feature.
  2. Brakes are not confidence-inspiring despite the fact that the car has four disc brakes.
  3. Wipers are bad, and so I have changed to frameless.

I didn't find anything else.

Happy Driving

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