1,00,000 km on my Hyundai Kona EV: Running cost calculated in detail

Back seats can be uncomfortable for anyone 5'10" or above, especially during long distances.

BHPian ADI7YAK recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Crossed the 6-digit number a few days back. Here's a quick snapshot of overall expenses. The most recent service cost Rs 2600/-

Here's what BHPian Hawk4 had to say on the matter:

Congratulations on reaching this new milestone in just 26 months. Your car will reach 1,60,000 kms at this rate in another 12 to 15 months. We need to see how the battery performs after the warranty has expired.

My Kona arrived last week, and I've been learning everything there is to know about it.

Where can we find updates to the Kona firmware? Also, did you check with anyone on the possibility of enabling Hyundai Bluelink in Kona? I only miss this feature in Kona. This is available from the beginning in US and Europe models. We get the same car but the feature was disabled.

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@ADI7YAK - Congratulations, on the milestone.

Have been using your numbers to convince my relatives of an EV...

But just want to know if you have done any long trips with adults in the rear. People 5'6" or taller? How bad or tolerable was it? I just love absolutely everything about the Kona except that dreaded rear seat. I am 5'10" & the knees-up position made me just want to get out of the car immediately, kind of forced me to rethink how bad it may still be for 5'6" folks...

Few updates & clarifications from BHPian ADI7YAK:

My car's battery was changed at 65k km under the global recall procedure. I think the car should be absolutely fine till 2.2L km at the very least, but we shall see.

I believe the India-spec car missed out on a few features such as ADAS and sim connectivity. I don't think we even have the hardware to support BlueLink, which is a shame.

My mum's 5'7" and she is "okay" in the backseats. Definitely not as comfortable as in our old car, a Tata Hexa, but not too bad either. At 5'10" things can get very uncomfortable on long distances. You could look at MG ZS EV which has AC vents and better legroom.

One more thing I forgot to mention was the auxiliary battery going kaput this Sunday when I was in Mumbai. Luckily enough, one of my friends had a jumper cable handy and so we had to jump-start a super modern EV from a Mercedes from the 80s. Hilarious indeed.

Bought a brand new Exide battery the same day and all is fine now. Please ignore all the dust in the motor bay.

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