13 things I don't like about my Innova Hycross compared to the Crysta

I felt that manoeuvring in tight spaces was easy with the Crysta, even though the steering was heavier.

BHPian mesmerizer recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got my Hycross VX 7S 5 days back and am feeling very excited. Never felt it to be so powerful and I just love driving it. Could drive only 150 km and the system shows 13.3 km/l mileage. It was completely city driving with moderate traffic.

Not to mention the pros as everyone has already done it. So I am mentioning only the things which I didn't like. (Compared to my Crysta 2.4 Gx)

  1. No cooled Glovebox - I seriously miss this, Crysta had an extra compartment and I used to keep bottled water in it.
  2. No illumination for the power window buttons - This is one of the shittiest cost-cutting done by Toyota and it is difficult to locate the buttons at night.
  3. You can't turn off the parking lights at night. The parking lights turn on even if the lights are set to off. The other two modes are "ON" and "Auto" which turns on the headlight.
  4. No mute button on the Infotainment system and steering control, I have to turn off the system.
  5. There is a voice button on the steering control but it doesn't work.
  6. The bonnet feels much bigger from the inside, I felt that manoeuvring in tight spaces was easy on Crysta (Yes, the steering was heavy though).
  7. The cameras and shitty, the aftermarket camera on my Crysta was much better. The side camera view won't be useful at all.
  8. Crysta had a cool mini clock on the dashboard, here I should look at the infotainment system.
  9. The doors need to be closed harder than Crysta, don't know whether it is a con but my parents find it quite difficult to reopen and close again with more power.
  10. Third-row ingress on the Crysta was much better with more space after the seat folds.
  11. Even the Crysta GX had 3 airbags but this has only 2.
  12. On rough roads, there is an annoying rattling sound in the middle left row, need to get it checked.
  13. The blue illumination in the cabin feels like an Alibaba Accessory.

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