1.5 years & 27,000 Km with a Porsche Panamera V6

It's actually amazing how the car handles bad roads with 19" wheels. Suspension is completely silent when working hard on bad roads.

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Roughly about 1.5 years in the ownership i have already clocked more than 27000 kms..

Got it at 5500 kms or so, Now ODO stands near 32500 kms.

Did many many highway trips, With family & man its great when there is no discussion to which car to take now, If the roads are fine near the destination it has to be the Panamera, Comfy for 4 & a big enough boot.

I was also irritated of the minor nicks on the rear bumper and one left door and stone chips on the bonnet and front bumper. Akshay from Redline recommended instead of painting each panel the car would look like new with a full overcoat & man he was correct. Decided to get a full overcoat on the car done. Great work done by Akshay at Redline Auto haus.

Pictures taken when the car was being sent to me after the overcoat.

Along with the normal servicing i also decided to go for some preventive maintenance on the car, Put new new engine mounts and transmission mount and offcourse Porsche original brand new only.

Swapped all the brake pads before they were fully worn to EBC Yellow stuff as had several back to back highway trips planned, They are great but the brake dust as usual is a lot.

One specific trip would like to highlight. It happened during the peak of summers. Temperatures reaching 47-48 and mostly around 45 out on the highways atleast that was shown in the car, the car was running all the time even when we had stopped for a break with all 4 AC Temp set at 20 as it was crazy hot outside. Home run was 520 kms in the last day.

And I was surprised to see the trip details when I got home. Just to see the stats, FE actually showed 14.9 KPL! It was with 3 adults and a full luggage.

Total trip details were these:

A week long trip, 3 adults and with luggage during peak summers!

I never really bought the Panamera thinking to get such fuel efficiency but well always good to see.

One of the recent trips couple of weeks ago saw the Elevation jumping to 1400 Meters !

1421 Meters to be exact! Wilson Point at Mahableshwar.

1421 Meters from outside, everything was covered with heavy fog.

Mahableshwar is full of such narrow roads. Many of them in not very good condition. Its actually amazing how the car handles bad roads with 19" wheels. Takes them beautifully with absolutely no "Khat" or "harsh" sounds from suspension at all. Suspension is Completely silent when working hard on bad roads.

View. Was sure to engage the electronic parking brake!

The other car for the trip; along with the mighty Endeavour.

It was still and always be the Panamera leading with the Endy following.

Corners? Don't really need to brake many times!

117 RS Per Litre for normal diesal at Shell felt no different.

My trusted Petrol Pump at BKC. Always a full tank of 100 litre diesel here.

Last night drives are always fun.

Barely fits in any parking place comfortably.

A nice wash after every long drive, the color seems best when clean.

Its' such a lovely car to drive. The more you drive it the more you fall in love with it. Its meant for touring and it can be felt when out on the highways. Panamera also commands attention and other drivers usually even give you way to overtake or hold up if you are changing lanes. Its such an attention magnet. Not that i like it but its actually a very easy car to drive once you get used to it.

More pictures incoming sooon..!

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