1500km on my 2023 Verna turbo: Mileage, NVH, AC & 12 other observations

Out of the 1500 km, I have driven 1100 km on the highways and 400 km within the city.

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Completed 1500kms on the Verna SX(O) Turbo Petrol Manual, delivered during Aug 2023. The longest drive was BLR-COK and back. 1500 kms of which 1100 on highways, 400 within BLR city.

  1. Extremely sensitive to throttle inputs.
  2. As the response is quite instant, and powerful, need to be careful.
  3. Mileage within city is between 8-14kmpl, highway 12-18kmpl
  4. Got a high of 20kmpl for an 80kms stretch.
  5. Headlights are pathetic, but the cornering lights are really useful.
  6. AC cooling is fine, but felt could be better. Will be checking the core temp with my probe
  7. Steering is light and easy to use and weighs up decently on the highway. For my liking, it can be slightly heavier.
  8. Ground clearance - With 3 on board, has not scraped any BLR speed bumps.
  9. Compared to the Seltos, the Verna's ride is much better.
  10. 5-star NCAP, but doors really could do with more heft, not from a safety perspective, but often it does not close in a single try.
  11. NVH- Silent, could be more silent with damping. This is something planned.
  12. Gear shifting from 1 to 2nd is slightly notchy. Also, the gearing for 1st vs 2nd is too large?
  13. Children Crossing the Road Nuisance- Need to disable.
  14. Air filter is useful.
  15. ADAS works fine.

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