18-day road trip to the beautiful Arunachal Pradesh in a Maruti Jimny

After driving my 4x4 SUV in this terrain for over 5,000 km, all I can say is that I fell in love with this little car.

BHPian Samba recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After getting the Jimny, I was craving a road trip and was checking with my wife, Sukanya aka Bhpian DogNDamsel12 for several places. We bought the Jimny at the end of 2023, and we had a very hectic schedule till Feb end. So we were looking forward to going on a road trip in March.

We considered places like North Bengal, Gopalpur, Vizag, Pench, and a few more, but we were not very content with any of the above plans.

One night, after a very hectic day at work, she was sitting down with the map and somehow came up with- 'I would like to go to Dibang'.

"Dibang! Where is that? And how did you think of that?!" I was surprised. She said "It is in the far east of Arunachal, and at the end of India. From our earlier trips I have noticed that beneath the snow peaks of the Himalayas, many a national forest and reserves are nestled. Since we have been towards the North, I thought why not East? So I kept zooming into the map to see what lies there. So, Dibang?" And she went off to sleep. While I started my research on where I can take the wife and the Jimny to this less-traveled region.

So the research began. When I started to have a look at the road map, the number of days and the number of places kept on increasing! Apart from Anini, places like Ziro, Pasighat, Walong & few more got added to our list!

The final itinerary came up like this:

  • Day 1 Kolkata to Jaldapara & go for an afternoon safari
  • Day 2 Jaldapara to Tezpur
  • Day 3 Tezpur to Ziro
  • Day 4 Ziro Sightseeing
  • Day 5 Ziro to Pasighat
  • Day 6 Pasighat sightseeing
  • Day 7 Pasighat to Bomjir
  • Day 8 Bomjir to Anini via Mayudia pass
  • Day 9 Anini to Bruni & back to Anini
  • Day 10 Anini to Roing
  • Day 11 Roing to Bhismaknagar and back
  • Day 12 Roing to Walong
  • Day 13 Walong to Kibithoo, Kaho, Dong & back to Walong
  • Day 14 Walong to Namsai
  • Day 15 Namsai to Pangsau pass & stay at Jairampur
  • Day 16 Jairampur to Tezpur
  • Day 17 Tezpur to Jaldapara
  • Day 18 Jaldapara to Kolkata

What I figured out from my initial research was, that this part of Arunachal is very less crowded, the tourist footfall is minimum, and the amenities we will get will be very limited.

So for us, we carried enough medicines, if any minor health issue crops up, we can handle it on our own.

And when Sukanya packs the luggage, I'm mostly clueless about what she carries, but am always sure that whatever I ask for, will come out of our bag! The poor little Jimny had to carry a lot of luggage!

For the Jimny, I just carried very few basic spares like -

  • Puncture repair kit
  • Tyre inflator
  • Tow rope and shackles
  • Jump start cable
  • Few extra fuses
  • 1L engine oil
  • A basic OBD scanner

Booked a few hotels and applied for the ElLP a month before the trip.

Sharing a few teaser pics from the trip-

And a couple of teaser videos.


Before writing further, first let me thank Bhpian aviator1101, Bhpian Gunin, Bhpian Reeturaj, Dbhpian Abhi1512, Mr.Arunangshu Das, & Mr.Chandranath Sarkar for their inputs to plan this trip.

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