190-year old Amrutanjan bridge demolished to improve traffic

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The iconic Amrutanjan Bridge located on the Mumbai-Pune expressway was demolished on Sunday evening using multiple controlled blasts. It is expected to improve the traffic flow on the highway.

Permission to demolish the bridge was granted back in 2017 itself, but the high traffic volume on the expressway provided no opportunity. The ongoing lockdown provided the authorities the time to execute this project. On Sunday morning, MSRDC started drilling into the piers to fit explosives. Holes were drilled in 15 to 20 locations on each of the six piers. Using simultaneous detonations, the bridge was brought down at 6.20 p.m.

The bridge was first opened on November 10, 1830, as a key connector between Mumbai and Pune. It had later also served as the third line for the Railways on the Bor ghat section to reverse engines but was later stopped after more powerful engines were introduced.


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