1993 Tata Estate restoration: Had to drop Sumo Victa engine swap option

We have a new plan which will be carried out at the garage that has been looking after my grandpa’s cars since the Plymouth days.

BHPian Sanidhya mukund recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Another update

I had finally decided to go ahead with the work. I asked them to go ahead and purchase Sumo Victa parts. However, at the last moment, it was discovered that the wiring harness and the ECU etc. of the BS3 and BS4 Victa is totally different, so the engine wouldn’t be a ‘plug and play’ swap.

Our next option was to go for an old gen Sumo 483DL NA engine, but that was not a very viable option, given the fact that most such engines would be on their last legs.

I took the decision of getting the car towed back to my ancestral home, which is 80 KM away from the garage where I had originally sent it.

The work will now be done slowly at the garage that has been looking after my grandpa’s cars since the Plymouth days. The current head mechanic is the founder’s son and his elder brother has been doing bodywork for the past 3 decades. They are confident that they can repair the existing engine and get it back to life. Will be updating as and when the work progresses.

The car at the garage:

A surprising find: I found the spare tyre and wheel cover buried in my garden!

Boot full of parts


Here's what BHPian Nissan1180 had to say about the matter:

Great to hear that the car will be restored. How are you planning to register the new engine on the RC copy? Also, you can talk to a reliable RTO agent to ensure that the car can be made road legal.

Here's what BHPian condor had to say about the matter:

Sumo Victa was available in the BS3 version, especially the 2.0 litre NA and TCIC. (My 2005 Victa TCIC was BS3).

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