1st gen Ford Figo: How injector issues almost forced me to sell my car

Thought of getting rid of it, and posted the ad on OLX atleast 3-4 times, but new car prices scared me off.

BHPian Blow_Horn_Ok recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The car has been ailing since the odo hit 80000 kms. It even broke down several times due to injector failure. Once a fng mechanic swapped the injector with other car but still it was never normal. At around 1 lac kms got the egr and intake cleaned along with suspension and clutch overhaul. That gave it few thousand kms of life but at around 1.09 lac kms, the car started to emit foul smell of unburnt Diesel and the NVH rose to all level high. Many times Thought of getting rid of it, and posted the ad on OLX atleast 3-4 times, but new car prices scared me off. Anyways I would have got pennies for a wailing old ford.

Took a chance and got the injector and Diesel pump serviced. Continental parts are not available with injector service stations here in my city so had to ship them in a box to Kolkata. Two of the injectors were completely down and required the the sensors to be changed.

Total cost along with service of Diesel pump came out at Rs. 21000.

The car is still with the mechanic and his charges would be additional. Got the sump and strainer removed and cleaned along with cleaning of intake manifold and egr. Couldn't click picture as my hands were too dirty to hold the phone. The gunk in the intake was beyond everyone's imagination.

The condition of injectors before service. Notice the diesel residue which explains that they were spitting the Diesel rather than spraying.

The car was started after installing basic stuff and was deeply relieved to see that there was no hunting, the original clatter was back and the engine sounded relieved and de-strained. It revved freely. Few other stuffs are pending and couldn't take the car out for a drive. Hope this exercise grants atleast 50k kms of life. If all goes well, would change the faded headlights, broken tail lights and touch up of battle scars.

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