2 years & 19,000 km with my Skoda Superb: My experience so far

We got the car serviced recently and all is well and good mechanically.

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2-year update:

The Superb is now two years old! What a journey it has been so far, filled with road trips (planned and unplanned), leisurely city drives and the occasional spirited drive with no destination! The odometer currently stands at nearly 19,000 kilometres.

I was unable to take a photo that truly does justice to the gorgeous Lava Blue colour; until now, that is. To start off, here it is in all its glory!

We got the car serviced recently and all is well and good mechanically.  Of late, it felt as though minute imperfections in the road were being felt in the cabin more than they should be, hence we asked for an inspection of the suspension. The suspension expert at the workshop took the car on a test drive with my dad riding shotgun, and the car passed all the tests on their course with flying colours. So, I guess it might be the tyres showing signs of wear instead.

And following the incessant "replace key battery" warnings popping up on the MID, we finally ordered the replacement battery and carried out the replacement at home. This is what the battery looks like, in case anyone's wondering.

In other news, our time with the car has been just sublime. We recently went on a last-minute trip to Pandharpur and Tuljapur, having made the decision while having dinner before the morning on which we set out!

It's funny to see what monsoon drives can do. From this (clicked at a dhaba on NH-65 that we have stopped at thrice on three separate trips now):

To this (taken at our hotel for the night in Solapur and in the parking lot of a restaurant in Tuljapur respectively):

And one fine day, the Superb met its identical twin in a basement parking lot! Excuse the poor quality.

Meanwhile, monsoon drives combined with a sunroof also give rise to such spectacular views.

Here's to many more exciting future updates, which I will surely write about.  Here's a parting shot, taken while watching the huge distances simply disappear into the horizon in the rear-view mirror.

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