2 years with Muad'Jeep: Review of my 2022 Jeep Compass S Petrol AT

2 years and 2 services on, I have to say it's been an absolute delight, with a few caveats.

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2 Years with my Jeep

Bought a Petrol Auto S variant in May 2022, when the chip shortage was at its peak, I have finally christened the car Muad'Jeep 

2 years and 2 services on, I have to say it's been an absolute delight, with a few caveats. There have been bumps along the way though, as I shall elaborate below.

What I love

  • Looks. Simple, classy and understated. This car exudes road presence without being unmanageably large.
  • Ride and Handling: Almost perfect feel and feedback. If there's body roll, I haven't really felt it
  • S variant is really well equipped. I want for nothing, and the Alpine sound system is sublime.
  • Beautifully done interiors. They're loaded with tech, but have an old-school vibe to them. Really good fit and finish (IMO feels better built than my Mama's 2023 X1 m sport.

What I don't like

  • Rattles and Squeaks at odd times. The worst part is that they're not present all the time so I can show the SA and get it fixed.
  • Extremely poor usage of screen real estate in the Digital Instrument Cluster. There's no reason why the main speedometer and tachometer can show mileage as well. Also Speed warnings don't have to make EVERYTHING smaller just to show a tiny bit of text in small font. If there's a way to Mod this, please let me know guys.

Let's get some basics out of the way

> 1st service cost ~8k

> 2nd service cost ~19 (I got talked into spending 4k on "engine dry ice flashing" by the service advisor (SA), but he has more than made up for this upselling later on.

I've faced the dashboard rattling issue, which was resolved by the service center in a single visit, but my sunroof still squeaks and groans now and then and it is hard to replicate the same at the service center. The same goes for jarring noises when playing music at moderate volumes (I can never seem to show the service guys personally).

However, despite this, the first year with the car was uneventful.

The second service, though, threw a wrench into a smooth ride. After dropping my car off, the SA calls to inform me that the coolant tank has a leak, but worse still, the MCM (the DCT gearbox) also has a leak. However, after a bit of sweet-talking, he got both replaced under warranty. I had mentioned that the gearbox was a bit jerky recently and the mileage had dipped but that was dismissed by the test drive chaps at the service center as something that I was overthinking about as they felt everything was ok 

Anywho, the car is smoother now, but can't say if the mileage has improved since I've been getting awful traffic in Delhi-NCR recently.

Also, I would like this community's opinion on certain things

> The SA recommended I get my front brake pads changed within a couple of months, and my spark plugs before winter sets in. Any recommendations on where I can get that done in Delhi from a good FNG? Also any recommendations for the parts themselves? I don't mind buying them online and getting them put at a trusted workshop. I believe I can get that done without voiding warranty.

> I'm not too happy with the insulation of the car over certain types of roads. Any recommendations on where I can get this improved in Delhi NCR?

Before I go, here's a few photos of Muad'Jeep:

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