2000 km with my Honda Elevate: List of accessories installed

I have driven Creta a lot and always found it was not engaging to drive. I liked seltos but I gave in for something new & fresh and that Elevate is.

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Hello guys! I bought my Elevate on December 11 last year, 2023, that is! It’s been just about a month and I have clocked 1950+ on the odo. I am quite a happy customer thus far & I hope I will have a niggle free experience with my first Honda! But just like any other owner, I have my own questions & little issues that I will share later on.

I haven’t made many changes to the car. A few accessories I have installed so far:

  • Illuminated scuff plates by Honda. Bought these at the time of delivery for 7200/- after a discount. Didn’t buy anything else as everything was so expensive. But aftermarket scuff plates are not a perfect fit so bought these.

  • Mats: by GFX. I find these best & easy to clean. I am not a fan of 7d’s, floor looks a lot more busy. Ordered these through an auto dealer in Bareilly for around 3500/-. Perfect fit & finish.

  • Mud flaps. Got these in Karol Bagh. Looks original Honda (as I did check the original ones at the showroom). Cost me 650/- against 2400/- at Honda. The guy took 150/- to fix it.
  • Horns by Hella. Trumpet horns were installed by a honda accessory guy on Elevate’s first service. Fairly neat job. Sounds absolutely fantastic. 950/- for the original Hella pair.
  • Screen guard by Armour guards. Was not entirely sure while ordering but it’s a perfect fit with space for buttons too. Totally loved it. Bought for 460/-. Here's the link.
  • A fast-charge C-type converter charger for my iPhone. It's a shame they gave 2 USB slots and no C-type. Ordered on Amazon by Duracell - 38watts. Works fast and works well. And before anyone asks, I hate to use wireless chargers because they are slow & heat up the phone(even when used without cover). So I almost don't use it.

Every package comes with its own shortcomings. I care less about features but more about the practicability of the existing ones. Some issues that I’m facing are:

  • I find the wind & tyre noise while traveling on a highway to be very irritating & uncomfortable. I don't have many issues with sound creeping in the cabin in heavy traffic situations, I honestly find it manageable. But high-speed travel above 80 is seriously uncomfortable. I believe I haven't heard such loud wind noise in any of the many cars I have driven in the past years. Can we share any ideas on how to decrease this wind noise, or make insulation better? I am unsure about the tyre noise honestly but definitely the wind noise. Can we take any measures/additions to decrease wind noise even a little bit?
  • Regarding the driving seat posture, I find it a little weird. I’m still unable to find a perfect sitting position for myself. I get slight discomfort in my lower back after an hour of continuous driving. I m 5-11 and never felt such in my previous gen Dzire.
  • Central locking does not close the sunroof!! Can you believe I forgot and left it open one foggy night? How lazy engineers can be. Has anyone tried this? I hope it closes with central locking. Will confirm at the ASC on my next visit.

Planned future additions:

With such fierce competition in the fray, I think Honda could have offered just a bit extra, like LED turn indicators at the rear & a 360-degree camera.

  • Rear turn bulb indicators. I am looking to change them to a LeD one. I inquired at the service centre about the stock bulb, but they don’t have it. And the mechanics don’t know which type of bulb it is. He suggested I open the tail light and check but I refused. I only want to open it only once while changing the bulb. I was hoping I could know which type it is. A KB dealer was offering a T20 type wedge led pair for 2400/- bucks but I thought it was too expensive & also both of us were not entirely sure if it would fit. So any suggestions for LED bulbs are welcome.
  • Dashcam: I am looking for a front-only cam. Any suggestions for the same and whether we should hard-wire it or use the charger socket?
  • At the time of delivery, I wanted to get the front & rear/side underbody spoiler kit fitted at a combo price of 32k but it was unavailable. Is it worth it? I find the under bumper design of Honda City fantastic, especially at the rear! What will be the effect on the GC if anyone has got this fitted and can share?

But overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. I have driven Creta a lot and always found it was not engaging to drive. I liked seltos but I gave in for something new & fresh and that Elevate is. Everyone who sees it in person & drives it realises its a no-non-sense, value-for-money car. My Australia-returned friend was pretty impressed because its ADAS tech was almost similar to his Tesla’s models. He’s already contemplating buying one for his parents.

Not everyone is a fan of 100 features. I don’t miss the panoramic sunroof at all. My iPhone connects to the Apple car and plays very well without disconnections but I listen to songs on my connected USB drive. Heck, I still ‘prefer’ copying my photos to my external drive instead of iCloud so pardon me if I say the features in Elevate are ‘more than enough’!!

I have used ADAS and it works fine except for a few exceptions like too much acceleration while using ACC. It works okay. Can't ask for more. But as one fellow Bhp-ian said in earlier posts- The behaviour of the ADAS suite has forced me to drive more sedately & responsibly with a light foot. I drive in a straight line now, and (try) keeping a little more distance with the vehicle ahead. And I can’t see any other way how I would have changed my driving style. It's great for all of us motorists to have this tech at such an affordable value. Yes, I agree the anti-collision braking system is a bit risky in city use, but honestly, I have had only 1 or 2 false alarms (and those were because of a pedestrian standing in the way, and that proves it is a bit more aggressive when it detects pedestrians ahead). But on one instance it certainly saved my front when cars ahead abruptly braked on a highway. I would say we must accept this ADAS tech first in our minds and adapt to it for better results. It is a life-saving tech & if we don’t speed on a congested road, chances are it will not activate aggressively.

Will keep posting on this thread about future observations.

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