20,000 km of peaceful ownership with a Toyota Urban Cruiser

Mileage is around 16.8 kmpl. It drops down to 10 kmpl inside the city, but is compensated for well during highway drives.

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Update on my Urban Cruiser after 20K service

“Fill it, shut it, forget it”, 80’s kids can recollect famous ad from Hero Honda , an apt phrase to describe Urban Cruiser.

Performance : With in city or even up to 80 KMPH, Urban cruiser performance is excellent. Gear ratio and great bottom end provides excellent driveability in city. Highways is where Urban Cruiser left for wanting more. 6th gear is definitely missed , anything above 100 KMPH , engine screams a lot and constantly reminding the drivers that its missing that extra leg for calm highway cruising. My dad loves the performance since he hardly cross 100 KMPH.

Comfort: Among my previous cars , Fiesta was the benchmark for comfort. Urban Cruiser matches the ride quality of Fiesta , which say a lot about suspension setup in Urban Cruiser. Body roll is well contained. Urban cruiser ensure comfortable journey. Rear and front seat under thigh support could have been better. Learnt to live with it.

NVH : Urban Cruiser has a dual personality , with in city drive/up to 80 KMPH car is silent, not much noise but on high ways, can hear lot of road noise after 100KMPH.

Fuel Efficiency : Averaging around 16.8 KMPL. Mileage drops down to 10 KMPL inside city drives but compensated well during highway drives. I’m getting around 17 - 20 KMPL , during highway trips depending on driving conditions.

I’m surprised Toyota dropped Urban Cruiser from their portfolio, not sure whether they have any plans to bring it back. With 4 Star crash rating assurance which I'm not intended to test in on roads though, I’m having a peaceful ownership time.

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