2010 Toyota Fortuner with only 50K km on odo: Worth buying for 10 lakh?

The SUV is in immaculate condition inside and out & has always been serviced at the authorised service centre.

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Checking out a 2010 Fortuner (gen1) 50k genuine kms on the ODO. The owner is from a known circle and runs many businesses. The vehicle is in immaculate condition inside and out. Always serviced in TKM service centers and even has the timing belt changed at 10 years interval.

Less usage due to multiple cars and self-driving most of the time which tells the lesser odo reading.

The asking price is 10L. Location Chennai.

Is it a worthy buy considering the age?

Here's what BHPian avira_tk had to say about the matter:

Don't let it go. These kinds of examples are nearly non-existent these days. Your buy-in cost leaves a good bandwidth for maintenance and mods.

Here's what BHPian swiftnfurious had to say about the matter:

I was about to say, 'Don't even touch / think about this car, but pass me the number of the owner'.

Jokes apart, it looks like a great price for the details you mentioned. I believe the first gen came with smaller discs at the rear and Toyota later provided bigger discs - probably the only thing you may need to do if it's not already equipped.

If I may request, get a full checkup up done at the TA$$ your cost so you clearly know what are the next replacements and when to do those.

Here's what BHPian cool_dube had to say about the matter:

It would be indestructible for sure but a lot depends on your intended usage. It is good as a weekend off-road fun-machine or an overlander but I'd think more than once if I want to use it as a family tourer or a city car, given that it is way too crude and spartan for today's age and times, not to mention the pathetic brakes (no rear discs) and only 2 airbags.

Also consider the fact that it will soon need a re-registration (in 2025) and from what I hear, fitness requirements for diesel vehicles are going to get more and more stringent over the coming years, especially in metros.

Good luck!

Here's what BHPian Thar4x4 had to say about the matter:

From my experience, the asking price is a bit on the higher side. The best price is 7-8.5 L for this vehicle BUT if you like the vehicle some here and there is totally fine.

I purchased mine in 2020 for 9.50 L and I was aware that I am paying around 50-70 K premium because it was under U-Trust. Buying a T-Fort in a pre-owned market is a big task. I checked around 5 vehicles in person however this was the best along with U trust assurance.

I used this vehicle for 1.5 yrs and 13 K kms, sold it for 8.5 L to Olx auto. I enjoyed it thoroughly however there are some niggles you need to consider before taking a decision.

  • I have owned 9 cars so far and this one has pathetic brakes. Again, I was aware of it however I thought booster modification might help as suggested in multiple threads. ASC Shaw Toyota mechanic suggested that this modification is not advisable and will not give you much improvement considering the expenses. Spent around 35 K on brake service which gave some 20% improvement.
  • The previous owner used rear drums on oversize pads hence rear drums were at the end of life as well as front discs. Changed both rear drums and pads, front disc and pads and some related components. However, still it needed second pedal for braking hence it was only driven by me in the family.
  • Previous owner was using it on Conti cross contract and changed only 2 tyres at a time so the front was in good shape for 5K km however rear was almost dead. Still used it for 6K km and then changed to Yoko. Ride experience changed drastically when driven on 30 psi. Total damage 65 K here as I changed all 5 tyres to periodic rotation.
  • One fine day armature pull started crying and in just 2 days it went off totally which discharged the battery. Thankfully I reach ASC on time to rectify the noise which saved me from a roadside breakdown. Total damage 15 K.
  • I did spend some more money on cleaning and detailing however that is irrespective of the vehicle.
  • Thankfully the previous owner did the clutch work completely just before selling which saved me another 40-50 K and the clutch was butter smooth.

Now, if you can live with the weak brakes, you are fine with post-purchase expenses of around 2-3 L and with the risk of registration, then go ahead, take it to ASC pay for full checking and negotiate on price.

T-Fort is crude, but it is a beast.

All the best!

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