2018 Himalayan chassis snaps; damaged parts replaced for free

My friend got his Himalayan back on1st September, 2021. He is thrilled and whole-heartedly thanks everyone for their active support.

BHPian LoneTraveller recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

This incident happened to an acquaintance from my Riding group. While Royal Enfield has agreed to replace the chassis, he has been asked to bear the labour charge of Rs 7,000. Some more damage was done to the bike while transporting the bike to the service centre; the fuel tank and front mudguard got damaged. However, neither Royal Enfield nor the service centre took responsibility for the transportation damage and blamed each other for it. They said they would check and try their best, but there has been no response from their end after that, and it has been almost a week since this incident occurred.

The owner uses the bike mainly for traveling from his hometown to Bangalore and back. He has hardly ever done off-roading with it. He thanks his stars that the chassis snapped at a low speed, or the consequences would have been fatal. This incident and Royal Enfield's response have made him highly frustrated.

I own a 2018 BS4 Himalayan. On AUG 20th while riding at a speed of 30-40Kmph suddenly the chassis broke, and somehow I managed to stop the vehicle safely. Now the motorcycle is almost in two parts.

I took the delivery on 31st Oct, 2018. After a year or so I started to notice the poor build quality of the motorcycle. It started with the detachment of the meter dial and is rattling like hell. The service centre was not able to solve this problem. But even after all these, I continued with this motorcycle just because of the connection that I have with it. Today's incident really gave me a shock. I didn't expect the build quality of the motorcycle to be poor to this extend even after taking care of it well without even taking it off-roads often. I had really lost confidence in my motorcycle.

As soon as this happened, I contacted the Royal Enfield roadside assistance and booked their service for Aug 21st.

While transporting the vehicle to Kormangala service centre, some damages happened to my Himalayan. Now, neither Royal Enfield nor the RSA is not taking responsibility for this damage. What they do best is blaming each other.

I sent an Email to Royal Enfield and till now I didn't get any response for that. All they want to do is just sell their vehicles and not want to know what happens afterward.

Update: Chassis and Damaged parts replaced

My friend got his Himalayan back yesterday (1st September 2021). He is thrilled and whole-heartedly thanks everyone for their active support! Special mention to the folks at Royal Enfield Service Centre for delivering the bike, ahead of the promised date.

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