2021 Toyota Fortuner: 3 DPF full failures and counting

The dealer will replace the fuel Injector kit & honor warranty.

BHPian t2k4 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Third DPF full failure with my Fortuner. Less than 200 Kms after the 2nd one. Tried manual regen many times in these 200 Kms, but always got 'not available' message from the car's system.


Then, a few KMs later, this:

In fact, I had checked manual regen 1 KM before this happened, but I don't have a photo of that. Went to the dealer, they flushed the DPF using the OBD scanner-triggered regen process.

They will replace the Fuel Injector kit & honor warranty. The parts are back-ordered, will arrive in 10 days or so.

The car's system was at 162% of DPF Full (as reported by the scanner):

Needless to say, I am bummed and disappointed. Things happen with hardware, I get it. But, when they happen to expensive hardware and with a brand which you buy into (at an upfront premium) because you want to avoid such issues and not have to visit the service center every few days, it pinches more.

I am also contemplating extending the warranty by 2 years to cover the 4th and the 5th year as well because I am not convinced (yet) that the replacement injectors will solve the problem. They will postpone it (my impression) by a few thousand KMs. The Service Advisor quoted 47K + GST for the default 1 Lac KMs and coverage extended into the 4th and the 5th year. I have an option to increase the KM coverage as well, but it will cost more and not sure I need it.

Will keep the members posted how the replacement goes when the parts are in. I don't plan to drive the car till the replacement is done since it has gotten to a point where the DPF chokes at 100 odd KMs and wastes half a day, sometimes more, to get it sorted. I had heard of people avoiding to drive their Skodas but heralds tomorrow, Toyota has joined the gang.

Shame on Toyota for not running a voluntary recall on faulty parts that choke the DPF, and not keeping the customers informed on what to expect.

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