2021 Volkswagen Polo TSI AT: Observations after 1 year of ownership

I can't stress on how good the 1.0 L TSI engine is in this pocket sized car.

BHPian Shreyas_H recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

1 year update:

The car completes 1 year! Amidst a difficult year personally and lot of work commitments, it seems like 365 days with the car just flew by. As expected, given my other commitments and work from home being the norm, the car has run very less. I've covered just shy of 5000 kilometers on the Polo. I just got it back from the 1 year service and apart from the usual, got the underbody engine guard installed. BHPian Fluidicjoy's thread was super useful and I just had to share the part number with the service center. On the official review thread, I see that quite a few people have gotten it installed. It's a must have in my opinion!

Poor photo quality from the SA's camera, but you get the idea from this before & after pic.

The car has been running well, no complaints, no niggles. It is super fun to drive - whether it is darting through traffic or stretching its legs on the highway, the Polo does both equally well. I can't stress on how good the 1.0 L TSI engine is in this pocket sized car!

On the Comfortline variant, these alloys do look nice. I think the folks at VW group agree because they have carried over this exact design to the Virtus too (non GT).

Here it is with an elder sibling, showing off the alloys:

My favourite angle to admire the car is probably this:

I had also got the roof wrapped in black around 8 months back and happy to report that it is staying on quite well despite rain, dirt, dust and one particularly amusing incidence with a dog and a cat fighting on top of my car's roof! (story for another day).

Here's a birds-eye view from a relative's house:

On the Pune-Mumbai expressway, I stopped at a food court and parked next to the VW Taigun:

In many ways, it's a symbolic picture because with the Polo officially discontinued in India, it is passing on the baton to the next set of cars from Volkwagen/Skoda. Although they are good cars, I doubt they will come close to the raw engaging fun that the Polo / Rapid provided! Overall, it has been a good year with the car with some really fun long drives to places around Mumbai. I'm enjoying driving the Polo more than I thought I would. I had also underestimated the rear bench. If passengers are not too tall, 4 people can easily travel in the car for a longer duration! I'm continuing with XP95 petrol only and seeing real good fuel efficiency (one needs to drive non-aggressively for that - not easy with this engine)

Next set of upgrades - steering wheel swap to a multi-functional wheel with paddle shifters and RCD340G radio.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.


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