2022 Citroen C3 Review : 8 Pros & 8 Cons

The Citroen C3 uses a Common Modular Platform and while it is built to a cost, it doesn't feel cheap. With a kerb weight in the range of 939 kg to 1,035 kg, the C3 is very close to the Tata Punch.

Citroen C3 Pros

  • Striking design! Very funky, yet likeable at the same time
  • Good-looking cabin that is practical too
  • 1.2L turbo-petrol is punchy, while the 1.2L naturally-aspirated engine offers excellent driveability
  • 6-speed MT is slick and light to operate. Definitely one of the better gearboxes in the segment
  • Sorted suspension offers a very good ride & handling package
  • Compact size and light controls are perfect for the urban environment
  • 10-inch touchscreen with wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay is excellent to use
  • Lots of customization options and accessories to make your car truly unique

Citroen C3 Cons

  • Missing plenty of features = electric ORVM adjustment, IRVM dimmer (not even manual), climate control, rear wiper & defogger, reversing camera, alloy wheels, tachometer!
  • Just 2 variants at launch (no true top variant)
  • No automatic transmission on offer - a big miss when ATs are rapidly gaining popularity in India
  • Quality of cabin materials doesn't feel great; cost-cutting is pretty evident in certain areas
  • Some ergonomic issues like the placement of rear power window switches, unusable rear headrests…
  • 1.2L NA petrol’s highway performance is mediocre; 5-speed MT is notchy too
  • Cabin width makes the interiors suitable for 4 adults, not 5
  • Long-term reliability & after-sales service quality are big unknowns; dealer network is tiny

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