2022 Honda CB300R: Owner's perspective

I will be comparing it primarily with the FZ25 BS4 model I had earlier.

BHPian 7000plusrpm recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Now that I have clocked a few more kilometers (current ODO reading is just shy of 200KM), let me share some more details from a layman's perspective. I will be comparing it primarily with the FZ25 BS4 model as I had that earlier.


When you approach the motorcycle, you realize it is really small. The front three-quarter profile looks the best IMHO.

When you hop on it and turn the ignition on, it performs a system check and welcomes with a message - 'Let's ride'.

Riding position

I'm about 5'10'' and this is approx the view from the seat. The mirrors are large but are set a little too low for my comfort.

This is how I look from the side. Compared to my FZ25, the footpegs seem a little rear set. Seating is not Highness or 350RS upright, a little sportier. But not uncomfortable.

The pillion seat is uncomfortable with very little space left. The pillion footpegs are uncomfortably high and not suitable for long rides. There is no grab rail as such and sudden acceleration will leave the pillion imbalanced. I have kept my L size MT thunder helmet on the pillion seat and you can see how much space is there.


The seat is hard. As I had mentioned before, it's not causing any discomfort. An hour plus on the FZ would leave my bums sore. But I didn't feel any such issues with this. However, due to the difference in the footpeg position, I feel pain in my thighs.

With my height, I have no issues planting both my feet on the ground after a stop.

The instrument console

It shows the following information

  • Current Time
  • Fuel level
  • Tachometer
  • Current speed
  • Current gear
  • Odometer (total distance) and two trip meters
  • Mileage details - can cycle between current, average, total fuel consumption, and also the average speed

There are a couple of buttons on the left and they help to cycle through the different parameters mentioned above. However, the buttons are very hard to press and a button on the handlebar to cycle through the menus would have made life easier.

There is an indicator to shift gears, but due to the stiff buttons, I haven't touched it yet

Riding the CB 300R

Use the ignition switch to the on position and the engine settles down at around 1500 rpm. I do not like the KTM like engine note in the lower revs.

Press the clutch and move to the first gear, the motorcycle is eager to move. The clutch is very light. The gear shifts are smooth, except 1st to 2nd.

The acceleration is linear and the initial pull was probably a little better on the FZ. The engine and gearbox combination is perfect for city rides. It pulls nicely from about 15KMPH in 2nd gear and 25KMPH from the 3rd. On the 3rd gear, I have taken it to about 8000 rpm (was at speedo indicated 81KMPH). At those speeds, I could feel a slight buzz in the seats. But the footpegs and the handlebars were vibration-free. The engine note at higher revs is better.

I have not had a panic moment but breaking in a straight line is fuss-free and seems much better than the FZ. I didn't feel the ABS kicking in yet.


The golden USD forks in the front are chunky. I have not felt much difference compared to my FZ. The front forks are unbranded.

The rear suspension is soft. In the city, it absorbs the bumps, and very little is transmitted to my back. Pillions who had experience with my FZ also confirmed the same. I would need to check it but it probably is at position 1 or 2 (1 being the softest) of the 7 steps available.


It has yet to see the highways and everything was clocked in Kolkata around Salt Lake, Newtown, and EM bypass areas. During peak traffic, I haven't noticed any heat from the engine. However, in peak traffic, I have seen the radiator fan kicking in when stopped at signals.


It has an all-LED headlight. The indicators are also LED. There is a tail-light and a separate white light for the number plate. I hardly find them adequate. I will have to adjust them to my liking but for night riding, aux lights are mandatory

Low beam

High beam - flick the headlight switch towards the front for the high beam

Taillight and the number plate lights


  • The fuel tank capacity is just 9.7L, the reserve is 2.2L. So the usable mileage is about 7.5L only. On highways, probably will need refueling in 200KMs
  • There is a small storage area below the pillion seat to store the documents
  • The handle lock only works if the handlebar is pushed all the way to the left. It doesn't work if the handlebar is pushed to the right


  • The BMW G310R
  • Apache RR310, if one is OK with the front fairing
  • CB 350 Highness, CB 350RS, RE 350, Meteor if comfort is a priority
  • Gixxer 250 twins if OK with a little lower power and torque figures

Pros and Cons after 200Km


  • Lightweight (146 KG curb weight) and 31 BHP engine, yet to face any heating issues in city riding
  • Light clutch and smooth gearbox
  • Gearing is spot on for city riding
  • Pulls nicely and is not overwhelming
  • Comfortable seat


  • Costly, commands a premium for what it offers. Should have been around 30K cheaper for what is on offer and since it is not a CKD anymore
  • No ride mode, traction control, hazard switches, adjustable levers, and mobile connectivity
  • Small fuel tank (9.7L only), pathetic horn
  • Unbranded front suspension. Personally, do not like the gold color
  • MRF tires. For this price, we expect better
  • Only two color options in India as of now
  • Uncomfortable for pillion
  • Would have personally preferred a smaller underbelly silencer
  • Probably service cost is going to be at par with the BMW since it will have to go for a service every 6 months or 6k KMS

Who is it for?

Honda fanboys (I'm one!) who are looking for a naked motorcycle and would not mind paying over the top

Primarily looking for a ride for city runabouts

That's all I had to share for now. Please feel free to reach out if you have any specific queries.


Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.


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