2022 Skoda Kodiaq TSI Sportline: Likes & dislikes after initial 3000 km

I like that its a full size SUV, its easy to maneuver in traffic, and has a commanding presence on the roads.

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I bought a Moon White Kodiaq Sportline:

Yes, I finally bit the bullet. For serious lack of better options in the price range and after much deliberations with myself over picking Skoda yet again for my next ride, I decided to book the Sportline Kodiaq back in Feb. Fast forward to May, there was still no definite timeline on when the delivery will take place. After a nice email to Mr. Hollis, things fell in place as expected and I got the allotment for the colour I wanted. I was given options for Blue and Grey earlier but I was sure I wanted the White one. Managed to get the delivery last month, so its been about a month of ownership with a healthy 3000 km under my belt, and I thought this is the right time to share the experience with all of you.


  • Size: I like that its a full size SUV, its easy to maneuver in traffic, and has a commanding presence on the roads. The steering takes only one and half turns lock to lock! Just one full turn to make a U-turn, this was a pleasant surprise and my first time experiencing what might be progressive steering.
  • NVH: The cabin is quite detached from the outside world with all windows rolled up and doors shut, but its no Audi’s vault-like feeling. They still use Temperlite glass on the windows instead of the Sekurit that the Audis and Bee-ems use. Still, the road noise is well contained, wind noise above 110 km/h is heard but not disturbingly loud, and suspension is silent although a bit stiff on the rear, especially when I am alone in the car.
  • Seats and upholstery: I like the suede finish on the seats and door cards, and surprisingly, contrary to what I had imagined, the black fabric seats do not get hot even after being parked in the sun! Even 5 mins with the Octy in the sun and your back starts sweating on those sweltering leather seats. No such issues here, maybe, because of the UV cut glasses all around?
  • Cruising abilities: Easy cruiser on the highways, had several long trips and managed everything with no fatigue whatsoever. Banging stereo, comfortable seats that hold you in on the tight corners, enough power on tap to blast past traffic and again settle at a steady cruise for decent fuel efficiency (more on that later)
  • Headlights: These are some of the most powerful lights I have experienced in recent times. Ample brightness and throw even in poor weather conditions, excellent high beam, 5/5 on this one.


  • The AC: Its a bit slow to cool the cabin, a bit finicky with outside ambient temperatures. I used to keep my Octy between 22-24 degrees, any time of the year and it would be pleasant. Here, I have to set it at 22 or lower. I don’t like bone-chilling air blowing at my face and hands when I am driving. There are two small vents at the back of the front armrest, for middle-row occupants. It is totally unjustified. The rear sun shades help though to keep the cabin cooler for longer. No vents in the last row mean no one is ever sitting there, and the seats have been permanently folded flat since day one.
  • Gearbox: Man is this a dim-wit slow gearbox (DSG) or what, this is not what I was expecting. After using the DQ200, which in comparison feels like a kickback you get on an old bullet kick start, this is in a dream world of its own. You press the accelerator, wait and stare at the cluster, 1..2.., “oh ok, I’ll shift down for you.. no no wait, you wanted an upshift right?? So sorry, here you go..Hey why not just stay in the same gear and have lazy acceleration? Yeah, that's the spot”. In all of 3000 kms, the box still hasn’t learned my driving pattern, in its defence I haven’t used the kickdown button as yet, but I am not expecting much TBH.
  • Faux exhaust tips: You cannot call it a Sport variant and not have actual rearward-facing exhaust pipes! The exhaust note is good though.
  • Engine still feels a bit gruff. Super smooth while cruising, but I think it still needs some time to properly bed in. Maybe an oil change will help, coming to which I have to report no loss of engine oil in 3000 Kms. I am shocked.
  • Missing features: It should have got better wheels, a better / bigger touch screen, DCC, remove the sunroof, add cooled seats, and give it s black shade.

Any questions, do let me know. I am learning too.

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