2023 Hyundai Verna vs 2019 Verna: Old model's owner shares 7 key points

Compared to my Hyundai, I felt that the steering of the new vehicle is a bit lighter when driving the car at city speeds.

BHPian nineth recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I just test-drove the 1.5 L Turbo SX(O) manual transmission today.

Given a large amount of reviewing and feedback on the thread, I'm going to keep my review centered on those who already have a Verna and mostly cover things not mentioned in other reviews here.

I've owned a 2019 Verna SX MT petrol (driven 30k, mostly on highways). I noticed the following things test driving the new one:

  1. The second gear ratio appears significantly lower -- the end result is that in several common situations (typically exiting a speed breaker) when I could have comfortably driven away in the 2nd gear in my current 2019 Verna, the engine lugs with the 2nd gear in 2023 Verna. I had to select the first gear for a smooth ride post such slowdowns. This was the key and the only inconvenience for me since it means many more upshifts after a slowdown.
  2. The sound system blew me away - day and night difference w.r.t 2019 Verna.
  3. Steering is a bit lighter, at least in eco and normal modes at city speeds, when compared to a 2019 Verna that's been driven for 4 years. This is a matter of getting used to I felt.
  4. Trunk is significantly and visibly deeper; specs say an extra 48 liters.
  5. One of the interior inconveniences I've had with the Verna 2019 is the lack of lighting for the door lock/unlock, power side-view, and power window buttons -- I keep fumbling for those in the dark. I didn't check if this was addressed but Youtube videos showing it at night indicate all those buttons are now lit.
  6. Ventilated leather seats with cooling - this was an unfamiliar concept/feature to me (I think the 2019 SX(O) had it.) I've owned cars with heated seats (in a cold country) but the cooling is one feature that existing Verna SX owners will really like.
  7. Leather seat quality, aesthetics, and comfort: IMO, this is one of the biggest pluses from the interior experience standpoint relative to the 2019 Verna SX(O). I had found the 2019 Verna SX(O) leather seats very average -- in fact, it was the reason we chose Verna SX and then went with custom leather seats as accessories.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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