2024 Honda City first service experience: Minor issues resolved

The car has done about 1111 Kms at the time and there were no such problems to report except a small upholstery related issue.

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Update 2:

First Free Service

So, after about 35 days, the first free service for the car was done at HASS on 05/05/2024. The service was booked through the Honda Connect App, and also the workshop had called me & booked the same a week back.

The car had done about 1111 Kms at the time and there were no such problems to report except a small upholstery-related issue. The back side of the driver's seat upholstery was not fitted properly exposing the inner metal and plastic frame at the seat bottom. This was since the beginning when we got the car and I had noted it to get done at the first service. This was attended to my satisfaction. Also the rubber pad of the wireless charging pad was coming out from one edge and it was a simple pasting job.

Apart from these, I checked with the SA if there has been any update for turning off the CMBS issue. Also, checked with them regarding insufficient lights on the ZX (LED headlamps); No solution for both the issues. Mind you, the lights are sufficient for city driving but grossly inadequate for the highways.

The first service is basically a wash and inspection service. The car was washed and then lifted on the ramp. The suspension and all underbody nuts and bolts were checked and re-torqued. All fluids were checked. The cabin pollen filter was taken out and cleaned by compressed air.

The total bill for the first free service was Rs. 55/- (charged for the windshield washer fluid). The next free service is due after 5 months (6 months after purchase or 5K kms, whichever is earlier). Signing off with a couple of pictures taken during the day.

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